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Repulse, <-1795-1843->
Type: Revenue cruiser ; Armament 12

London, 15 August 1795.
Notice is hereby given, that the Account of Sales of the Mercurius, captured by the Repulse Revenue Cutter, in the Service of the Honorable Board of Customs, will be deposited in the Registry of the High Court of Admiralty, pursuant to Act of Parliament. Robert Taylor, Agent, No. 45, Crutched Friars.

27 Jun 1797 captured the French privateer Tiger of Dunkirk off Orfordness.
The following appeared in the London Gazette :
Copy of a Letter from Mr. Munnings Commander of the Repulse Revenue Cutter, to the Collector and Comptroller of Colchester, dated June 28, 1797. Gentlemen, Being on a Cruize off Orfordness Yesterday at Three P.M. fell in with and gave Chace to a French Lugger Privateer ; at Six P.M. sne struck her Coloura, after attempting to board us : She proves to be the Tyger, of Dunkirk, commanded by Lewis Augustin Buen Chatening, with 2 Two-Pounders, 4 Swivels and Small Arms, and 28 Men, Burthen 30 Tons, which I have Just arrived here with, and am waiting for a Party of Soldiers to escort them to Colchester. She had been only Ten Hours from Ostend. I am, &c. G. G. H. Munnings.

13 Aug-Oct 1799 employed on expedition to Holland.

28 Aug 1799 capture of the Dutch hulks Drotchterland and Brooderschap, and the ships Helder, Venus, Minerva, and Hector, in the New Diep, in Holland.

26 May 1800 Portsmouth, departed the following revenue cutters on a secret service, viz. Repulse, Captain Mannings ; Greyhound, Captain Wilkinson ; Swan, Captain Ferris ; Rose, Captain Yeats ; Falcon, Chief Mate Warton ; Dolphin, Captain Johns ; and Swallow, Captain Amos.

Circa 12 Jan 1801 brought into Colchester the smuggling lugger Queen Charlotte with spirits and tobacco onboard.

24 Jan 1801 arrived Harwich in company with the revenue cruiser Argo, and the sloop Helen, of Leith, laden with 372 quarters of wheat ; and the brig Thomas and Dorothy, of Sunderland, laden with coals, captured on the 20th inst., off the Humber by the French privateer brig Le Chasseur, Citizen Blackman, in command, recaptured on the 23rd by the Argo and Repulse, about 12 leagues East by South from Orfordness. Blackman appears to have acquired quite a reputation, e.g. on this cruise having reportedly detained 7 vessels off the Humber laden with grain and coals, for London, although 2 of them appeared to have been recaptured by the Argo and Repulse ?

24 Feb 1802 prize money resulting from the capture of the Dutch hulks Drotchterland and Brooderschap, and the ships Helder, Venus, Minerva, and Hector due to be paid.

17 Nov-30 Dec 1802 prize money resulting from the expedition to Holland due for payment.

21 May 1803 departed N Yarmouth the cutter Repulse for Vivinon. (And no I don't know where Vivinon is!)

28 Oct 1803 at N Yarmouth.

Circa 31 Dec 1814 under the command of Jno. Williams, based on the Sheerness Station, and responsible to the English Board.

13 Feb 1822 arrived Grimsby with the sloop Mary, of Plymouth, with contraband goods hidden in a false bottom valued at some 2,000.

17 Nov 1822 launched at Buckler's Hard and operated out of Poole - J. Williams in command.

Jul 1830 Revenue cruiser - J. Williams is still in command.

Dec 1843 does not appear in the Navy List.

NB These notes most certainly cover more than one vessel.