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Renard, 1797
Type: Ship-sloop ; Armament 18 (16 x carronades, 18 pdrs ; 2 x long sixes)
Taken : 1797 ; Disposal date or year : 1805

3 Sep 1799 Plymouth, commissioned.

15 Jan 1800 went into Plymouth Sound with the Alcmene.

4 Feb 1800 departed Plymouth Sound, La Renard, 18, Capt. Spicer, on a cruise,

1 Mar 1800 departed Spithead with a convoy, for the Downs.

25 May 1800 departed Plymouth Sound with the Megaera, fire ship, and Nymphe, frigate, on a cruise.

8 Aug 1800 arrived Plymouth Sound with the Suffisante, 14, from a cruise.

19 Nov 1800 arrived Plymouth Sound from a cruise.

3 Jan 1801 arrived Plymouth Sound from a cruise the Renard, of 24 guns, Capt Spicer.

25 Jan 1801 departed Plymouth Sound on a cruise.

28 Jan 1801 the Renard sent into Plymouth the Swedish galliot Orion, Christloff, Bremen to the Mediterranean in ballast.

28 Feb 1801 departed Plymouth Sound on a cruise.

26 Mar 1801 letters received Plymouth from Jersey report the safe arrival of La Suffisante. 14, Spitfire, 24, and La Renard, 24.. After the late hurricane, they experienced very bad weather in the Channel. The Renard is since sailed on her station to the westward.

7 Apr 1801 arrived Plymouth Sound, from a cruise.

16 Apr 1801 in Plymouth Sound was paid prize-money.

18 Apr 1801 departed Plymouth Sound for a cruise to the Westward with La Suffisante.

30 May 1801 arrived Plymouth Sound La Renard, Capt Spicer, from a cruise.

3 Jun 1801 departed Plymouth Sound on a cruise to the Westward.

19 Aug 1801 arrived Plymouth Sound from Morlaix, the Betsey Cartel, with some wounded men, of La Suffisante, who, with the Renard, in attempting to cut out an armed cutter, in Morlaix Roads, were discovered by a Danish brig, which gave the alarm, and a heavy firing ensued on the boats which were obliged to row back to the Suffisante with 5 men wounded, 2 of them mortally.

19 Sep 1801 came into Plymouth Sound, the Renard, Capt J A Worth, from the coast of France with 6 light victuallers under convoy from the Channel Fleet.

22 Sep 1801 went up the Plymouth Harbour to refit.

27 Oct 1801 departed Plymouth Sound the Renard, 14, Spicer, on a cruise.

15 Nov 1801 arrived Plymouth Sound the Renard, from of St. Maloes.

19 Dec 1801 departed Plymouth, to the Westward.

3 Jan 1802 arrived Plymouth Sound from Bantry Bay, the Renard, 24, Capt Spicer. She experienced dreadful gales of wind, and shipped several heavy seas. By her is learnt, that the Namur, 98, Hon. Capt De Courcy, was obliged, when Vice-Admiral Mitchell left the Bay for Spithead, it coming in to blow hard, to bear away for Beerhaven, and run up twenty-six miles, but sailed again the 27th ult. and was left all well in the chops of the Channel, under her studding sails.

12 Jan 1802 departed Plymouth Sound, the Renard, 24, Capt Spicer, to the eastward or westward, depending on source ;-)

12 Jan 1802 arrived Spithead from Plymouth.

7 Mar 1802 departed Spithead for Plymouth.

11 Mar 1802 arrived Plymouth from Spithead.

29 Mar 1802 arrived Spithead from Plymouth with a view to Lieut Southgate attending the Court Martial of David Forrester, alias Williams, one of the mutineers from the Hermione, detained a few days ago, Lt Southgate having been on board that vessel at the time of the mutiny.

20 Apr 1802 departed Spithead with discharged seamen for Plymouth.

Circa 24 Apr 1802 Capt Gregory apptd to the Reynard, vice Spicer.

13 May 1802 orders came down for La Renard, 24, Capt Spicer, to get ready at Plymouth for the West Indies, to carry out dispatches of importance to Jamaica and the Leeward Islands, Capt Gregory is appointed to her, vice Capt Spicer made Post Capt.

25 May 1802 an Admiralty messenger arrived Plymouth with dispatches for the Leeward Islands and Jamaica, in 36 hours from London, which were put on board La Renard, 24, lying at single anchor in the Sound ; but as Capt Spicer had not been relieved by Capt Gregory, he was replaced by an acting commander, and sailed at eight last night with a fine wind, taking out several commanders to their different ships in the West Indies, and to supersede those commanders made post captains on that station.

