HMS Royal Oak

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Royal Oak, 1769
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament 74

Nov 1796 fitted as a prison ship.

Jan 1797 commissioned as a prison ship under Lt Jas Share.

Circa 1 Aug 1800 The Rev. H. Don is appointed Chaplain of the Royal Oak, and the whole of the prison ships commanded by Captain Rawe.

24 Aug 1801 remains in Portsmouth harbour as a Prison ship.

Circa 27 Jun 1803 Lt Little, apptd to the Royal Oak, at Portsmouth, per Naval Chronicle, Lt Liddle per BWAS, per Rif Winfield.

5 Mar 1804 Col Gorman, and Capt Neraud, French Army, who broke their parole when living in the Midlands, have arrived at Portsmouth under escort by a troop of dragoons and have been embarked on board the prison ship Royal Oak for violating the rules of their parole.

Circa 20 Oct 1804 following their arrival at Portsmouth with the Lively, the prisoners from the Spanish treasure ship Fama were put on board the prison ship Royal Oak, and the Spanish officers were handed over to the agent for prisoners, Capt Thesiger. It is understood that the treasure ships Medea, and Clara, in the care of the Indefatigable were still at Torbay, but would arrive shortly at Spithead.

May 1805 Portsmouth ; Prison Ship.

Sep 1805 per Lt James M'Arthur.

25 Oct 1806 Royal Oak renamed Assistance.