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Rosario, 1808
Type: Brig-sloop ; Armament 8 x 18-pdr. carronades ; 2 x long sixes
Launched : 1808 ; Disposal date or year : 1832

21 Jul 1810 with the homeward-bound Baltic convoy, of about 200 sail, off Rob's Snout, under the protection of the Lynx, Clio, Snake, Rosario, Gluckstadt, and Centinel, with the Tartar, Rose, and Primrose following at some distance astern, [presumably with a view to preventing enemy gun boats sneaking up from astern, and picking off the slower vessels in the convoy.]

15-16 Nov 1810 whilst cruising off Dungeness, captured the French lugger-privateer Mamelouck, of Boulogne, whilst another escaped.

Deal 30 Apr 1811 arrived with the schooner Hope, recaptured last night off Dover.

Portsmouth 14 May 1811 arrived with convoy from the Downs.

Deal 2 Sep 1811 departed with convoy for Portsmouth.

Portsmouth 3 Sep 1811 arrived with a convoy from the Downs.

Portsmouth 27 Sep 1811 arrived from Cork.

Portsmouth 13 Oct 1811 departed with a convoy, for the Downs.

Deal 14 Oct 1811 arrived from the coast of France.

Deal 2 Dec 1811 arrived, having been driven off her station by stress of weather, sailing later in the day to resume her station, the gale having abated.

27 Mar 1812 off Dieppe, Rosario, and the Griffon capture 3 gun-brigs and drove 2 on-shore out of a flotilla of 12 brigs and a lugger standing alongshore.

Portsmouth 7 Sep 1812 Has made signal for the convoy bound to the Downs to get under weigh.

Deal 17 Nov 1812 arrived from a cruise.

Portsmouth 2 Dec 1812 departed for the Downs.

Deal 28 Feb 1813 departed on a cruize of Dungeness and the French coast.

Harwich 23 May 1813 Is reported to have arrived at Heligoland on Monday last ; went on shore for two or three hours, and immediately afterwards proceeded up the Elbe.

Harwich 23 May 1813 Reports are received of the arrival of the Duke of Brunswick at Heligoland in the Rosario, now proceeding to Hamburgh up the Elbe.

Harwich 30 May 1813 arrived last evening.

Portsmouth 25 Jul 1813 Was released from quarantine this evening.

Portsmouth 24 Jul 1813 arrived from Folkstone and was placed under quarantine, for having had communication with a ship from the Mediterranean.

Portsmouth 26 Jul 1813 Released from Quarantine.

Portsmouth 4 Aug 1813 departed with a convoy, for the Downs.

Deal 7 Sep 1813 arrived, driven in yesterday from their cruising ground off the French cost by the strong south wind.

Portsmouth 16 Dec 1813 Put back with her convoy of 9 vessels, but have departed again this afternoon for the Downs.

Plymouth 12 Mar 1814 departed for Passages.

Deal 16 Mar 1814 departed with a convoy to Portsmouth.

Deal 26 May 1814 departed with a convoy of transports for Holland.

Deal 2 Aug 1814 arrived from off the French coast.

Deal 22 Aug 1814 arrived from Cuxhaven.

Deal 24 Aug 1814 Remains.

Portsmouth 28 Aug 1814 arrived from the Westward.

Portsmouth 4 Sep 1814 departed for the eastward.

Deal 6 Sep 1814 arrived from Portsmouth, and departed for Hamburgh.

Portsmouth 21 Sep 1814 arrived from Hamburgh.

Deal 5 Oct 1814 arrived from Boulogne.

Deal 10 Oct 1814 departed with dispatches for Ostend.

Deal 12 Oct 1814 arrived from Ostend.

Deal 30 Oct 1814 departed for Portsmouth.

Portsmouth 31 Oct 1814 arrived from the Downs, the Downs establishment being broken up.

Portsmouth 17 Nov 1814 departed for the Downs.

Deal 27 Nov 1814 Remains.

Portsmouth 26 Dec 1814 arrived from the Downs.

Deal 30 Mar 1815 departed for Ostend.

Torbay 22 Aug 1815 Remains in the bay.

Portsmouth 27 Jan 1816 arrived from Cork.

8 Oct 1816 At Spithead or in harbour.

Circa 1 Jan 1817, at Portsmouth. The peace establishment/complement reduced to 65.

23 Aug 1817 arrived Portsmouth from a cruise.

27 Aug 1817 departed Portsmouth on a cruise.

2 Sep 1818 arrived Portsmouth from a cruise.

22 Sep 1818 departed Portsmouth on a cruise.

16 Dec 1818 arrived Portsmouth from a cruise.

5 Sep 1819 arrived Portsmouth from a cruise and has since come into harbour to refit.

11 Oct 1820 the Admiralty announced that the commanding officers of the following vessels now cruising on the Cape of Good Hope and St Helena Station, ie the Vigo, Blossom, Menai, Brazen, Redwing, Heron, Rosario, Shearwater and Cygnet, have been supplied with their instructions, should the right circumstances arise, authorising them to detain Portuguese or Spanish vessels in accordance with the several Treaties with foreign powers for preventing the Illegal Traffic in slaves with those countries.

St Helena 14 Jun 1820 Lying at that Island.

2 Oct 1821 remains at Spithead.

5 Oct 1821 departed Portsmouth to cruise off Weymouth where Lieut. White of the Preventive service has seized 82 casks of spirits, and a cask of tea,; and Lieut. Sparks creeped up 43 tubs off Portland.

24 Jan 1822 arrived Spithead, from Weymouth.

28 Jan 1822 entered Portsmouth harbour to be paid off.

7 Feb 1822 paid off at Portsmouth.

Jul 1830 Portsmouth.