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Royal Oak, 1809
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament 74
Launched : 4 Mar 1809 ; Disposal date or year : 1850
BM: 1759 tons

28 Jul 1809 a part of a large fleet which departed from the Downs, with troops, with the aim of demolishing the dock-yards, and arsenals at Antwerp, Terneuse, and Flushing, often known as the ill-fated Walcheren Expedition.

Portsmouth 10 Jan 1810 departed for a cruise off Cherbourg.

Portsmouth 12 Jan 1810 Put back from a cruize off Cherbourg.

Portsmouth 29 Apr 1811 arrived from off Cherbourg.

Portsmouth 8 Aug 1811 arrived from off Cherbourg.

6 Sep 1811 Royal-Oak detached to the east of Barfleur the Barbadoes and Goshawk to intercept gun-brigs expected at Cherbourg : these were attack on the 7th and chased into Calvados, driving one of them on shore.

Portsmouth 23 Sep 1811 arrived from off Cherbourg.

Portsmouth 27 Sep 1811 departed for off Cherbourg.

Portsmouth 1 Oct 1811 arrived from off Cherbourg.

Portsmouth 3 Oct 1811 departed for Cherbourg.

Portsmouth 8 Oct 1811 departed to cruise off Cherbourg.

Portsmouth 21 Oct 1811 arrived from off Cherbourg, to be coppered.

Portsmouth 22 Oct 1811 Came into harbour to be docked.

Portsmouth 2 Jan 1812 arrived from off Cherbourg.

Portsmouth 5 Jan 1812 departed for off Cherbourg.

Portsmouth 6 Jan 1812 arrived from off Cherbourg.

Portsmouth 8 Jan 1812 departed for off Cherbourg.

Portsmouth 22 Jan 1812 departed to resume station off Cherbourg.

Portsmouth 27 Jan 1812 arrived from off Cherbourg.

Portsmouth 12 Feb 1812 arrived from off Ushant.

Portsmouth 12 Mar 1812 departed for the Downs.

Deal 26 Mar 1812 remains due to contrary winds.

Deal 2 Apr 1812 departed last night for off Flushing.

Deal 9 Oct 1812 departed for off the Texel.

Deal 8 Dec 1812 departed for Portsmouth, to refit.

Portsmouth 1 Jan 1813 Is ordered to be fitted for foreign service, with all possible haste.

Portsmouth 10 Jan 1813 departed under sealed orders.

Falmouth 7 May 1813 Spoke with the Duke of Montrose packet on the 5th in lat 48.32 long. 7. 28, from off the Western Isles, bound to Plymouth.

Portsmouth 15 Jul 1813 departed on a cruise of the Western Island.

Portsmouth 6 Oct 1813 arrived from a cruise.

The Garonne 31 May 1814 At anchor.

2 Jun 1814 Royal-Oak departed with a squadron with troops from the mouth of the Gironde, arriving Bermuda 24 Jul.

Aug 1814 a portion of the prize money resulting from the various actions in the Chesapeake became due for payment on 1 May 1835 : namely a dividend from the estate of the bankrupt agent Henry Abbott : no doubt one of the many fraudsters who ripped off matelots in those days : both officers and ratings being fair game.

6 Sep 1814 The Royal-Oak and troop-ships departed from the Patuxent to the entrance of the Patapsco river, in preparation for an attack on Baltimore, which was subsequently aborted after some early sparring.

19 Sep 1814 the fleet, including the Royal Oak, Asia, Ramillies and Ętna remained at anchor in the river Patuxent until 27th when it moved to the Potomac where shore operations were re-commenced from 3rd to 14th Oct., following which the fleet departed for Negril bay, Jamaica.

14 Dec 1814 distribution of head-money arising from the capture of American gun-boats and sundry bales of cotton, [per London Gazette of 26 Jun 1821].

Portsmouth 18 Apr 1815 Passed by for the Downs with troops from America.

Portsmouth 30 May 1815 arrived.

Portsmouth 29 Dec 1825 departed for Bermuda, where she will be employed as a convalescent ship.

1830 Convict Ship, Bermuda

20 Mar 1841 Carpenter Henry Visick, appointed to the Royal Oak.

20 Dec 1848 Receiving ship, Bermuda.