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Revenge, 1805
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament 74
Launched : 13 Apr 1805 ; Disposal date or year : 1849
BM: 1954 tons

May 1805 Chatham, fitting.

10 Oct 1805 off Cadiz - the tactical preparations etc. for the forthcoming battle. 20 Oct combined fleet departed Cadiz, fleet manoeuvres.

21 Oct 1805 England expects….. &c. signalled, the first shots of the Battle of Trafalgar are fired. Nelson shot. Resumé of what had taken place. Individual ship actions and losses : Revenge. The post-mortem commences ; Summary of British casualties ; Death of Nelson ;

22-30 Oct 1805 losses amongst the prizes due to bad weather etc: Redoutable, Rayo, Monarca (sank) ; Fougueux, Bucentaure, Indomptable, San-Francisco-de-Asis, Aigle, Berwick (wrecked) ; Algésiras (taken into Cadiz) ; Santa-Ana, Neptuno (recaptured) ; Santisima-Trinidad (scuttled) ; Achille, Intrépide, San-Augustin (burnt) ; the washup ; burial of Nelson ;

14-16 Jul 1806 the ships' boats from the Prince-of-Wales, Centaur, Conqueror, Monarch, Revenge, and Polyphemus, along with 3 boats each from the Indefatigable and Iris, capture the French 16-gun brig-corvette César from the R. Gironde.

25 Sep 1806 with a squadron under Commod. Sir Samuel Hood, off Rochefort, when a squadron of French frigates, bound to the West Indies, escaped : the signal for a general chase was given, resulting in the Armide striking to the Centaur ; Minerve to the Monarch ; Infatigable to the Mars, who also chased the Gloire, and at 3 P.M. compelled her to surrender, all 4 frigates being added to the Royal Navy.

Plymouth 29 Dec 1806 departed to Portsmouth to be repaired.

21 Feb 1809 Revenge observed R.-adm Willaumez put to sea from Brest with a squadron of 7 ships of the line, and re-joined her squadron under Captain Beresford (Theseus, Triumph and Valiant) at Glenans, watching Lorient, with the information : they were subsequently chased off the Lorient station by the larger French Squadron.

24 Feb 1809 later that day Rear-admiral Stopford's squadron returned to his station off the Chasseron lighthouse, and observed the squadron of M. Willaumez at anchor in Basque roads, and was joined on the 25th by Captain Beresford and his three ships, with his force thus augmented to seven sail of the line and five frigates, resumed the blockade of the port, with the Hero joining shortly afterwards.

7 Mar 1809 Admiral Lord Gambier relieved Rear-admiral Stopford's in command of the blockade of Basque Roads.

17 Mar 1809 anchored in Basque roads. 11 Apr the use of fire ships, explosion-vessels, and Congreve rockets against the French fleet at Basque roads and the results thereof. 12 Apr attempt made to destroy grounded French vessels, following the previous night's attack.

17 Oct 1810 captured the French privateer Vengeur.

12 Nov-23 Dec 1810 Diana, Niobe, cruising off the port of Havre, sighted and chased two French frigates, which anchored in the road of Lahougue, under the protection of strong batteries. With the assistance of the 74 gun ships Donegal and Revenge, from Cherbourg, attempts were made to sink the two frigates, one of which, the Amazone, was to escape into Havre, whilst the other, the Eliza, went ashore, and was eventually destroyed by the boats of the Diana.

18 Jan 1811 arrived Portsmouth.

30 Jan 1811 departed Portsmouth.

26 Mar 1811 arrived and at anchor at St. Helen's.

27 Mar 1811 arrived Portsmouth from Lisbon.

21 Jul 1811 departed Falmouth.

circa 21 Dec 1811 remains Cadiz.

