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Resolution, 1770
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament 74
Launched : 1770 ; Disposal date or year : 1813

28 Apr 1798 captured a French privateer, name unknown, on the Halifax station.

25 May 1799 captured the French privateer Vigie.

22 Oct 1799 Portsmouth, departed for Torbay.

25 Mar 1800 Portsmouth, a Court Martial was held on board the Gladiator, for the trial of Mr. Philip Griffin, Lieutenant of the Resolution, for detaining in his hands the sum of ten pounds, the property of Thomas Denham, a seaman belonging to the Fury bomb vessel, and which he had received from the said Thomas Denham. The Court were of opinion, that the charge had been proved against the said Philip Griffin, and did adjudge him to be dismissed from his Majesty's service.

Circa Feb 1800 John Kent, Purser of the Resolution, is appointed to the Atlas.

19 Feb 1800 Plymouth, departed from Cawsand Bay with the Windsor Castle, and Excellent, to join Admiral Gardner off Brest.

24 Apr 1800 Torbay, departed with the Channel Fleet for the French coast, off Brest.

11 May 1800 Plymouth, arrived from off Brest, to refit.

30 May 1800 Plymouth, departed to join the fleet off Brest.

3 Aug 1800 Plymouth, departed with the Pompee, Defiance, and Bourdelois, for the Downs.

13 Oct 1800 Portsmouth, arrived with the Harpy, Gorgon, and Alkmaar, from the Downs.

Circa 1801 ? Doubled and sheathed &c.from upper part of wales to first futtock-heads and strengthened with diagonal braces.

25 Jan 1801 departed Spithead with the Superb, to join the Channel Fleet.

7 Feb 1801 departed Spithead with the St. George to join the Channel Fleet.

10 Feb 1801 arrived Torbay, and departed with the Brilliant to join the channel Fleet.

5 May 1801 arrived Cawsand Bay with the Belleisle, from the Channel Fleet, to victual and refit. Left the fleet all well on the 1st instant.

14 May 1801 departed Cawsand Bay to join the Channel fleet.

16 Jun 1801 came into Plymouth Sound from the coast of Spain. By her is learnt, that the Resolution's boats of this port gallantly cut out from under the guns of a fort near Corunna, a brig with wheat, but it blowing a hard gale, she was cut adrift. The Resolution was left all well the 1st instant, off Cape Ortegal.

26 Aug 1801 came into Cawsand Bay the Windsor Castle, Canada, and Resolution, to refit, from the Channel Fleet.

1 Sep 1801 the Windsor Castle, Canada, and Resolution, now lying in Cawsand Bay, unbent sails and payed their tops and bends, with the new patent black varnish.

9 Sep 1801 departed Cawsand Bay the Windsor Castle, and Resolution, to join the Channel Fleet with cattle and vegetables.

28 Oct 1801 the Namur is reported to have led the Atlas, Princess Royal, Formidable, Windsor Castle and Orion into Bearhaven harbour. It has subsequently blown hard and the Orion carried away her main and mizen masts and has been detached to Plymouth. The Glory, Malta and Resolution had parted in a fog and were expected shortly.

8 Nov 1801 the Resolution, and the Vengeance, were embayed with the Orion, but it is hoped, though on a lee shore, they were able to claw off the land, not having been disabled by the gale at west, which was a perfect hurricane for the time it lasted.

11 Nov 1801 the Malta, Resolution, and Vengeance, had not joined the detached squadron at Bantry Bay.

17 Nov 1801 letters received Plymouth from the Namur, dated the 9th instant, from Bantry Bay, state, that the Vengeance, and Resolution, had arrived safe there, after experiencing dreadful gales of wind in the storm of the 1st instant, when embayed with the Orion, on the west coast of Ireland.

17 Nov 1801 Admiral Sir A. Mitchell made the signal for unbending sails, which was followed by the fleet, therefore it is supposed the squadron which consists of the following ships will winter near Beerhaven, in Bantry Bay, viz. Windsor Castle, Temeraire, Barfleur, Princess Royal, Formidable, Atlas, Namur, Majestic, Resolution, Vengeance, Malta, of 84 guns, Centaur. The Glory, had put into Cork, and the Juste, had not joined. Provisions were plenty : a fat sheep nine shillings, Geese one shilling each, eggs two-pence per dozen, and fish and game to be had in great abundance.

6 Dec 1801 letters received Plymouth this day from the Namur, dated the 26th ult. state, that the fleet off Beerhaven were all well, and that the following ships had been victualled for five months, and were to sail soon with sealed orders, viz. Temeraire, Windsor Castle, Resolution, Vengeance, Majestic, and Centaur. Their destination is supposed for Jamaica.

29 Dec 1801 this evening anchored at St Helen's, IoW, on arrival from Bantry Bay, with the squadron under the command of V.-Adm. Sir A. Mitchell, with a view to trying the mutineers from the Squadron.

5 Jan 1802 the Temeraire, out at Spithead with the Formidable, Majestic, Theseus, Orion, Resolution, Vengeance and Resistance, are ordered to refit and victual for the West Indies, with all possible haste.

7 Feb 1802 departed St. Helen's the Temeraire, 98, R.-Adm Campbell, Capt Eyles ; Formidable, 98, Capt Grindall ; Majestic, 74, Capt Gould ; Orion, 74, Capt Cuthbert ; Vengeance, 74, Capt Duff ; Resolution, 74, Capt Gardner ; Theseus, 74, Capt Bligh ; Desiree, 44, Capt Dacres ; and the Morgiana, store ship, 16, Capt Otter ; with sealed orders, supposed for Jamaica.

9 Feb 1802 owing to the contrary winds, rain and bad weather, put into Torbay : the Temeraire, Formidable, Theseus, Majestic, Orion, Vengeance, Resolution, Desiree, and Morgiana, and departed later for their destination.

17 May 1802 the Morgiana sloop of war, Captain Otter, arrived Spithead from Martinique, after a passage of 45 days, and reports that the Temeraire, Vengeance, Formidable, Resolution, Majestic, Theseus, and Desiree, under the command of R.-Adm. Campbell, departed Martinique, for Jamaica, a few days prior to her departure for England.

10 Jul 1802 came up to Spithead from St. Helen's the following men of war from the West Indies. They left St. Domingo on the 16 June, several large packets of letters were landed from them, and sent off to London. The St. George, 98, Captain Lobb ; Warrior, 74, Captain Tyler ; Resolution, 74, Hon. Capt. Gardner ; Captain, 74, Captain Boyles ; Zealous, 74, Captain Linzee ; and Robust, 74, Captain Jervis.

11 Jul 1802 the Resolution departed Spithead, for Chatham, to be paid off.

13 Jul 1802 arrived in the Downs and passed through to Sheerness.

May 1805 Chatham, to repair in Ordinary.

Yarmouth 2 Jan 1807 Remains in Yarmouth Roads.

26 Jul 1807 departed as a part of a fleet of 38 vessels for Copenhagen and was present from 15 Aug - 20 Oct 1807 for the siege and bombardment of Copenhagen and capture of Danish Fleet by Adm. Gambier.

7 Mar 1809 with Admiral Lord Gambier who relieved Rear-admiral Stopford's in command of the blockade of Basque Roads.

17 Mar 1809 anchored in Basque roads. 11 Apr the use of fire ships, explosion-vessels, and Congreve rockets against the French fleet at Basque roads and the results thereof.

Deal 2 Jan 1810 departed to Sheerness to refit.

Plymouth 3 Jun 1811 arrived in the Sound.

Deal 3 Jul 1811 departed.

Deal 27 May 1812 departed for off Flushing.