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Royal Charlotte, late Royal Caroline ; 1761
Type: Royal Yacht ; Armament 8 + swivels
Disposal date or year : 1820

15 Nov 1803 the Royal Charlotte, Capt Sir H Neale, has dropped down the R Thames, with the yacht Princess Augusta, Hon Capt Grey, to take command of the frigates which have been fitted and manned under the direction of the Trinity Board, ie the Unite, 40 ; Modeste, 38 ; Heroine, 32 ; Solebay, 32 ; Daedalus, 32 ; Quebec, 32 ; Iris, 32 ; Retribution, 32 ; Vestal, 28 ; Resource, 28.

Circa 28 Jan 1804 Hon Capt Grey apptd to succeed Capt Neale in command of the vessels in the Thames.

Circa 2 Jun 1804 Capt Towry is ordered to attend the Royal Family at Weymouth this year.

Circa 7 Jul 1804 the Euryalus, the Hon Capt Blackwood, is fitting at Portsmouth to attend his Majesty at Weymouth, with the royal yacht Royal Charlotte, and also the Royal Augusta, but I think that someone might have their wires crossed and that this should probably read Princess Augusta.

24 Aug 1804 passed through Spithead the Royal Charlotte, en route for Weymouth. The Crescent, Lord W Stuart ; the Royal Sovereign, Sir H Neale, and Princess Augusta, yachts, Capt Foote, went round the Isle of Wight for the same service.

Circa 22 Sep 1804 J Tackle Esq., apptd Purser of the Royal Charlotte yacht.