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Saturn, 1786
Type: 3rd rate † ; Armament 74
Launched : 1786 ; Disposal date or year : 1868

14 Jun 1795 the British fleet, then off Minorca, joined by a squadron from Gibraltar and England, including the Saturn, Captain James Douglas.

8 Jul 1795, the fleet, at anchor at in San-Fiorenzo bay, once aware that the French fleet was close by, gave chase. It was sighted on the 13th and later the order was given for the general chase, but apart from the loss of a 74 by the French the result was inconclusive and resulted in not a little criticism, the consequence perhaps being Admiral Hotham's resignation on 1 Nov 1795.

6 Aug 1795, Admiral Hotham put to sea on a cruise, sighting the French fleet in Toulon road.

5 Oct 1795, a squadron under Rear-admiral Mann, including the Saturn, departed from San-Fiorenzo in pursuit of a French squadron returning from Toulon to Brest ; but too late !

19 Mar 1799 at Spithead.

19 Apr 1799 arrived Plymouth from a cruise.

7 May 1799 remains in Cawsand Bay.

9 May 1799 orders came down to Plymouth to victual for six months for foreign service.

11 May 1799 Plymouth, a lurking, lingering kind of fever has broke out in the Saturn, 74 guns, Captain Totty, fitting for sea in Cawsand Bay. The first lieutenant, boatswain, and 140 seamen and marines, are now in the Royal Hospital for cure. As very exaggerated accounts are in circulation respecting the fever, it is necessary to state facts : the ship's company, under the direction of Captain Totty and his officers, have been very active in getting the ship ready for sea at this critical period. Some of the water, it appears, has been found bad. The symptoms are, pain in the head, nausea, and violent pains in the back; but there are not at present any cases particularly dangerous: therefore it is to be hoped this ship’s company will be soon restored to its usual vigour and health.

16 May 1799 remains in Cawsand Bay.

18 Jun 1799 Mr. Whitford, Plymouth coroner, took an inquest on the body of a seaman of the Saturn, fitting for sea in Cawsand Bay, who fell from the larboard arm of the main-top-gallant-yard. He pitched on the bayonet of the marine centinel on the gangway which pierced through his eye and head. He languished about six hours, with both thighs broke, and then expired. He is much lamented by Captain Totty and the ship's company as an excellent seaman.

19 Jun 1799 remains in Cawsand Bay.

21 Jun 1799 departed Plymouth with the Amelia, Magnanime, and the sloops of war Telegraph and Spy with a lugger and a cutter, on a cruise off Brest.

1 Dec 1799 arrived Portsmouth from the Channel fleet,

11 Jan 1800 a ship's boat going out to Spithead got on shore near Blockhouse Point and upset. One man was drowned and the rest got ashore safely. I turns out that the coxswain and the boat's crew were drunk.

25 Jan 1800 a court martial was held on board the Gladiator, in Portsmouth harbour, on Captain Totty, of the Saturn, for running on board the Prince. He was acquitted, the accident being caused by the darkness of the night and other causes.

4 Mar 1800 departed Portsmouth with the Ajax, and Achilles, for Torbay.

24 Apr 1800 departed Torbay, the Channel Fleet.

11 May 1800 arrived Plymouth from off Brest, to refit.

11 Aug 1800 arrived Plymouth from the Channel fleet to victual and refit.

18 Aug 1800 departed Plymouth on a cruise.

11 Oct 1800 departed Plymouth with La Juste, for Torbay.

Circa 1 Nov 1800 F. Atkins, Esq. is appointed Purser of the Saturn.

2 Dec 1800 arrived Portsmouth from the Channel Fleet.

21 Jan 1801 in company with the Harpy sent into Portsmouth the Julian and Two Friends, 2 Danish vessels detained under the recently introduced legislation regarding the Northern Powers of Russia, Sweden and Denmark recently becoming belligerent powers in the eyes of the British Government.

