Hired Armed Sloop Rover

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Rover, 1798
Type: Hired Lugger ; Armament 12
Hired : 1798 ; Disposal date or year : 1801

17 Nov 1800 re-captured the Brig Hope, T. Blair, late Master.

18 Jan 1801 salvage money resulting from the re-capture of the Brig Hope due to be paid on next arrival in port, probably at Yarmouth.

Circa 12 Mar 1801 fleet under Admiral Sir Hyde Parker and Lord Nelson, consisting of 17 ships of the line, 3 frigates, 10 gun-brigs, nearly as many bomb-ketches, with smaller vessels usually attendant on a fleet, making in the whole nearly 50 sail, got under weigh from Yarmouth Roads at the break of day, and by eight o'clock had cleared the Sands ; they directed their course to the northward, wafted by a fine breeze at S.W. as departed from Yarmouth roads for Copenhagen (Naval Chronicle). On arrival at Copenhagen supported the ships-of-the-line as required.

1 Apr 1801 departed Leith Roads for off Denmark, to re-join Adm. Parker's fleet with dispatches from Mr. Vansittart.

16 Aug 1801 departed N. Yarmouth the Blenheim, flag ship to Adm Dickson, Speedwell, and Espeigle brigs ; Speculator, and Rover, luggers, for a cruise off Goree.

17 Aug 1801 arrived N. Yarmouth from a cruise.

21 Aug 1801 The Rover lugger, Lt Duffie, has gone into harbour at Yarmouth to undergo a refit.