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Retribution, 1814
Type: 1st class frigate ; Armament 10
Launched : 2 Jul 1844 ; Disposal date or year : 1864
BM: 1641 tons ;
Propulsion: Paddle
Machinery notes: 800 n.h.p.

Designed by Sir W. Symonds.

Ordered as "Dragon", but name changed to "James Watt" when keel laid down, and name changed again to "Retribution" 2-3 months before she was launched in 1844.

1846 The Experimental Squadron Portsmouth, Thursday. April 23 Retribution, steamer. Captain Lushington, Sir W. Symonds constructor, 10 guns, 1641 tons, 800 horse power.

July 1846 The Squadron of Evolution at Cove. Summer Cruise. With respect to the movements of the squadron we are informed, that they are under orders to proceed again to sea after a delay of three days to water - that they will cruise towards Bantry, and anchor for some time in that splendid bay, where, as we are informed, it is intended that the crews and marines shall be landed and exercised in warlike tactics, landing at night, and such like evolutions, the object of the present trials being to exercise the crews and manoeuvre them in naval operations. See St. Vincent for the full extract from the Cork Southern Reporter.

14 July, 1846 Evolutions for the Squadron of Evolutions See St. Vincent for the full extract from the Cork Cork Examiner

1847 Change in conditions of service for certain Engineers.

20 Dec 1848 Portsmouth

11 Apr 1851 Devonport. Will be ready for sea by 23rd inst. She is to proceed to the Cape should further troops and stores be wanted there.

24 Apr 1851 Devonport. Ready to sail for Lisbon

21 Jun 1851 Orders received to prepare to take troops to the Cape of Good Hope with the Sidon.

30 Aug 1851 Cape of Good Hope

13 Apr 1854 the Retribution, with the Niger in company, detained 12 x Russian vessels.

22 Apr 1854 Samson, Furious, Terrible, Tiger, Retribution, Arethusa, French vessels and rocket boats attack the military works at Odessa, with the Sans Pareil and Highflyer in reserve - see p. 400-> at

28 Apr 1854 allied squadrons reconnoitred Eupatoria - see p. 401 at

29 Apr 1854 off Sebastopol - see p. 401 at

23 Aug 1854 acquired a prize of war - raft of Timber.

17 Oct 1854 1st Bombardment of Sebastopol - see p. 437 at

10 May 1855 at Spithead. Naval Cadet J. W. Gambier joined the ship and the service.

Visit to Kiel, Summer 1855 In the Baltic.

Winter 1855/56 Returned to England, viat Copenhagen.

Wintered at Sheerness and moved ashore into the "lofts," later known as RN Barracks, Sheerness, or HMS Wildfire.

26 Feb 1856 Master's Asst J Cole apptd ; at Sheerness

Mar 1856 departed round to Spithead.

23 Apr 1856, Present at Fleet Review, Spithead ; Captain Fisher

Early in May we departed, in company with H.M.S. Rodney, for Gibraltar, Melilla and the Mediterranean.

18 Jun 1856, arrived Constantinople, and from thence to the Crimea, and returned to England.

23 Aug 1856, paid off at Sheerness, and recommissioned next day.

22 Jun 1858 Hongkong, arrived from the Pacific station.

6 Jul 1858 Gulf of Pechelee.

10 Aug 1858 Japan.

11 Sep 1858 Shanghai.

15 Feb 1859 Canton River.

26 Feb 1859 - 13 Apr 1859 Hongkong, and then appears to leave the station and return to England.

1 Jul 1859 salvage services rendered to the Ava.

1860 Portsmouth, rated as a 28