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Rolla, 1808
Type: Brig Sloop ; Armament 10
Launched : 1808 ; Disposal date or year : 1822

Plymouth 16 Jan 1810 Went up to be repaired.

Deal 4 Jun 1811 departed.

Deal 20 Jun 1811 arrived from a cruise.

Deal 2 Sep 1811 departed to cruise off the coast of France.

Deal 3 Sep 1811 departed on a cruise.

Deal 11 Sep 1811 arrived from a cruise off Calais.

Deal 25 Sep 1811 arrived having been driven off her station by a gale.

Deal 26 Sep 1811 departed to resume her station off the French coast.

6 Oct 1811 captured the French privateer Espoir in the Channel.

Deal 7 Oct 1811 arrived with a French privateer of 16 guns and 50 men, which she captured off the French coast.

Deal 7 Oct 1811 Sent in the privateer L'Aspiar, from St. Valery.

Deal 13 Oct 1811 departed to resume her station off the French coast.

Deal 13 Oct 1811 Put back.

Deal 20 Oct 1811 arrived from off the French coast.

Deal 5 Jan 1812 departed with a convoy of transports and troops for Cork.

Deal 9 Feb 1812 departed to resume her station off the French coast.

Deal 2 Oct 1812 departed on a cruise.

Plymouth 13 Jan 1813 Detained and sent in an American letter of marque, bound from Charleston to Bourdeaux.

Yarmouth 30 Mar 1813 departed for the Baltic.

Cove 21 Jul 1814 arrived with a convoy of transports with the 45th and 83d regiments, a company of the 74th, and convalescents.

Plymouth 7 Sep 1814 Came in with a convoy, from Bourdeaux and other ports in the Bay.

Plymouth 31 Jul 1815 arrived from a cruise.

3 Sep 1815, arrived Halifax, in 28 days from Falmouth, England, with the August mails and London papers to 3 Aug., and passengers Capt. Scott, RN, and Dr Robb, Dep. Insp. of Hosp. for N.S..

7 Sep 1815, departed Halifax, with the mails for New York.

6 Oct 1815, arrived Halifax, with a mail from New York, 9 days.

18 Oct 1815, departed Halifax, with a mail for England.

6 Nov 1815 arrived Falmouth, from Halifax....ain't it nice when you see the arrivals and departures from different sources matching up so nicely.

15 Nov 1815 arrived Plymouth, from America.

26 Jul 1834, Portsmouth, in Harbour.