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Redpole, 1808
Type: 19 Feb 1825 used as a Packet, Brig sloop ; Armament 10
Launched : 1808 ; Disposal date or year : 1828
Disposal Details : Sunk in action with Congress, a pirate, off Cape Frio, Brazil (Clowes).
Complement when lost : 28 ;
Tonnage BM : 239 ;

10 Apr 1809 Beagle and Redpole arrived in Basque roads with 12 fire-ships from the Downs. 11 Apr the use of fire ships, explosion-vessels, and Congreve rockets against the French fleet at Basque roads and the results thereof.

10 Dec 1809 captured the French privateer Grand Rodeur off Beachy Head.

Deal 25 Jan 1811 arrived from a cruise.

Deal 15 Feb 1811 departed from the Downs with a convoy, for Portsmouth.

Deal 19 Feb 1811 The outward-bound convoy which put back due to contrary winds has now departed again.

Portsmouth 21 Feb 1811 arrived with a convoy from the Downs.

3 Sep 1811 in Boulogne bay, the Rinaldo and Redpole observed and attacked a number of French gun vessels manoeuvring off the coast.

21 Sep 1811 the Naiad, accompanied by the Rinaldo, Redpole, Castilian and Viper, off Boulogne road, captured the French prame Ville-de-Lyon, flag ship of the squadron, but were unable close the remaining gun vessels due to shaoling water.

Deal 9 Oct 1811 arrived from a cruise of Boulogne.

Deal 14 Oct 1811 departed to resume her station cruising off the French coast.

Deal 15 Dec 1811 arrived from off the coast of France.

Deal 31 Dec 1811 departed on a cruise.

Deal 24 Feb 1812 arrived from a cruise.

Deal 24 Feb 1812 departed to resume her station.

Deal 1 Mar 1812 departed with convoy for Portsmouth.

Deal 29 Jun 1812 arrived from Sheerness.

Portsmouth 30 Sep 1812 arrived from the Downs.

Portsmouth 2 Oct 1812 departed with a convoy for the Downs.

Deal 8 Jan 1813 arrived from a cruise.

Portsmouth 16 Aug 1813 arrived from a cruise.

Portsmouth 29 Aug 1813 arrived from Plymouth, to take convoy to the Downs.

Portsmouth 2 Sep 1813 departed for Chatham and with a convoy for the river.

Deal 27 Oct 1813 departed with a convoy for Portsmouth.

Deal 31 Oct 1813 arrived with a convoy from Portsmouth.

Deal 9 Jan 1814 arrived from a cruise and remains.

Deal 13 Feb 1814 departed with a small convoy for Havannah.

Portsmouth 10 Mar 1814 departed with a convoy for Plymouth.

Dover 28 Jun 1814 arrived from Calais.

Deal 24 Aug 1814 Remains.

Deal 29 Aug 1814 departed with the Duke of Richmond and family, for Ostend.

Deal 13 Sep 1814 arrived from Ostend.

Deal 14 Sep 1814 Remains in the Downs.

Deal 21 Sep 1814 Remains in the Downs.

Deal 7 Oct 1814 arrived from the westward.

Deal 30 Oct 1814 Remains in the Downs.

Deal 6 Nov 1814 departed for Boulogne,

Deal 26 Jun 1815 departed with French prisoners for Plymouth, all officers.

Deal 23 Jul 1815 departed to Ostend.

Deal 26 Jul 1815 Remains in the Downs.

13 Oct 1815 arrived St. Helena with the Squadron from England.

26 Oct 1815 departed St. Helena for England with despatches.

Falmouth 2 Dec 1815 arrived from St. Helena.

Plymouth 28 Sep 1817 Reported to have been commissioned for the West Indies.

St Helena 17 Aug 1818 Was at the island.

Portsmouth 14 Sep 1820 Has detained and brought in a smuggling lugger captured. She is ordered to prepare for a passage to Lisbon.

23 Oct 1821 reported to be at Zante, with the Seringapatam, Chanticleer, Despatch and Larne, when the Racehorse departed Smyrna for England.

27 Nov 1821 Is in commission and based in the Mediterranean.

19 Feb 1825 arrived Falmouth, from Plymouth, to start work as a Packet.

11 Mar 1825 departed Falmouth for Jamaica.

12 Jul 1825 Bullocks, arrived Falmouth from Carthagena (5 May) ; Jamaica (24th) ; and Crooked Island (30th).

8 Aug 1825 departed Falmouth for the Mediterranean.

21 Nov 1825 departed Falmouth for the Leeward Isles.

8 Feb 1826 Bullocke, arrived Falmouth from the Leeward Isles, last from St Thoma's in 29 days.

10 Mar 1826 Bullocke, departed Falmouth for America.

11 Jul 1826 Kirkness, arrived Falmouth from New York and Halifax, the latter in 20 days.

11 Jul 1826 Bullock, arrived Falmouth from New York and Halifax.

14 Aug 1826 departed Falmouth for Brazil.

12 Dec 1826 arrived Falmouth from Brazil ; Pernambuco (28 Sep) ; Bahia (3 Oct) ; Rio (27th).

For further movements of Falmouth Packets try page 3 of the Royal Cornwall Gazette, available through the British Newspaper Archive, for a fee.

Dec 1827 packet based on the Falmouth station : Commanding officer: Master and Commander John Bullock.

The following brief report appeared in the Nautical Magazine for Oct 1834 : Redpole, packet brig, number of persons on board not known, left Rio Janeiro homeward bound, on the 10th of August, 1828, and was attacked and sunk off Cape Frio, by the Congress, a piratical vessel of 18 guns, belonging to Buenos Ayres, after an engagement of an hour and a quarter, as stated in a deposition made by one of the crew of the Congress.