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Rifleman, 1809
Type: Sloop ; Armament 18
Launched : 1809 ; Disposal date or year : 1836

28 Jan 1811 departed Portsmouth for Oporto.

9 Mar 1811 departed Falmouth with convoy of about 130 sail for Lisbon and the Mediterranean.

31 Oct 1811 departed Leith Roads on Monday afternoon on a cruise along the coast.

14 Sep 1812 arrived Leith Roads yesterday, from a cruise ; and an American brig, her prize, this morning.

24 Dec 1812 arrived Leith Roads yesterday.

8 Jan 1813 departed Leith from the Roads for Portsmouth.

13 Jan 1813 arrived Portsmouth from Leith.

3 May 1813, Sceptre departed Martinique, with the brig Rifleman, and a convoy of 7 transports with the 13th and 64th regiments on board.

31 May-1 Jun 1813 Sceptre arrived Halifax with Rifleman and transports.

28 Jan 1814, at Bermuda.

Circa 1 Apr 1814, departed Halifax on a cruise.

13 Apr 1814, Curlew arrived Halifax, N.S., with the Rifleman, from a cruise.

30 Apr 1814 departed Halifax for Quebec, with a convoy.

28 May 1814 captured a .

28 May 1814 arrived Halifax, from Quebec, with the U.S. privateer schooner Diomede, 3 guns, 33 men, J Crowninshield, of Salem. The Diomede departed Salem 27th ult. and had taken a number of vessels, including the ship Cod Hook, sent into Castine ; the Upton of Poole, 270 tons, from Cork for Newfoundland, with 104 men, many passengers, after an action of 35 minutes ; sent into Wiscasset. Other vessel detained included the ship Mary, Moore, from Cork to Quebec, retaken by the Martin and sent in to Shelbourne ; on 23 May fell in with H.M.S. Prometheus and exchanged a few shot before escaping ; 24 May detained the Codhood, from Cork ; 26 May the brigs Harmony, and Providence, both from Maryport, scuttled, also the schooner Traveller, Cronk, sent into Thomastown ; and, finally, chased on shore the brig Recovery.

26 Aug 1814 Dragon, Endymion, Bacchante, Sylph and 10 transports with troops, departed from Halifax, Nova-Scotia, for the river Penobscot. The expedition was joined on the 31st, off the Metinicus islands, by the Bulwark, Tenedos, Rifleman and Peruvian.

1-3 Sep 1814 the fleet came to anchor off the fort and town of Castine and on the 2nd the Peruvian, Sylph and ships' boats headed up the up the Penobscot looking for the frigate Adams, at Hamden, which was set on fire by the defending US forces before they escaped inland.

7 Oct 1814, the Severn arrived Halifax, from the Chesapeake, with the brigs Rifleman, and Jasseur.

28 Oct 1814, departed Halifax, for New Brunswick.

Circa 6 Jan 1815, arrived St. John's, N.B., with the Curlew.

3 May 1815, arrived Halifax, with the Rifleman from Castine.

10 Jul 1815 came into Portsmouth harbour.

18 May 1816, departed Portsmouth, for Jamaica.

14 Jun 1818 departed Havannah for Portsmouth.

21 Jul 1818 is reported to have arrived Portsmouth from Jamaica and Havannah with specie.

8 Nov 1825 preparing at Halifax to sail for Bermuda, where she was expected to winter.

22 Nov 1826 arrived Falmouth from Halifax in 17 days, for Portsmouth.

23 Nov 1826 departed Falmouth for Portsmouth.

25 Nov 1826 arrived at Spithead from Halifax, to be paid off.

16 Dec 1826 paid off and recommissioned for Channel Service.

29 Dec 1827 remains at Valetta.

4 Jun 1828 in the Archipelago.

24 Jun 1828 had been despatched to Alexandria.

16 Apr 1829 departed Valletta for Syracuse.

21 Apr 1829 arrived Syracuse.

28 Apr 1829 departed Syracuse for Naples.

1 May 1829 arrived Naples and remains.

21 June 1829 arrived Constantinople from Tenedos.

25 Jul 1829 remains Constantinople.

28 Aug 1829, Tarapia, accompanied a Turkish steamer to offer terms of peace to the Russians.

5 Nov 1829 In company with the Blonde at Constantinople.

26 Nov 1830 paid off at Portsmouth, after nearly four years in the Mediterranean.

20 Jan 1830 remains Portsmouth.

9 May 1830 in the Archipelago.

31 Aug 1830 refitting at Valletta.

29 Nov 1830, paid off at Portsmouth after nearly 4 years in the Med.

18 Aug 1832 the Hampshire Telegraph notes that Mr. W. Batten's patent compressor for checking and stopping cables has been installed.

6 Jul 1833 Has been taken into the basin at Portsmouth, prior to being put into dock.

13 Jul 1833 to be fitted as a brig.