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Rosario, 1800
Type: Sloop ; Armament 18
Launched : Privateer Purchased 1800 ;

30 Aug 1801 Captain G. Byron, nephew of the late Admiral Byron, commissioned in Hamoaze, that beautiful corvette, La Rosario, of 18 guns.

28 Oct 1801 La Diable in Quatre, of 18 guns, and Rosario, went into the Plymouth Sound this forenoon.

19 Dec 1801 departed Plymouth, last evening, with the Fisgard, with dispatches for Rear-Admiral Mitchell, K. B. in Bantry Bay.

21 Dec 1801 due to contrary winds the Rosario, Capt Richard Byron, put into Falmouth from a cruise.

11 May 1802 arrived at Plymouth with dispatches from the West Indies, following a passage of 7 weeks.

23 May 1802 was landed at the Pier at Plymouth, from the Rosario, 18, Captain G. Bryan (now a Post Captain), $2O,000 in specie, which came home from Jamaica and was landed yesterday and put in wagons provided by Messrs Rivers, Land & Co., for the merchants in London ; the Rosario spoke, in long. 14 W. the ship Princess Royal, Captain Langley, all well, on her passage to the Windward Islands.

Circa 25 May 1802 Captain Mounsey apptd to the Rosario.

8 Jun 1802 departed Plymouth Sound on a cruise.

11 Jun 1802 the Rosario, 18, at Plymouth, is ordered to embark victuals for two months and to cruise with other vessels between Berry Head to Mount's Bay to deal with the smugglers said to be infesting that area.

29 Jun 1802 the Rosario arrived Falmouth from a cruise, with the smuggling lugger Rose, of Dover, with 300 ankers of spirits on board, detained off the Lizard.

30 Jun 1802 departed Falmouth on a cruise against smugglers.

9 Jul 1802 arrived Plymouth Sound, from a cruise.

11 Jul 1802 departed Plymouth on a cruise.

19 Jul 1802 arrived Plymouth Sound from a cruise.

13 Aug 1802 arrived Plymouth Sound from a cruise.

27 Aug 1802 went from the Sound into Cawsand Bay, the Childers, 14, to remain there during the stay of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty and the Commissioners of the Navy, with the Rosario, 24.

28 Aug 1802 with the Childers, saluted the Lords of the Admiralty and the Commissioners of the Navy when they visited Cawsand Bay to review the possibility of building a pier in the Bay.

5 Sep 1802 remains in Cawsand Bay, the Rosario and Imogene, 18 each.

14 Sep 1802 departed Plymouth Sound on a cruise from Torbay, the Rosario, 18, and Arrow, 24, after having taken in fresh beef and water.

7 Oct 1802 came into harbour at Plymouth for a refit.

25 Oct 1802 the Rosario, 18, Captain Mouncy, received Admiralty dispatches along with the usual sealed orders regarding her destination. She then completed her provisions and water for four months, and went from Hamoaze into the Sound, and from thence to Cawsand Bay, where she remained till the young flood the following morning ; the wind being unfair at S.W. blowing fresh, she made a large offing in the S.E. quarter to clear the land ; her destination is said to be the Mediterranean.

13 Nov 1802 arrived Gibraltar with dispatches for Malta and Egypt. She experienced dreadful weather and had to throw some of her guns overboard to avoid foundering.

26 Mar 1803 arrived Plymouth, from Malta, the Rosario, Capt Mounsey, with dispatches, which have been forwarded on to London, and was put in quarantine. Any news she brings is being kept a secret, excepting that the fleet in the Mediterranean are all well, as are the troops at Valetta.

2 Apr 1803 has gone up Hamoaze to refit.

5 Jun 1803 arrived Plymouth.

27 Jul 1803 Plantagenet, in sight of the Endymion and Rosario captured the French privateer Atalante, 20, 150 men, from Bourdeaux, after a long chase ; 4 British sailors were reputed to have been on board her, lately from the Ville de Paris.

10 Aug 1803 The Times reports that the Jacobina, from Surinam to Amsterdam, has been taken by the Friend's Goodwill, of Guernsey, retaken by La Venture, French privateer, and again taken by the sloop of war Rosario, and taken into Milford.

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