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Rook, 1806
Type: Schooner ; Armament 4
Launched : 1806 ; Disposal date or year : Oct 1808
Disposal Details : Captured off St.-Domingo, by two French privateers. Lieut James Lawrence

1806 Built in England of the pencil cedar, measure, BOM, from 75 to 78 tons ; mount four 12-pounder carronades, with a crew of 20 men and boys.

1808 a less than complimentary comment on this type of vessel, which, although built in 1806, is included by William James in the volume for 1808, presumably in the light of the experiences of those who had departed them, and the results achieved or otherwise.

18 Aug 1808 on her way from Port-Royal, Jamaica, to England, was captured by two French schooner privateers.