29 Jan 1801 Capt Boyles apptd to the Saturn, and arrived here at Plymouth, last night, to take command.

1 Mar 1801 appointed at Portsmouth, to form a part of the North Sea Fleet, St George, London, 98 ; Bellona, Ganges, Warrior, Ramilies, Russell, Saturn, and Defence, 74 ; Agincourt, 64, Harpy, 18, Alecto, Otter, fire ships ; Discovery, bomb.

2 Mar 1801 departed Spithead with a squadron bound for the Downs, Yarmouth Roads and Copenhagen.

5 Mar 1801 departed the Downs for N. Yarmouth the Ramillies, Saturn, Bellona, Ganges, Alecto, and Discovery.

10 Mar 1801 the North Sea Fleet has come together at N. Yarmouth, and consists of the London, and St George, 98 guns, Adm. Sir Hyde Parker having transferred his flag from the Ardent to the St George ; Monarch, Bellona, Saturn, Ramilies, Ganges, Warrior, Russell and Defence, 74 ; Veteran, Ardent, Polyphemus, Raisonable, Agamemnon, 64 ; Glatton, 54 ; Isis, 50 ; Desiree, Blanche, and Amazon frigates ; Pylades, Hyaena, Dart, and Arrow, sloops ; Harpy ; Biter, Blazer, Bruiser, Tigress, Pelter, Teazer, Hasty, Force, Sparkler Brigs ; Terror, Volcano, Explosion, Hecla, Zebra, Albion, Sulphur, and Discovery bombs ; Eling, schooner ; cutters Fox and Hazard ; and luggers Rover and Lark.

Circa 12 Mar 1801 fleet under Admiral Sir Hyde Parker and Lord Nelson, consisting of 17 ships of the line, 3 frigates, 10 gun-brigs, nearly as many bomb-ketches, with smaller vessels usually attendant on a fleet, making in the whole nearly 50 sail, got under weigh from Yarmouth Roads at the break of day, and by eight o'clock had cleared the Sands ; they directed their course to the northward, wafted by a fine breeze at S.W. as departed from Yarmouth roads for Copenhagen (Naval Chronicle). 31 Mar Copenhagen : remained anchored off the Middle Ground with Admiral Parker whilst Nelson departed with the rest of the fleet for the forthcoming engagement. 2 Apr moved closer to Copenhagen.

12 Apr 1801 the fleet departed from Copenhagen into the Baltic.

8 May 1801 to cruise off Carlscrona.

9 Aug 1801 arrived Spithead, form the North Sea, the St George, Adm Pole ; London, R.-Adm Totty ; Prince George, Warrior, Saturn, Ramillies and Elephant.

11 Aug 1801 came into Portsmouth harbour from Spithead yesterday for a refit.

24 Aug 1801 departed Spithead to join the Channel Fleet.

7 Nov 1801 arrived Spithead the Saturn, and the Doris, from Torbay. They sailed in company with the Canada, which is not yet arrived.

30 Nov 1801 dropped down from Spithead to St Helen's, in preparation for her departure to the West Indies.

7 Dec 1801 departed for the West Indies with Adm Totty, but put back later due to contrary winds.

13 Dec 1801 departed Spithead the Saturn, Rear-Admiral Totty, Captain J. Brisbane, for Martinico.

17 Jun 1802 letters received Plymouth from an Officer of the Audacious, 74, Captain Peard, dated the 1st of May last, at Port Royal, Jamaica, mention, that the squadron which left Torbay last February, arrived the latter end of March at Martinique, being only 25 days on her passage ; and found there the Saturn, 74, Rear Admiral Totty, with the Excellent, 74, and Magnificent, 74. Sailed for Port Royal the 5th of April, with the Bellerophon, 74 ; arrived at Jamaica after a fine passage, and found there Vice Admiral Duckworth, with fifteen sail of the line, besides frigates and sloops of war. The remainder part of the fleet were cruising between Jamaica and St. Domingo.

