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Roamer, late Lady Margaret, late Wanderer, late Liberty, late Warden, 1908
Type: Ferry Steamer (Composite) ;
Displacement: 589 Tons
Propulsion: Paddle ;
Machinery notes: I.H.P. 1,400.

1908 Purchased into the service as Wanderer and used as special service vessel.

NL Mar 1913 shown as Liberty.

NL Dec 1913 shown as Liberty.

NL Jan 1914 Liberty has been renamed Wanderer.

1914 Ferry Chatham-Sheerness.

NL Jan 1915 still shown as Wanderer.

1917 Minesweeper.

NL Jan 1919 still shown as Wanderer.

NL Feb 1920 listed as Roamer based at Sheerness.

NL Jan 1921 Roamer based at Sheerness and understood to have been broken up later in the year.