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Rose, 1805
Type: Sloop ; Armament 18
Launched : 1805 ; Disposal date or year : 1817

Plymouth 30 Dec 1806 departed with a convoy.

21 Jul 1810 with the homeward-bound Baltic convoy, of about 200 sail, off Rob's Snout, under the protection of the Lynx, Clio, Snake, Rosario, Gluckstadt, and Centinel, with the Tartar, Rose, and Primrose following at some distance astern, [presumably with a view to preventing enemy gun boats sneaking up from astern, and picking off the slower vessels in the convoy.]

Portsmouth 20 Jan 1811 arrived from the Baltic.

Portsmouth 10 Feb 1812 arrived with a convoy, for the Downs.

Portsmouth 25 Mar 1812 departed with a convoy, for Guernsey.