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St Albans, 1764-1814
Type: Floating battery (1803) ; late 3rd rate ; Armament 64
Disposal Details : Wrecked
BM : 1380 tons

5 May 1794 Swiftsure, and St.-Albans, Captain James Vashon, a few days out from Cork: capture of the French frigate Atalante by the former, which was purchased for the use of the British navy.

21 Dec 1796 the Tagus. The Mediterranean fleet arrived to find the St.-Albans 64, already there, waiting to proceed to England with convoy.

28 Feb 1797 captured the Spanish privateer El Atrebedo, alias La Conception.

1 Jan 1799 on the Halifax station.

11 Feb 1801 was lying at Barbadoes with a convoy from Halifax, when the Lady Arabella packet, Capt Portens, arrived.

30 Apr 1801 the St Alban's, Cleopatra, Andromache, Pheasant, and Lilly, were at Halifax when the packet Lady Hobart arrived from Falmouth (31 Mar).

17 Jun 1801 when the Falmouth packet Princess Amelia arrived at Halifax the St Alban's and Andromeda were in harbour.

9 Jul 1801 reported by the visiting Falmouth packet Prince Ernest, to be at Halifax, but had departed when she returned on 22 Aug.

7 Aug 1801 arrived Spithead last night, from Halifax, bearing the flag of Adm Sir Wm Parker, with a convoy.

24 Aug 1801 departed Spithead to the eastward, but recalled by signal from the Telegraph.

25 Aug 1801 departed Spithead to the eastward.

29 Aug 1801 arrived in the Downs, from Portsmouth, and departed for N. Yarmouth Roads.

30 Sep 1801 arrived N. Yarmouth from a cruise, the St Alban's, the sloop Ariadne, hired brig Vidette with 2 prizes, lugger Lady Ann, and hired armed cutter Griffin.

6 Oct 1801 departed N. Yarmouth Roads the Blenheim, Monarch, Veteran, St Albans, ships of the line ; Lynx and Ariadne, sloops ; and Trial cutter, for a cruise off Goree.

circa 1 Nov 1801 Capt Theseger apptd to the St Alban's.

22 Nov 1801 remains in N. Yarmouth Roads with the Blenheim and fleet. Wind NNW.

20 Dec 1801 remains in N. Yarmouth Roads with the Blenheim, Adm. Dickson, and his squadron.

3 Jan 1802 the Blenheim, flag ship of Admiral Dickson, remains in Yarmouth Roads with the Monarch, Adm. Graves, Agamemnon, Raisonable, Standard, St. Albans, Veteran, Ruby, Asia, Polyphemus, Princess of Orange, and Assistance ; Adder gun-vessel ; Inspector, and Pylades sloops ; and Jalouse, and Cruiser brig.

10 Jan 1802 arrived in the Downs from Yarmouth, and remains.

14 Jan 1802 Adm Lutwidge shifted his flag from the Amazon to the St Albans, which remains in the Downs.

28 Jan 1802 remains in the Downs the St Albans, Adm Lutwidge, Capt Hardy ; Nemesis, Commodore Sutton, Capt Owens ; Ajax, Hon. A. Cochrane ; Brilliant, A M'kenzie ; Volage, F. Vesey ; Gannet, Burrows ; Galgo, R. Hawkins ; Arrow, Brodie ; Ranger, brig, remain in the Downs with a number of merchant vessels.

2 Feb 1802 remains in the Downs the St Albans, Nemesis, Ajax, Amazon, Brilliant, Volage, Arrow, Galgo, and Ranger.

15 Feb 1802 remains in the Downs the St Albans, Nemesis, Amazon, Inflexible, Carolina, Brilliant, Sophie, Arrow, Galgo, Express, and Ranger.

11 Mar 1802 remains in the Downs the St Albans, Amazon, Nemesis, Sophie, Savage, Galgo, sloops ; Conflict, Charger, and Vixen gun-vessels ; and Ranger, store-brig.

5 Apr 1802 remains in the Downs the St Albans, 74 ; Amazon, frigate ; Conflict, and Monkey gun-vessels ; and Ranger, store-brig.

6 Apr 1802 remains in the Downs the St Albans, 74 ; Amazon, frigate ; Hound, sloop ; Conflict, Monkey, and Vixen gun-vessels ; and Ranger, store-brig.

20 Apr 1802 Adm Lutwidge struck his flag yesterday evening, and this morning the St Albans departed the Downs for Chatham, to be paid off.

22 Apr 1802 arrived Sheerness from the Downs.

10 May 1802 is reported at Sheerness to have been paid off recently at Chatham.

7 Jul 1803 at Chatham, the Belliqueux being found too bad to be fitted the St Alban's is ordered to take her place.

28 Jul 1803 has been undocked at Chatham and commissioned by Capt Temple.

Circa 1 Aug 1803 has been converted to a Floating Battery ; and Capt J Temple has been apptd to the St Albans, per Hants T'graph.

3 Sep 1803 arrived Sheerness from Chatham and passed through to the Nore.

7 Sep 1803 was paid and has departed for the Downs.

May 1805 Yarmouth Roads.

22 Jan 1807 departed Spithead with convoy for the East Indies.

11 Jul 1811 reported to be cruizing to the westward of the Gut, off Gibraltar.

circa 21 Dec 1811 remains Cadiz.

circa 30 Jan 1812 remains Cadiz.

3 Oct 1812 arrived Plymouth Sound from Lisbon with French prisoners and sails to the eastward.

6 Oct 1812 arrived Spithead from Cadiz.

8 Oct 1812 departed Spithead with prisoners on board for Leith.

14 Oct 1812 departed Yarmouth for Flushing.