29 Jun 1802 arrived at the Motherbank, via the Needles, the Saturn, 74, Captain J. Brisbane, from Martinico, with the flag of a R.-Adm at half mast, as the vessel was carrying the body of R.-Adm. Totty, who was seized with Yellow Fever at Martinique, when he lived ashore whilst his cabin was being painted, and sailed from thence on a cruise with hopes of recovery, but he declined further, and the ship bore away from England on 24th May, and he died on 2 Jun 1802. In view of the fever the vessel remains in quarantine, on the termination of which Adm Totty's body will be taken ashore.

4 Jul 1802 taken out of quarantine.

8 Jul 1802 the Saturn lying at Spithead is ordered into Portsmouth harbour.

Circa 13 Jul 1802 Previous to Admiral Totty's sailing from Martinico, he appointed the Hon. Captain Stopford, of the Excellent, Commodore, with a broad pendant, Captain Nash, of the Hornet, to be his Captain ; and Lieutenant Tucker, of the Saturn, to the Hornet, to succeed Captain Nash.

15 Jul 1802 came into Portsmouth harbour the Zealous, 74, Captain Linzee ; Robust, 74, Captain Jervis ; Saturn, 74, Captain Brisbane ; Acasta, 36, Captain Wood ; La Pique, 36. Captain Young ; and the Determinée, 24, Captain Beaver, to be paid off.

23 Jul 1802 head money for those present at the Engagement at Copenhagen, on the 2d April 1801, due for payment.

24 Jul 1802 the Robust, Zealous, Saturn, Phoenix, Pique, and Determinée which were paid off at Portsmouth during this last week.

May 1805 Portsmouth, fitting in Ordinary.

22 Mar 1808 action between a British squadron and the two French frigates Italienne and Seine, off the port of Lorient.

† 1812-13 Majestic, Goliath, and Saturn were cut down, fore-and-aft, to the clamps of the quarterdeck and forecastle. Each ship was allowed to retain her first-deck battery of 28 long 32-pounders, and, in lieu of her 28 long 18-pounders on the second deck, she received an equal number of 42-pounder carronades, besides two long 12-pounders as chase-guns, making 58 guns on two flush decks, with a net complement of 495 men and boys.

3 Jan 1814 arrived Spithead from the westward, and is appointed to take the next convoy to the North East Coast of America.

27 Jan 1814 departs Spithead Saturday, with a convoy for Bermuda, Halifax, and the Bahamas, weather permitting.

14 Feb 1814 departed Spithead with the Bermuda and Halifax convoy, the peristent fog having lifted.

25 May 1814 captured the U.S. privateer schooner Hussar, 10 gun, 98 men.

12 Jun 1814 arrived Halifax with the Hussar.

10 Jul 1814, arrived Halifax, the brig Commerce, from Liverpool, England, captured by the US privateer Amelia, re-captured by the Saturn.

19 Jul 1814, arrived Halifax, the sloop Tickler, from New York, for Eastport, captured by the by the Saturn.

1 Sep 1814, arrived Halifax a Portuguese ship, from St. Salvador, for New London, sent in by the Saturn.

31 Oct 1814 Endymion received from the Saturn, to replace the severe loss she had sustained, one lieutenant, four midshipmen, and 33 seamen and marines.

9 Nov 1814 arrived Halifax, from a cruise, with a number of wounded men from the Endymion.

7 Dec 1814 remains Halifax.

27 Mar 1815 arrived Plymouth Sound from the coast of America.

Circa Aug/Sep 1817 reported to be in dock at Plymouth being reduced to a frigate.

Jul 1830 Lazaretto (quarantine/hospital ship) at Milford.

20 Dec 1848 Quarantine Service at Milford.

30 Aug 1851 Pembroke Dock.

1860 Administration Ship for the Port of Pembroke [Dock].

1 April 1862 Pembroke. Commissioned as RNR Drill Ship for Service at Pembroke Dock.

1864 Home Station, as RNR Drill Ship at Pembroke Dock. Number of Cases of Disease and Injury.