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Redbridge, 1796
Type: Cutter ; Armament 12
Launched : 1796 ; Disposal date or year : 4 Aug 1803
Disposal Details : Captured by French frigate La CornÚlie, 40, off Toulon. Lieut George Lempriere.

19 Mar 1799 Portsmouth harbour fitting.

9 Nov 1799 departed Spithead with dispatches for the commanding officer cruising off Havre de Grace.

22 Jul 1800 departed Spithead for Jersey.

8 Nov 1800 Jersey, the Redbridge, schooner, Lt. Lempriere, drove to sea and was supposed lost, but has now arrived at Spithead with the loss of all her guns.

10 Nov 1800 arrived Spithead from Jersey, with the loss of all her guns, which she threw overboard in a heavy gale of wind, and otherwise much damaged.

12 Nov 1800 Spithead, came into harbour the Hussar, 38, Bourdelais, 32, Redbridge schooner. Lt Lempriere ; and Requin brig, Lt Fowell, to repair the damage they sustained in the gales on Sunday last.

7 May 1801 arrived Spithead from Jersey.

21 May 1801 departed Spithead for Jersey.

24 Apr 1802 departed Spithead the Redbridge schooner, with discharged seamen for Dublin.

16 May 1802 arrived Spithead the Redbridge schooner, Lieutenant Lempriere, from Jersey.

14 Jun 1802 departed Spithead on a cruise.

30 Jun 1802 departed St Helen's on a cruise.

1 Jul 1802 it has blown a S.W. gale all day, with very heavy rain, and the Redbridge has returned to St Helen's.

7 Jul 1802 departed St Helen's on a cruise.

23 Jul 1802 got under weigh from St Helen's, off Bembridge Ledge, Isle of Wight, and departed on a cruise.

22 Aug 1802 arrived Spithead from a cruise.

23 Aug 1802 departed Spithead on a cruise.

6 Sep 1802 departed Spithead on a cruise, the Redbridge, Lt Lempriere.

3 Nov 1802 departed Spithead for Plymouth.

4 Nov 1802 arrived Plymouth Sound.

6 Nov 1802 reported to be in Stonehouse Pool.

28 Nov 1802 dispatches received at Plymouth from the Admiralty, to be put on board the Redbridge armed schooner which was being victualled and stored for 5 months.

29 Nov 1802 departed Plymouth Sound with the dispatches which came down yesterday from the Admiralty with sealed orders, victualled last evening for four months.

The Hampshire Telegraph of 26 Sep 1803 reports the capture of the Redbridge by 4 French frigates off Toulon, but see disposal details above.

Rif Winfield in BWAS reports that the vessel remained in service with the French until 1814.