4 Nov 1812 arrived Portsmouth from Cadiz.

6 Dec 1812 at Spithead and is appointed convoy for Spain, Portugal, and the Mediterranean.

18 Dec 1812 departed Spithead with a convoy for Spain, and Portugal.

23 Dec 1812 departed Falmouth with the Lisbon, and Mediterranean convoy.

14 Oct 1813 boats of the Revenge cut out a French felucca privateer from harbour of Palamos.

17 Aug 1814 arrived the Motherbank from the Mediterranean, and put under quarantine.

18 Aug 1814 moved up to Spithead, having being released from quarantine.

24 Aug 1814 arrived Deal and departed for the river, to be paid off.

1 Jan 1820 repairing with a circular stern.

1 Apr 1823 commissioned at Chatham.

3 Apr 1824 she is reported at Marseilles to have departed from off Algiers for Port Mahon.

23 Feb 1825 captured the Muni ; account of the proceeds deposited with the High Court of Admiralty on 16 Jun 1831.

19 Dec 1825 departed Naples for Constantinople.

5 Sep 1826 Lloyds' agent at Smyrna reports that the Brisk gave convoy through the Archipelago to 6 British merchant vessels. The Cambrian, Seringapatam, and Rose, with marines from on board the Revenge, which remained at Smyrna, with the Glasgow and the Medina, sailed a few days ago, supposed for the purpose of looking for pirates, although no further depredations have been heard of. According to the last account the Turkish Fleet, under the command of Captain Pacha, was in the Scio Channel, and the Greek squadron of 30 - 40 sail was cruising near Samos. The Agent goes on to say that we doubt whether the Turkish expedition against that island will succeed, as many of the troops are returning from the sea coast to the interior, and the ship commanded by the Captain Pacha is said to have put into Foggia, leaky. There is no news of Captain Cochrane being in these seas.

16 Jun 1827 in Harbour at Portsmouth.

8 May 1828 Refitting at Valletta.

4 Jun 1828 still refitting at Valletta.

24 Jun 1828 Blockading the coast of the Morea.

30 Nov 1828 refitting at Valletta.

27 Jan 1829 reported to be departing Valletta for Naples on the 29th inst.

13 Apr 1829 at Valletta it is reported she is at Naples.

20 May 1829 departed Naples for Smyrna.

18 Nov 1829 refitting in Valletta.

20 Jan 1830 remains at Valletta.

3 Apr 1830 cruising between Malta and Sicily.

9 May 1830 taking on water at Palma Bay, Sardinia.

22 May 1830 arrived Malta from Palma Bay.

24 Aug 1830 refitting at Valletta.

29 Dec 1830 is now undergoing inspection at Plymouth, and as yet she has been found in a perfectly sound state, although one of the oldest vessels in the navy, and constantly on service.

28 Mar 1831 undocked at Plymouth having undergone a thorough repair.

11 May 1831 in Hamoaze.

4 Jun 1831 departed Plymouth for Spithead.

5 Jun 1831 arrived Portsmouth from Plymouth, Capt. J. Hillyar, C.B., in command.

8 Jun 1831 at Spithead.

23 Jun 1831 at Spithead.

7 Jul 1831 prize money due to be paid as a result of the capture of the Muni, on 23 Feb 1825.

7 Jul 1831 departed Spithead, with the fleet under Sir E. Codrington.

27 Aug 1831 arrived St. Helens from the Downs, with the fleet under Sir E. Codrington and anchored at six o'clock on the evening of the 28th, and moved up to Spithead the next day.

11 Sep 1831 departed Portsmouth with the squadron under the command of V.-Adm Sir E Codrington.

Revenge 25 Sep 1831 arrived Cork with the squadron under the command of Sir Edward Codrington, and departed for Plymouth and Portsmouth 15th Oct.

1 Oct 1831 departs shortly from Portsmouth for the Downs.

18 Oct 1831 arrived Spithead from Cork, last from the Downs, Capt. Hillyar, C.B., in command.

27 Oct 1831 arrived Deal from Portsmouth.

29 Oct 1831 the squadron under the command of Rear- Admiral Warren, weighed anchor from the Downs for the Scheldt, but, on approaching the Dutch coast, the squadron met with a severe gale and thick weather, when the Admiral ordered them to disperse and make the best of their way back to the Downs.

1-2 Nov 1831 the Stag, Galatea, Tribune, Curacoa, Imogene, Tweed, and Brisk, arrived in the Downs, the Talavera, Revenge, and Wellesley, with the rest of the squadron shortly after.

9 Nov 1931 departed the Downs and squadron under Rear- Admiral Warren, for Portsmouth with the Magicienne.

10 Nov 1831 arrived Portsmouth from the Downs.

12 Nov 1831 preparing at Spithead for a passage to Lisbon. A part of a squadron supporting British Trade in Portugal which was being damaged by the war between Dom Pedro and Dom Miguel. See p. 270 at at

26 Nov 1931 at Spithead.

23 Dec 1831 departed Portsmouth for Lisbon, Capt. Mackay, in command.

Jan 1832 arrived Lisbon in 6 days from Plymouth, however, England being subject to occasional cases of Cholera at the time the Revenge was put in quarantine for 11-12 days, with no relaxations allowed.

15 Apr 1832 the R.N. packet Duke of Marlborough, departed the Tagus for Plymouth, leaving the Revenge, Childers and Asia in the harbour.

16 Jun 1832 off the Tagus, with the Asia, Caledonia, Britannia, Briton, Leveret, and Viper, with the Stag in the River getting supplies, and the Romney at Lisbon, providing a refuge for British subjects should the need arise. Don Pedro is looked for, but whether he would be successful against the Miguelites is not certain.

