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Resolue, 1798
Type: Slop & Receiving Ship ; late Slop Ship ; late 5th rate ; ; Armament 36

12 Oct 1798 Captured during Commodore Warren's action with French squadron as frigate Resolue : purchased into the RN, but is understood not to have gone to sea again.

2 Sep 1800 Plymouth, La Resolue, of 44 guns, is appointed as a slop and receiving ship at this port, under the direction of that indefatigable officer, Dr. J. Law M'Clellan, surgeon of the Myrmidon slop ship. La Resolue is fitting up for this purpose, as the Myrmidon is to be put out of commission.

Circa 1 Nov 1800 Lieutenant Richards, late First of the Cambridge, is appointed to the command of La Resolue, commissioned as a slop and receiving ship at Plymouth.

29 Dec 1801 a survey was held on board the Resolue slop ship, before three Captains of the Navy, and Mr. M'Clellan, surgeon of La Resolue, when several old and unserviceable seamen were invalided and discharged.

26 Feb 1802 arrived Plymouth Sound the Grappler gun brig, who was paid off, and her crew discharged into the Cambridge flag ship, and Resolue slop ship, in Hamoaze, as supernumeraries.

16 Jan 1802 Rear-Admiral Dacres, as Commissioner for paying seamens' wages afloat, paid the Cambridge, flag-ship at Plymouth ; Prince Frederick, convalescent ship ; and Resolue, slop-ship, six months wages at Plymouth.

18 Feb 1802 Union hired tender was paid off, and put out of the service. She sailed for Liverpool to her owners. Her men were put on board the Resolue slop ship.

20 Feb 1802 the prison ship Prudent was paid off in Hamoaze, and her crew transferred to the slop ship Resolue in Hamoaze.

11 May 1802 the Resolue slop ship was laid up in ordinary at Plymouth.

12 May 1802 the Resolue slop ship, of which Dr. M'Clellan was surgeon, was this day stripped and paid off at Plymouth. The invention of a slop and receiving ship is justly attributed to this gentleman, and has saved the lives of hundreds of brave men during this war, by the means he pursued in respect to cleanliness, by fumigating and cleansing newly raised men, and prevented many men from perishing by contagion for want of cleanliness, besides the immense saving to government ; Dr. M'Clellan has examined this war at this port fifty thousand seamen and landsmen. The process of examination required each man to be stripped and examined as to his soundness, washed in warm vinegar ; his old clothes destroyed ; and he sent, if approved, on the flag ship, in a new suit of slop clothes charged against his wages.

28 Apr 1803 yesterday was hauled down to her old station, near the Salvador del Mondo, Nr Millbrook Lake, and was commissioned. Dr. M'Clellan was again appointed Inspecting Surgeon.

25 Aug 1803 embarked men from a tender, just arrived Plymouth from the Eastward, for the Salvador del Mundo.

18 Oct 1803 embarked men at Plymouth from a recently arrived tender from Liverpool and Chester with men for the ships fitting out for sea in harbour. These men, once embarked were attested, mustered and new slopped.

May 1805 Plymouth.

10 Aug 1811 docked at Plymouth on Saturday last, for breaking up.