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Royal George, 1809
Type: sloop ; Armament 20
Launched : 1809 ; Re-named : 1814
BM: 340 tons

1812 Ontario was the only lake that contained any armed vessels belonging to the British. These consisted of the Royal-George, a ship of 340 tons, mounting 20 guns, a brig of 14 guns, and two or three smaller vessels ; all manned by Canadians, and commanded by a provincial officer, named Earle.

Great Lakes Oct 1812 chased into Kingston.

Lake Ontario 3-29 Jun 1813 Wolfe, Royal-George, Melville, Moira, Sidney-Smith, and Beresford, carried out a number of successful operations.

Lake Ontario 8 Aug-28 Sep 1813 exchanges with the US squadron during which the latter lost 2 schooners due to the weather and 2 captured by the British.

Lake Ontario, 1814 Royal-George re-named the Niagara.