2 Jul 1832 remains with the Asia with the Squadron now reported to be standing on and off the Tagus according to correspondence received from an officer on board one of the ships. It is said that Don Pedro is looked for, but the outlook for his brother seems most uncertain, having run out of money to pay his troops, and upset everyone of influence in his attempts to obtain money.

11 Aug 1832 cruising off Cascaes Bay.

21 Sep 1832 remained with the squadron lying on and off the Tagus, when the Asia departed for Oporto, with the Admiral.

End of 1832, a part of a squadron of vessels involved in the blockade of the ports of Holland, which was defying the great Powers with regard to the Belgian question. See p. 270-1 at at

4 Nov 1832 arrived Spithead from off the Tagus.

10 Nov 1832 has now re-victualled, re-stored, re-fitted and will be paid wages on Monday, prior to departing Tuesday to join the squadron in the Downs.

15 Nov 1832 departed Spithead with the Spartiate to join the combined squadron in the Downs.

19 Nov 1832 departed Deal to the eastward.

5 Dec 1832 arrived Deal from the North Sea.

3 Jan 1833 Remains in the Downs.

22 Jan 1833 departed the Downs for Plymouth.

27 Jan 1833 arrived Plymouth from the eastward, and departed on the 30th for Gibraltar, and the West Indies.

6 Mar 1833 arrived Madeira and departed for Barbadoes.

29 Mar 1833 refitting at Barbadoes in preparation for a passage to England, with troops.

3 Jun 1833 taken into dock having touched the ground when coming up the Hamoaze.

17 Jun 1833 taken out of Plymouth dock.

28 Jun 1833 In Hamoaze.

Jun 1833 is reported to have been fitted with Earle's fire-engine pump, which was trialled on board the Druid.

20 Jul 1833 In Hamoaze.

12 Aug 1833 arrived Cork from Plymouth.

1 Jan 1834 On the Lisbon Station.

12 Mar 1834 paid off at Portsmouth.

26 Mar 1834 undocked at Portsmouth.

24 May 1834 preparing at Portsmouth for a passage to Lisbon.

9 Jun 1834 went out to Spithead and paid wages and sails to-morrow for Lisbon and the Mediterranean.

12 Oct 1834 in the Tagus.

19 Oct 1834 departed Lisbon for the Mediterranean station.

Dec 1834 arrived Dardanelles from England.

19 Dec 1834 Vourla Bay.

31 Jan 1835 is reported to be at Malta.

9 Feb 1835 departed Malta with a squadron for the Vourla, where it arrived circa 15 Feb.

13 Jun 1835 the Revenge was in collision with the Canopus off the island of Delos in the Eastern Mediterranean.

1 Jul 1835 with the Mediterranean squadron, in the Levant, off Cape Sapienza.

26 Aug 1835 is reported to be at Malta.

16 Oct 1835 arrived Malta from the Levant.

8 Dec 1835 reported at Malta to be cruising with the Barham and Vernon, and on sailing exercises.

14 Dec 1835 arrived Malta from a cruise and sailing trials with the Vernon and Barham.

7 Mar 1836 in Valetta harbour preparing for the Spring/Summer cruise.

21 Jun 1836 departed Corfu for Patras.

20 Jul 1839 Midshipman A. F. Shawe, appointed to the Revenge.

28 Jul 1839 Portsmouth Mate J. Reeve, appointed to the Revenge

1 Aug 1839 was towed out to Spithead, men of the 84th Regiment for Cork, having been previously transferred to her from the Apollo troop ship. The Revenge is remains short of her complement and sails Monday to Cork to take the 84th Regt. and recruit seamen, 60 of whom are expected shortly from the Blenheim.

10 Aug 1839 Lieutenant Joseph Martin Mottley, appointed to Revenge, vice Dick invalided ; Clerk Thomas Fowler, appointed to Revenge, vice Park.

10 Aug 1839 departed from Spithead on Thursday for Cork, where she will open a rendezvous. She returns to this port to be paid wages.

7 Sep 1839 it appears that the enlistment of seamen for the Revenge, at Cove, is not going well. The various rendezvous established in Limerick and other ports, are very quiet, and men are not coming forward.

26 Oct 1839 the Mercury tender has this week conveyed 20 seamen from Portsmouth to Plymouth for the Revenge, now only 80 men short.

26 Oct 1839 Mate A La Touche, appointed to Revenge

2 Nov 1839 Midshipman William Cudworth, Mate C. R. Hoblyn, appointed to Revenge.

2 Nov 1839 has been ordered to Portsmouth to complete, and to be paid advance of wages. The easterly wind is against her.

