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Reindeer, 1883
Type: Salvage Vessel (1917) - former Boom Defence (1904) - former Sloop ;
Launched : 14 Nov 1883 ; Disposal date or year : 1924
Displacement: 970 tons

Apr 1886 East Indies

Circa 8 June 1887 called out to Funzi Island for the ship's surgeon to attend to men from the corvette Turquoise who had been wounded when attempting to inspect an Arab dhow for slaves.

5 Apr 1888 Re-commissioned at Bombay for a second commission in the East Indies.

1890 East Indies

18 Apr 1891, Devonport, has returned from the East Indies and is to be paid-off today, following which the ship's company will proceed on leave.

Aug 1914 Devonport.

21 Mar 1916 on the Smyrna patrol : the blockade of the Turkish coast from Cape Kaba to Latitude 38.30, some 200 miles, including Smyrna. The base for our ships was at Port Iero in the Island of Mytelene - see p 555

1917 one of a number of vessels if a similar type transferred to the RFA Service.

NL Jan 1921 Salvage Vessel, under management of Liverpool Salvage Association.

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