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Renommée, 1796
Type: 5th rate ; frigate ; Armament 36 x 12-pdr.
Taken from the French by the Alfred, off St. Domingo, 20 Jul 1796 ;
Disposal date or year : 1810

12 Jul 1796 captured off St.-Domingo by the Alfred 74.

Sep 1797 the Diligence, Renommée and Hermione captured a Spanish privateer, name unknown, Spanish packet, 6 guns, on the Jamaica station.

1 Jul 1798 working into the mole at Port Royal, Jamaica.

2 Jul 1798 came to anchor at Port Royal, Jamaica.

Between Jun 1798 and 10 Feb 1799 the Renommée and the Squirrel captured the Spanish privateer Neptune, brig, guns, 23 men on the Jamaica station.

Between Jun 1798 and Feb 1799 captured the French privateer Triomphante on the Jamaica station.

30 Oct 1798 departed Port Royal, Jamaica, on a cruize with the Squirrel and Pelican.

1 Jan 1799 Capt. Robert Rolles. At Jamaica.

12 Feb-30 Mar 1799 captured 1 merchant vessel on the Jamaica station.

7 Jun 1800 Plymouth, departed on a cruise with the Urania, Fisgard and Suffisante.

8 Mar to 2 Sep 1801 Services off the coast of Egypt.

8 Mar 1801 of the personnel employed disembarking the army in Aboukir Bay 1 seaman was killed and one wounded.

14 Mar 1802 arrived in the Downs.

15 Mar 1882 departed the Downs for Sheerness.

19 Mar 1802 arrived Sheerness from the Downs, and then departed for the River. The South Westerly storm that was experienced at Plymouth last night, passed over Sheerness today, all the ships in harbour and at the Nore having struck their lower yards and top-masts.

May 1805 Nore in Commission

18-23 Jul 1805 attacks on convoys off Calais - Vimereux - Ambleteuse.

3 Apr 1806 Renommée and Nautilus chased by a Spanish squadron, off Carthagena : the latter was despatched to Lord Collingwood, off Cadiz, with news of the escape. After dark the Renommée made sail for Cape de Gata, in the hope of cutting off the Spanish brig of war Vigilante, which had escaped from Carthagena at the same time as the squadron, and was subsequently taken and purchased into the service under the name of Spider.

3-4 May 1806 ship's boats of the Renommée and Nautilus cut out the Spanish schooner Giganta from the port of Vieja.

21 Oct 1806 ship's boats cut out two Spanish settees from the port of Colon in the island of Majorca, and destroyed a tartan.

22 Oct 1806 ship's boats cut out a Spanish settee.

6-7 Nov 1807 Boats of the Renommée, and Grasshopper cut out a Spanish brig and a French tartar from under the Torre de Estacio, but had to abandon them when they ran aground.

11 Dec 1807 the Grasshopper, when in company with the Renommee, chased and captured the armed Spanish brig San-Josef.