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Rota, 1807
Type: 5th rate ; Armament 38
Launched : 1807 ; Disposal date or year : 1816

28 Jul 1809 a part of a large fleet which departed from the Downs, with troops, with the aim of demolishing the dock-yards, and arsenals at Antwerp, Terneuse, and Flushing, often known as the ill-fated Walcheren Expedition. 11 Aug a part of a squadron of frigates to sound and buoy the Baerlandt channel.

Portsmouth 11 Jan 1810 departed with convoy for Cork.

29 Apr 1810 Reported to have departed for Plymouth with French prisoners under convoy.

Plymouth 28 Jan 1811 arrived with the Fame, re-captured East-Indiaman, from Cork.

Plymouth 13 Mar 1811 departed with convoy for Corunna.

Plymouth 23 Apr 1811 Came in from Corunna.

Plymouth 26 Apr 1811 Fatal accident occurred whilst lowering mizen-topmast.

Falmouth 4 Nov 1811 departed on a cruise.

Plymouth 19 Nov 1811 Went up to Hamoaze to refit.

Plymouth 13 Jan 1812 departed for Greenock, for impressed seamen and volunteers for the fleet.

Falmouth 23 Mar 1812 Had to drop her tow of the Conquestador following a change in the wind, which, having increased, blew them 2 miles to the leeward of this port, on a lee-shore, when the Rota, for her own safety, was obliged to make for the harbour, which she could just fetch. The Conquestador anchored in good ground, and has rode very well to the present time.

Plymouth 2 Apr 1812 arrived from Falmouth with the Conquestador man of war in tow.

22 May 1812 captured the French privateer Espadon.

Plymouth 10 Aug 1812 arrived from the coast of France.

Plymouth 24 Aug 1812 departed for the coast of France.

Falmouth 19 Oct 1812 arrived from off Ushant.

Plymouth 24 Nov 1812 Recaptured and sent in the British ship Racehorse, from Pensacola and Havannah, taken to the west of the Scilly Isles by a French privateer.

Plymouth 3 May 1813 arrived from a cruise, last from Corunna.

Plymouth 26 May 1813 To take convoy to Cork, and will sail tomorrow.

Portsmouth 28 Oct 1813 Is ordered into harbour, to be docked.

Portsmouth 27 Jan 1814 Will sail with the convoy for the Leeward islands and Jamaica, the first fair winds.

Portsmouth 16 Feb 1814 departed with the convoy for the West-Indies, which departed from St. Helen's roads at day-light.

Jamaica 3 Apr 1814 arrived with a convoy from England.

26 Sep 1814 an attempt by the boats of the Plantagenet, Rota, and Carnation, in the road of Fayal, to cut out the American privateer schooner General-Armstrong failed, however, her own crew then destroyed the General-Armstrong by fire.

Jamaica 5 Nov 1814 Anchored in the offing last night.

Jamaica 12 Nov 1814 Remains.

13-15 Dec 1814 Rota, Devastation and Terror, along with the ships' boats, made attacks on the fort and barracks, at Point Petre, St.-Mary's and up the St.-Mary's river.