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Redoubt, 1793
Type: Floating Battery ; Armament 20 x 68 pdr carronades
Purchased : by Government in 1793 ;
Disposal date or year : 1802

Fitted up as a floating battery, and armed wholly with carronades, of the highest caliber, 68-pounders.

31 October, 1793 action on the coast of Holland.

1 Jan 1799 Capt. J. K. Shepard. Stationed as a floating battery in the Humber.

4 Aug 1801 with all the activity going on across the Channel and the presence of Adm Nelson with a fleet of small boats attacking the harbours on the French coast opposite Kent, it is noted at Canterbury, that apart from the presence of the army in large numbers taking up positions along the coast, the Redoubt and 2 gun brigs were lying at Shellness Point, Isle of Sheppey, guarding the entrance to Faversham ; and that in Whitstable Bay there was a gun brig, a gun boat, and a revenue cutter. All the oyster dredgers from these places had also been called in and are enrolled as sea fencibles. And, in addition to all that a good harvest has been promised.

2 Nov 1801 remains at the Great Nore.

10 Nov 1801 will be paid off this week at Sheerness.

30 Nov 1801 remains with the Zealand and some 20 other vessels at the Nore.

14 Feb 1802 remain at the Nore, with the Zealand.

31 Mar 1802 many of the vessels at Sheerness are to be sent to Chatham to be paid off.

15 Apr 1802 paid off at Sheerness and crew discharged to shore.