4 Sep 1802 came into Plymouth Sound after a passage of six weeks from Jamaica the Sanspareil, 84, Capt Essington ; Southampton, 32, Capt Cole ; Arab, 24, Capt Fanshawe ; and Reynard, 24, Capt Adlam (acting). They spoke the Tigre, 84, Capt Jackson, from Malta, bound up channel, all well. As the Nereide, 36, Capt R. Mends, and Plover, 18, sailed about the same time, these ships may be hourly expected.

8 Oct 1802 a Court Martial was held in Hamoaze, for the trial of Mr. Mitchell, Purser of the Renard, just arrived from the West Indies, for disobedience of orders to Lieut. Southcote. After hearing the evidence for the prosecution, and defence of Mr. Mitchell, he was adjudged to be dismissed the ship.

8 Oct 1802 a Court Martial, at the prosecution of Mr. Mitchell, against Lieut. Southcote, for tyranny and oppression, is about to be held on him, previous to the ship being paid off.

17 Oct 1802 at St. Andrew's Church, Lieutenant Southcote (of La Renard, 24, Capt Cathcart,) was publicly excommunicated from the church for not appearing, or putting in a proper answer to the Citation of the spiritual Court of the Archdeaconry of Totness, Devon, for sundry charges alleged against him by his wife ; but as he was absent on service at Jamaica, it is hoped by paying his fees, and making a proper apology for contempt of court, he will be restored to his former situation in society ; he is also to be tried on a charge of tyranny and oppression to Mr. Mitchell, late Purser of La Renard.

23 Oct 1802 a Court Martial was held on board the Courageux, at Plymouth on Lieutenant Southcote, of La Renard, of 24 guns, Hon. Capt Cathcart, lying in Hamoaze, The charges preferred against him were for tyranny and oppression against Mr. Whitehall, late Purser of La Renard. The Court, on hearing the evidence for the prosecution and the prisoner's defence, pronounced an acquittal of Lieutenant Southcote of the charges preferred against him.

Circa 20 Oct 1802 Capt Cathcart, to the Renard, 24, vice Capt Spicer.

21 Nov 1802 went down the harbour at Plymouth, the Renard, 24, Capt Cathcart, and departed to Cork for seamen.

22 Nov 1802 arrived Falmouth, with the Hunter, and remained in Carrick Roads, with the brig Gannet.

22 Nov 1802 Mr. Collins, late Purser of the Eugene, 18, to be Purser of La Renard, 24, Hon. Capt Cathcart, vice Mr. Mitchell, the late Purser.

2 Apr 1803 arrived Plymouth Sound from Liverpool with 120 men for the Fleet.

5 Apr 1803 departed Plymouth with sealed orders and dispatches for the Westward.

7 May 1803 arrived Barbadoes in 33 days from England, with dispatches, bringing intelligence of the forthcoming recommencement of hostilities, and preparation are now in hand to attack Martinique.

5 Jul 1803 arrived Plymouth from the West Indies.

12 Nov 1803 following a refit went down Hamoaze, into the Sound, the Renard, Hon Capt Cathcart, and lay at anchor and was paid wages, and in the evening departed Plymouth Sound for the Downs with a convoy ; and is rumoured that she is then said to be departing the Downs for the West Indies with despatches.

15 Nov 1803 is appointed convoy at Spithead for the West Indies.

Circa 19 Nov 1803 the Renard has been apptd to the next West India convoy, with the Courageux, Capt T Bertie.

23 Dec 1803 following the receipt of intelligence from the opposite coast that the enemy was embarked, the following ships were ordered to drop down from Spithead to St Helen's : the Courageux, Adm Dacres ; the Fisgard ; Renard ; Curlew ; and Speedy to join Lord Keith in the Isis. It would appear that this turned out to be yet another rumour, although perhaps a useful exercise ?

24 Dec 1803 the Renard, Hon Capt Cathcart ; the Curlew, Capt Northey ; and the Speedy, Capt Pigott, departed Spithead for the Coast of France.

2 Jan 1804 the Courageux departed Spithead in company with the Renard and a convoy of 140 merchantmen for the West Indies. Adm Dacres embarked in the Courageux to take command at Barbadoes.

26 Jul 1804 the Elephant, Uranie and Renard, departed Jamaica with a convoy for England.