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Rose, <-1790-1814->
Type: Revenue Cutter ;

The following appeared in the London Gazette :
Whereas it has been represented to the Commissioners of HM Customs, that on the 10 Dec 1790, as James Cammell, Second Mate of the Rose Revenue Cutter was cruizing between ChristChurch and Hurst, in a Boat belonging to the said Cutter, he fell in with a large Smuggling Lugger near Becken Bury, and which was then landing her Cargo : That on his being discovered by tbe Crew of the said Lugger, they ordered him to come on Board, which the Officer refused, and immediately the Lugger got under Sail, chased the Custom-House Boat, and feloniously fired several Shot at her.

Rose 26 May 1800 "26 May 1800 Portsmouth, departed the following revenue cutters on a secret service, viz. Repulse, Captain Mannings ; Greyhound, Captain Wilkinson ; Swan, Captain Ferris ; Rose, Captain Yeats ; Falcon, Chief Mate Warton ; Dolphin, Captain Johns ; and Swallow, Captain Amos."

22 Jun 1800 Portsmouth, departed the Rose, Captain Yeates, for Marcou (off Cape la Hogue).

Per Navy List circa 31 Dec 1814 shown to be armed with 12 guns as a Revenue cruiser under the command of W. Johnson, and responsible to the English Board.