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Romulus, 1785
Type: 5th rate ; Armament 36
Launched : on the River Thames in 1785 ;
Disposal date or year : 1816

Early Aug 1794, Romulus departed Bastia with Lord Hood in the Victory in pursuit of a French squadron, which sought safety of Gourjean bay. Leaving a squadron to blockade the French the Admiral returned to Corsica to continue operations. Due to stormy weather driving the British out to sea the French squadron was able return to Toulon.

9 Mar 1795, the Mediterranean fleet departed from Leghorn, sighting the French fleet the following day. At daylight on the 13th Adm Hotham sent out the signal for a general chase which ended the following day with the capture of the Ca-Ira and Censeur and the fleets heading off in opposite directions. [Captain George Hope].

29 Jan 1797 Porto-Ferrajo. Minerve, accompanied by the Romulus, Southampton and Dido frigates, Dolphin and Dromedary store-ships, two sloops, and 12 transports, departed for Gibraltar.

29 Jan 1797 in the evening, the Minerve and Romulus parted company and stood towards the French coast. On the 1 Feb they reconnoitred Toulon road, and successively the ports of Barcelona and Carthagena, and on the 10th rejoined their companions at Gibraltar.

1 Jan 1799 at Plymouth.

26 Jul 1799 Plymouth, departed for the Downs.

17 Oct 1799 Portsmouth, departed to Cowes, to take troops for Ireland.

18 Mar 1800 Portsmouth, departed the Resource, Captain Crispo ; Romulus, Captain Culverhouse ; Sheerness, Captain Garden ; and Ceres, Captain Nichols, all armed en flute, for the Downs.

25 Apr 1800 departed with the Inflexible, Stately, Wassenaer, Alkmaar, Charon, Expedition, Hebe, Pallas, Sensible, Niger, Resource, and Vestal, with troops ; the Commanders of which have sealed orders.

11 Sep 1800 on the Lisbon, Gibraltar, and Mediterranean Station.

8 Mar 1801 Expedition to Egypt.

8 Mar 1801 of the personnel employed disembarking the army in Aboukir Bay 1 seaman was killed and one wounded.

29 Mar 1802 arrived at the Motherbank, from the Malta, last from Gibraltar with a part of the Banffshire Fencibles and put in quarantine.

1 Apr 1802 released from quarantine and transferred to Spithead.

8 Apr 1802 departed Spithead the Alexandria, 38 ; Romulus, 36 ; Mercury, 28 to the Eastward, to be paid off.

9 Apr 1802 passed through the Downs for Sheerness.

15 Apr 1802 arrived Sheerness, the Romulus, from Spithead, and departed for the R. Thames, to be paid off.

7 Jul 1803 arrived at the Nore.

Circa 7 Jan 1804 Capt Pelly, apptd to the Romulus, vice Losack.

Circa 18 Aug 1804 is reported at Portsmouth to be based on the Coast of Lincoln, where the block ships that were based on the Swin and Wallet, details of these vessels not known, have been moved to Chatham and Sheerness to be fitted out for a more efficient Service.

May 1805 Off Harwich ; Floating Battery.

30 May 1811 departed Portsmouth with a convoy for Portugal.

3 Jun 1811 Passed down the Channel with convoy for Lisbon.

3 Jun 1811 Put into Falmouth by contrary winds, with the convoy for Portugal and Mediterranean.

9 Jun 1811 remains Falmouth.

17 Jun 1811 departed Falmouth with convoy for Portugal.

circa 19 Aug 1811 remains Lisbon.

21 Sep 1811 departed Falmouth for Portsmouth, from Lisbon, with sick and wounded soldiers.

8 Oct 1811 arrived Portsmouth from Lisbon with the remains of her convoy, some having parted in the bad weather.

24 Dec 1811 departed Portsmouth Sunday for Lisbon.

23 Feb 1812 arrived Portsmouth from Lisbon, with dispatches.

18 May 1812 Will issue convoy instructions at Plymouth, and take the trade bound to Lisbon.

21 Mar 1813 departed Portsmouth for Plymouth.

29 Mar 1813 arrived Plymouth last week from Portsmouth and to convey Marines to Canada.

11-13 Jul 1813 a part of a squadron bringing troops to take Ocracoke, on the North-Carolina coast, during which the Atlas and the Anaconda, both letters of marque, were captured and subsequently taken into the Service, the Anaconda, by her own name, and the Atlas, by the name of St.-Lawrence.

14 Sep 1813, Romulus, Capt. Knight, arrived Halifax, with the squadron from the Chesapeake.

1813 Bermuda, hospital ship.

28 Jan 1814, at Bermuda.