Royal Charles, Royal Charlotte, Excise and Revenue cruisers

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Royal Charlotte, 1830
Type: Excise Cruizer / Revenue Cutter ; Armament 10

April 1793 captured the French privateer Republicain.

Leith 14 Oct 1811 Strong winds drove down the Frith ; she is again in sight coming up the Frith.

Berwick 28 Sep 1816 Has detained and sent in the Iriana smuggling lugger, with 500 ankers geneva, and 200 half-ankers of brandy.

Jul 1830 Revenue Vessel - Scotland

28 Feb 1837 W. H. Miller apptd. to the Royal Charlotte based at Dartmouth.

1 Aug 1842 still based at Dartmouth, with W. H. Miller in command.

11 Oct 1842 reports the bearings of a dangerous rock off Stokehead, east of the Mewstone, near Plymouth.

20 Dec 1848 Revenue Vessel.

12 Oct 1854 arrived Woolwich with volunteers for service in the Snake.