1 Feb 1840 Midshipman J. P. Lethbridge, appointed to the Revenge

18 May 1840 at Lisbon

6 Jul 1840 at Lisbon.

22 Jul 1840 Gibraltar passed through the straits to the eastward.

16 Aug 1840 arrived Malta from Lisbon on the 10th, and departed for the Levant on the 15th, having embarked a large supply of arms and ammunition.

31 Aug 1840 arrived Beyrout for operations off the coast of Syria - see p. 312-> at at

10 Sep 1840 covered the landing of troops at D'jounie Bay - see p. 314 at at

12 Sep 1840 Beyrout, bombarded General Soliman's troops ashore.

14 Sep 1840 Beyrout, the bombardment continued and the allied troops fortified their positions.

15 Sep 1840 Beyrout, Fired occasionally as targets showed themselves..

26 Sep 1840 Men from the Revenge detached from the ship for operations at Sidon. Killed. 1 seaman. Wounded. Mr. Wm. K. O. Price, Mate ; 1 royal marine. See of 17 Nov 1840.

20 Oct 1840 off Acre.

2 Nov, 1840 arrived off St. Jean d’Acre.

3 Nov, 1840 bombardment of St. Jean d’Acre. Killed. 1 seaman, 1 drummer royal marines. Wounded. 3 seamen severely; 1 royal marine slightly. Egyptian forces evacuate St. Jean d’Acre overnight and the town was occupied on the 4th by the Turks. See of 1 Dec 1840.

8 Nov 1840 off St Jean d’Acre, 2,000 prisoners have been sent away in the Bellerophon, Thunderer, Revenge, and Edinburgh, to Beyrout. See of 15 Dec 1840.

21 Nov 1840 a part of the squadron off Alexandria - see p. 322-> at at

5 Dec 1840 Mate W. K. O. Price (1835), of the Revenge, promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, for services, specially recorded, on the coast of Syria.

Aug - Nov 1840 Capture of Acre and operations on the coast of Syria. Turkish Medals awarded to the Officers and Men employed during the Campaign. 16 Oct 1844 those onboard between 9 Sep - 10 Oct 1840, and at the bombardment of St. Jean D’Acre, on the 3 Nov 1840, will be paid their respective proportions of the grant voted by Parliament for the said services.

21 Nov 1840 a part of the squadron off Alexandria.

Early Dec 1840, stood off the coast following receipt of a signal reporting Peace with Egypt : on the 2 Dec it came on to blow and the squadron experienced a heavy gale in which some vessels off the Syrian coast went ashore, the Zebra being lost in the bay of Khaifa and the Pique and Bellerophon being nearly lost.

8 Dec 1840 the squadron arrived in Marmorice Bay.

2 Jan 1841 Commander Gower Lowe, ; Lieutenant George Wyke ; Rev. W. Guise Tucker, appointed to the Revenge.

6 Mar 1841 Mate A. J. Woodly, of the Revenge, promoted to Lieutenant.

26 May 1841 left Malta for Beyrout.

3 Jul 1841 Assistant Surgeon John King, appointed to Revenge;

19 Jul 1841 arrived Malta, from Beyrout.

15 Aug 1841 in port at Valetta.

1 Sep 1841 at Tunis.

15 Oct 1841 is reported at Malta to be at Port Farine, on the coast of Tunis.

24 Oct 1841 arrived Malta from Tunis, but will not be admitted to pratique until Monday next

15 Nov 1841 due to depart Malta Wednesday with sealed orders.

27 Nov 1841 Volunteer 1st Class C. Curme, appointed to the Revenge.

11 Dec 1841 it is reported at Portsmouth, in a letter from the Hastings at Gibraltar, that as a result of the present diplomatic situation the Revenge is expected to remain at Lisbon for the duration of the winter.

18 Dec 1841 it is reported at Portsmouth that she had arrived Lisbon, from Gibraltar, with the Indus, where they are to be stationed.

12 Jan 1842 was in the Tagus with the Indus when the steam ship Montrose departed for England.

24 Jan 1842 at Lisbon.

24 Jan 1842 at Lisbon, and about to sail for England.

25 Feb 1842 paid off at Sheerness : John Tregasking, sailmaker, awarded Long Service & Good Conduct Medal, LS & GC Medal, and out-pension of Greenwich Hospital of £35 per annum, gratuity of £15, 23 years service ; John Bavidge, MAA, awarded LS & GC Medal, a pension of £30 8s. per annum, gratuity of £15, 22 years service.

Jan 1848 Sheerness, in Ordinary (reserve).

20 Dec 1848 Sheerness.