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Royal Adelaide, 1828
Type: 1st rate ; Armament 104
Launched : 29 Jul 1828 ; Disposal date or year : 1905
BM: 2446 tons ; Displacement: 4122 tons

Laid down as London.

1 Jan 1820 building or ordered to be built, with a circular stern.

1828 Renamed Royal Adelaide prior to launch.

Jul 1830 Plymouth.

Plymouth 10 Sep 1835 the San Josef was paid off into ordinary last Friday, and the Royal Adelaide was commissioned with the flag of the Commander-in-Chief, Plymouth. The San Josef will act as the receiving ship for the Royal Adelaide.

1 Oct 1840 Plymouth was undocked Thursday, having had her copper cleaned and repaired.

1 Nov 1842 having been selected as an "Advance Ship," was taken into dock at Plymouth to have defects made good.

Jan 1848 Devonport,

20 Dec 1848 Devonport,

1860 Depot Ship

1860 Reserve Depot Ship, Devonport

1 Jan 1862 Devonport. Commissioned for Harbour Service and as Receiving Ship, Devonport.

1864 Home Station, Receiving Ship at Devonport. Reports of Small Pox onboard. Number of Cases of Disease and Injury.

1870 Flag Ship, Devonport, 26 guns

21 Dec 1870 Court Martial of Lt M'Neale, RM, who was tried for desertion and dismissed the service.

8 Feb 1871 William Tubbs, Second Mate of the Coastguard vessel Imogene, was court martialled on board the Royal Adelaide for being drunk on board the Vengeance hulk on 30 Jan. He pleased guilty, and taking into account his excellent character adjudged him to forfeit one year as a second mate and to be dismissed his ship.

18 Feb 1871 a court martial was held on board to try A.B. James Fenton for insubordination, and the offence being proved he was sentenced to 2 years in prison at Exeter Gaol, with hard labour, and to be dismissed the service.

20 Feb 1871 a court martial was held on board to try Assistant Paymaster Sambell, on 3 charges of wilful disobedience of the orders of the Paymast, and was adjudged to forfeit one year's time and to be dismissed from HMS Indus.

1879 Flag Ship, Devonport, 13 guns

1879 Officers borne for: Harbour Master, Plymouth ; Plymouth Hospital

1879 Tenders: Bruiser, Harpy, Vivid

Apr 1886 Devonport

1890 Receiving Hulk, Devonport.

Jul 1891 Devonport, is to be taken round to Chatham, to be fitted out as a training ship for boys.

Mar 1892, Chatham, is now to be converted for use as a receiving ship, and will be fitted out to accommodate some 1,000 ratings.