Hired Armed Lugger Resolution and Hired Armed Cutter Resolution

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Resolution, 1803
Type: Cutter ; Armament 18 ?
Acquired : Aug 1803 ?
Disposal date or year : ?

21 Aug 1803 departed Plymouth for the River [Thames] the Resolution, 18, and the Diligence, 14, with a convoy of all the Dutch East Indiamen (droits of Admiralty), captured before the declaration of war against Holland.

27 Aug 1803 departed Plymouth on a cruise.

13 Oct 1803 remains in N Yarmouth Roads with the Gelykheid and Roebuck.

15 Oct 1803 departed N Yarmouth with dispatches for Capt Sir Sydney Smith, whose squadron, I believe, is based off the Texel.

11 Nov 1803 arrived Falmouth the Nimrod, 20, Capt O'Neil, with the cutter Resolution, from a cruise.

NB I cannot find a vessel with this name in the usual sources, that matches the description of this vessel, but after an initial reference on 21 Aug., I see she now receives more, so it looks as though she's a recent acquisition by the Admiralty, or one of the Hired Cutters mentioned in the Muster Books at the National Archives later in the decade. A few months later, dare I even suggest, looking at where this vessel appears to be operating, ie the North Sea and down in the SW of England that we might even have two vessels with the same name ? Will wait and see what transpires, but be warned !