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Rover, 1808
Type: Brig sloop ; Armament 18
Launched : 1808 ; Disposal date or year : 1828

Portsmouth 20 Jan 1811 arrived from a cruise.

Plymouth 19 Jan 1811 departed with a convoy for Portsmouth.

Portsmouth 28 Jan 1811 departed on a cruise.

Portsmouth 4 Feb 1811 arrived from a cruise.

Portsmouth 15 Feb 1811 departed for Plymouth.

Portsmouth 28 Aug 1811 arrived from a cruise in the Atlantic.

Portsmouth 3 Sep 1811 Is taking money on board for Lisbon.

Portsmouth 10 Sep 1811 departed for Lisbon.

Portsmouth 8 Oct 1811 arrived from Lisbon, 10 days passage with what remained of her convoy, 26 sail having parted in the bad weather.

Portsmouth 3 Nov 1811 departed down to Cowes Roads, to take convoy for Lisbon.

Cowes and Yarmouth roads 20 Nov 1811 departed with the convoys for the Mediterranean, Lisbon, and Halifax, long detained by foul winds.

30 Nov 1811 captured the French privateer Comte Reginaud at sea.

Portsmouth 3 Dec 1811 arrived with a Dutch lugger, captured off Cape Finisterre.

Portsmouth 24 Dec 1811 arrived from the Downs.

Portsmouth 1 Jan 1812 departed with a convoy for the Downs.

Deal 15 Jan 1812 departed off the Texel.

Portsmouth 24 Jan 1812 departed with a convoy of transports.

Falmouth 2 Mar 1812 departed with a convoy for Portugal, and the Mediterranean.

Portsmouth 1 Apr 1812 arrived from off Cape Finisterre.

Portsmouth 3 Apr 1812 arrived with a convoy from Gibraltar, and are put under quarantine.

Plymouth 8 Jun 1812 departed on a cruise to the westward.

Portsmouth 26 Jul 1812 arrived with dispatches.

Torbay 3 Nov 1812 Sent to Plymouth last evening, the American ship Experiment, a prize.

Plymouth 9 Jan 1813 departed to the westward.

Plymouth 2 Feb 1813 Detained and sent the American letter of marque General P Kane, of Philadelphia.

Plymouth 22 Mar 1813 Has detained and sent in the American schooner Independence, from Rochelle, bound to Boston.

6 Jun 1813 the Wasp and Rover captured the Brig Christiana and about the same date the Schooner Lark, on the N.A. & W. Indies station.

Plymouth 2 Aug 1813 departed on a cruise.

Plymouth 4 Jan 1814 arrived with a convoy of transports from Passages.

Plymouth 5 Apr 1814 departed with a convoy of transports etc. for St. Jean de Luz.

14 Aug 1814, arrived Halifax, with the Bacchante and Rover, and 15 transports, from the Mediterranean, via Gibraltar, Teneriffe, and Bermuda, with the 29th and 62nd regts.

Portsmouth 16 Oct 1814 arrived America with dispatches.

Plymouth 6 Jan 1815 Is appointed to the convoy for the Cape of Good Hope.

Portsmouth 17 Jan 1815 Will sail in the morning with the convoy for the Cape and Isle of France.

Portsmouth 18 Jan 1815 departed for the East Indies with her convoy.