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Royal Sovereign, 1804
Type: Royal Yacht ;
Launched : 1 May 1804 ; Disposal date or year : 1849
BM: 278 tons

Circa 12 May 1804 a new yacht named the Sovereign has been launched at Deptford, for the use of the Royal Family, and Sir H Burrard Neale is to command her.

Circa 19 May 1804 Mr Bell to be surgeon of the Royal Sovereign yacht.

1805 Deptford

Jul 1830 at Deptford.

5 Jul 1832 arrived Portsmouth from the Eastward, and came into harbour on the 7th, and will depart shortly for Milford with Captain Bullen, who is to take over as Captain Superintendent of Pembroke Yard.

14 Jul 1832 departed Portsmouth for Pembroke, touching at Plymouth en route.

Dec 1843 at Pembroke as HQ ship for the west coast Packet Service.

25 Jan 1840 Lieutenant George Alexander Leary, appointed to the Royal Sovereign, for service in the Asp

21 Mar 1840 Boatswain Mr. William Robertson, of the Victory, appointed to the Royal Sovereign yacht, at Milford.

21 Nov 1840 Boatswain Thomas Bowie, appointed to the Royal Sovereign, at Pembroke.

6 May 1841 Mr. Peter Suther, surgeon of the William and Mary yacht has been appointed surgeon of Woolwich Dockyard, vice Dunn, superannuated (since dead); and Mr. James Prior, surgeon of the Royal Sovereign, has been appointed surgeon to the William and Mary, vice Suther.

1 Sep 1841 Woolwich, Mr. Thomas Laen, Master of the Royal Sovereign, is appointed in command of the Rhadamanthus, and W. H. Bateman clerk in charge.

25 Dec 1841 Sir Watkin O. Pell, C.B., is appointed to the Royal Sovereign yacht, and the superintendence of Pembroke Dock-yard.

20 Dec 1848 Pembroke.