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Royal William, 1833
Type: 1st rate ; Armament 120
Launched : 2 Apr 1833 ; Disposal date or year : 26 Jul 1899
Disposal Details : Burnt by accident in the Mersey.
BM: 2849 tons ; Displacement: 4579 tons
Propulsion: Sail - screw
Machinery notes: 1763 hpi 500 hp

1830 building at Pembroke. Is to be fitted with full length portrait of their present Majesties, as figure-heads.

15 Jul 1832 the Messenger arrived at Plymouth, and having disembarked her passengers and stores etc., departed the following day for Milford with jury mast for the Royal William, which once installed, will enable the vessel to sail for Plymouth to be completed.

27 Apr 1833 Lately launched at Pembroke, is be laid up in ordinary at Plymouth.

11 Feb 1841 Plymouth, was taken into dock on Monday to have her bottom cleaned.

11 Dec 1841 Lieutenants W. G. J. Cunningham, G. W. Wilkinson, to appointed the Royal William, for rank.

18 Dec 1841 Captain J. B. L. Hay, appointed to the Royal William, for rank.

Jan 1848 Devonport,

20 Dec 1848 Devonport

4 Feb 1856 Devonport. In Harbour

15 Feb 1856 Asst Surgn HH Smith apptd ; Guard Ship in ordinary, at Devonport

1860 Devonport 90 guns

1860 screw 72 guns

1870 Devonport

1879 Devonport

1885 Renamed Clarence, Training Ship