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Ruby, 1842
Type: Tender ;
Launched : 1 Jul 1842 ; Disposal date or year : 1846
BM: 73 tons
Propulsion: Paddle

7 Oct 1842 arrived Spithead from Plymouth and then departed for Chatham.

19 Dec 1846 Some remarkable results have been produced by the shot practice from the Excellent on the Ruby, iron steamer, ordered by the Admiralty to be experimented upon, in order to test what resistance the iron hull of a ship would offer to a shot ; and it is expected that the Admiralty will, in consequence, stop the building of iron steamers, and other vessels for the present. The shots which struck the Ruby not only penetrated the side first struck, but in several instances passed through the other side, carrying with it whole plates of iron. In action this would risk the total loss of a vessel, for on heeling over to leeward such a body of water must rush in that she would inevitably sink with all on board. A representation of this important result has been made to the Admiralty, and should further experiments prove that serious risk will be occasioned to iron vessels of war when exposed to the chance of being struck by heavy shot, it is doubtful if the board will not abolish them as men-of-war.

1847 Following experiments carried out on the Ruby in her last year or so to see how an Iron vessel would withstand gunfire the iron ships Simoom and Megaera will be reduced to transports.