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Roebuck, <-1801-1832->
Type: Revenue cruiser ; Armament 10

2 Aug 1801 arrived Portsmouth the Roebuck cutter, in the service of the customs, Capt George Stiles, lodged in the Customs house 150 casks of smuggled spirits captured off Christchurch.

21 Sep 1801 the tender of the Roebuck revenue cutter arrived Portsmouth with 64 casks of spirits and some tobacco.

Circa 1802 a case of considerable importance to the owners of smacks, &c. was lately tried in the Court of Exchequer, which originated in Captain Stiles of the Roebuck, revenue cutter of Portsmouth, having, in the month of December last, seized a vessel called the Blossom, Edward Stuart, Master, for not being rigged accordingly to law, viz. not having a fixed stay. After a complete investigation of the circumstances, and Captain Stiles's evidence was given, in which he clearly pointed out the method in which the said vessel was rigged, the Court condemned the seizure as a good and lawful prize.

28 Feb 1803 the Hampshire Telegraph reports that the effects of Capt Steven's, late of the Chichester, died of the fever some weeks ago on the coast of America, have been sunk in deep water at Spithead, per the orders of Capt Stiles of the Roebuck revenue cutter.

27 Aug 1803 the Hope, of London, W. Groves, master, laden with wine from Guernsey, was seized by Capt Stiles of the Roebuck, following the discovery of a quantity of liquor being discovered, concealed under her ballast.

17 Sep 1803 the Roebuck, revenue cutter, Capt Stiles, arrived Spithead with a large smuggling lug-sail boat, the Prime, of Bere, seized off the Isle of Portland with 400 casks of spirits and a large quantity of tobacco.

23 Apr 1804 132 kegs of liquor deposited at the Custom House at Portsmouth by the Roebuck, Capt Stiles.

Circa 6 Jun 1806 has sent into Portsmouth the Danish Galliot Perlen, from Norway to Bourdeaux, laden with Deals, prize to the Roebuck.

Portsmouth 23 Jun 1811 arrived a row boat, from Boulogne, taken by the tender to the Roebuck.

Circa 31 Dec 1814 under the command of Wm. Bore, based on the Portsmouth Station, and responsible to the English Board.

Circa 15 Nov 1832 detained and sent into Portsmouth the Dutch galliot Gesina, with wheat from Dantzic for Guernsey.