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Reindeer, 1804
Type: Brig Sloop ; Armament 18 (16 x 32-pdr carronades ; 2 x long sixes),
Launched : 1804 ; Disposal date or year : 28 Jun 1814
Disposal Details : Captured by the American sloop of war Wasp, Channel. Captain William Manners
BM: 385 tons

Built of fir.

Circa 15 Sep 1804 Capt Fyffe apptd to the Reindeer.

24 Oct 1804 arrived Spithead, the Reindeer, Capt Fyffe ; Saracen, Capt Beauchamp ; Eugenie, Capt Webb ; Curlew, Capt Northey ; with a large convoy from the Downs, many of which are bound to the Mediterranean ; and several transports with the Royal Irish Regt, 57th and 61st Regts on board, which have since departed for Jersey.

Circa 27 Oct 1804 the Reindeer has made a signal at Spithead for a convoy to the West Indies.

Circa 17 Nov 1804 the Acasta, Capt Wood, is apptd to take the next West India convoy, with the Reindeer, Capt Fyffe.

23 Nov 1804 departed Spithead, the Reindeer, with a small convoy of West Indiamen for Cork, who missed the last convoy from Spithead, the Hyaena having replaced the Reindeer for the next convoy.

7 Mar 1805 captured the Spanish privateer Santa Rosalia Galundrina, 57 men, on the Jamaica station.

May 1805 Jamaica Station.

13 Sep 1805 captured the French privateer Renommée on the West Indies station.

24 Mar 1806 engaged the French brig-corvettes Phaëton and Voltigeur, which 2 days later were captured by the Pique.

21 Apr 1806 destroyed a French privateer, name unknown, and captured the Creole at sea.

21 Dec 1807 captured the French privateer Experiment on the Jamaica station,.

25 Jan 1808 captured the French privateer Lyonnaise on the Jamaica station,.

28 Jan 1808 captured a French privateer, name unknown, on the Jamaica station.

20 May 1812 Polyphemus, Thalia and Reindeer departed from Negril bay, Jamaica with a large convoy, the former as far as Cape Antonio. Escaped attack by a US squadron. Much of the convoy is understood to have subsquently been dispersed in a hurricane.

Portsmouth 23 Jul 1812 Passed by with the Jamaica convoy for the Downs.

Plymouth 1 Aug 1812 arrived from Jamaica.

Plymouth 11 Sep 1812 Came down the harbour, after having been refitted.

Plymouth 12 Sep 1812 departed on a cruise.

Plymouth 19 Oct 1812 Has parted her cable in the gale and run into Catwater and is now in safety.

Torbay 7 Feb 1813 Has detained and sent in the American schooner Cashier.

Falmouth 27 Feb 1813 arrived from Plymouth.

Plymouth 22 Mar 1813 Has detained and sent in the American schooner Pandora, from America to France.

Plymouth 12 Apr 1813 Has detained and sent in the American schooner Phaden, from Philadelphia, bound to Bourdeaaux.

Plymouth 20 Jul 1813 Reported by the Whiting to be in chase of the American privateer America.

Portsmouth 16 Aug 1813 arrived from a cruise.

Plymouth 24 Aug 1813 departed on a cruise.

22 Nov 1813 captured the French privateer Speculateur at sea.

Plymouth 26 Nov 1813 arrived with the Speculateur, French lugger privateer, her prize.

Falmouth 4 Mar 1814 departed on a cruise.

Plymouth 10 May 1814 Came in.

28 Jun 1814 in lat. 48° 36' N, lon. 11° 15' W. captured by the US ship-sloop Wasp, who, in view of her condition, subsequently burnt her.