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Standard, 1782
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament 64
Launched : 1782 ; Disposal date or year : 1816
BM : 1370 tons

Jun 1795 departed with Commodore Sir J B Warren on the Royalist expedition to Quiberon Bay, but was ordered to join the Channel Fleet, under Lord Bridport. 22 Jun sighted the French fleet to west of Belle-Isle, and finding the French admiral had no wish for a fight, ordered the Fleet in chase and to engage as ships came up. During the chase the former British 74, Alexander was retaken, along with the French 74s Tigre and Formidable (subsequently renamed Belleisle). And so ended the Battle of the Isle de Groix.

20 Sep 1795 Lord Bridport remained with his fleet off the coast protecting the ill-conceived Quiberon Bay expeditions until 20 Sep, when he returned with 2 or 3 ships to Spithead, leaving Rear-admiral Harvey in command.

13 Jun 1797 escaped the mutiny at the Nore, being fired on by the Monmouth - see p. 74

1 Jan 1799 at Chatham.

12 May 1801 arrived Sheerness from Chatham, the Standard, 64,, Capt Stuart, to Blackstakes. [Blackstakes was an anchorage adjacent to the eastern shore of the R. Medway, to the north of the Queenboro Swale.]

20 May 1801 has dropped down the Medway, from Blackstakes, to the Little Nore, where her ship's company was paid, and expects to depart for N. Yarmouth tomorrow, wind permitting.

21 May 1801 sailed for N. Yarmouth.

24 May 1801 Adm Dickson in the Blenheim departed N. Yarmouth for a cruise off Goree with the Standard, 64, Brunswick, 74, Princess of Orange, 74, Assistance, 50, Texel 64 ; Squirrel, frigate ; Hart, brig ; and a cutter.

15 Jun 1801 Adm Dickson's squadron arrived N. Yarmouth from a cruise off the Coast of Holland with the Blenheim, flag ship ; Brunswick, Princess of Orange, Leyden, Standard, Assistance ; Ranger sloop ; Jalouse, brig ; Phoenix and Speculator, Luggers ; and Hazard, Liberty and Diligent, cutters.

21 Jun 1801 Adm Dickson's squadron departed N. Yarmouth for a cruise on the Coast off Goree, consisting of the Blenheim, flag ship ; Assistance, Leyden, Princess of Orange, Brunswick, Standard ; Bittern sloop ; and Liberty cutter.

17 Aug 1801 remains in the Roads at N. Yarmouth.

21 Aug 1801 the Polyphemus, Adm Graves, departed N. Yarmouth, with the Standard, 64 ; and the Ariadne sloop, for a cruise off Goree.

22 Nov 1801 remains in N. Yarmouth Roads with the Blenheim and fleet. Wind NNW.

20 Dec 1801 remains in N. Yarmouth Roads with the Blenheim, Adm. Dickson, and his squadron.

3 Jan 1802 the Blenheim, flag ship of Admiral Dickson, remains in Yarmouth Roads with the Monarch, Adm. Graves, Agamemnon, Raisonable, Standard, St. Albans, Veteran, Ruby, Asia, Polyphemus, Princess of Orange, and Assistance ; Adder gun-vessel ; Inspector, and Pylades sloops ; and Jalouse, and Cruiser brig.

20 Jan 1802 has been sent up from Sheerness to Chatham to be fitted for sea.

11 Feb 1802 remains with the Blenheim, and the squadron, in Yarmouth Roads.

4 Mar 1802 departed N. Yarmouth the Standard, Ruby, of the line ; Hound and Diligence, sloops, to the Southward.

5 Mar 1802 arrived Spithead the Ruby, 64, and the Standard, 64, from Yarmouth, with them seamen from ships paid off at Deptford, to be transferred to ships lying at Spithead and fitting for sea.

24 Mar 1802 a Court Martial was held on board the Gladiator, in Portsmouth harbour, to try Jeremiah Hagerty, of the Standard, for stealing from another seaman, about £50. The charge not being proved, he was acquitted.

3 Apr 1802 departed Spithead the Standard, Ruby, Texel, and Astrea, to the Eastward, to be paid off.

7 Apr 1802 arrived Sheerness, from the Downs, and will depart for Chatham shortly to be paid off.

May 1805 Barnards' Yard, Deptford Repairing in Ordinary.

8 Dec 1806 with a squadron under R.-adm. Sir T. Louis, anchored in Valetta harbour, and having victualled departed the 15th for Tenedos, arriving on 21st. 27th departed for the Dardanells, and anchored in Azire bay. 1 Feb the squadron returned to off Tenedos.

11 Feb-3 Mar 1807 With Sir John Duckworth on what some have described as his somewhat less than successful expedition to Constantinople. 14th anchored off Cape Janizary, ships' boats used to rescue men from the burning Ajax. 19th steered for Constantinople. 2 Mar returned to the Mediterranean.

24 Feb 1808 arrived Syracuse with intelligence of the movements of the French fleet.

26 Jun 1808 cruising off the island of Corfu the ship's boats captured the Italian gun-boat Volpe and the despatch-boat Léger.

18 May 1809 a part of a squadron which captured the Danish island of Anholt.

Plymouth 15 Jan 1811 Went into Cawsand Bay.

Plymouth 24 Jan 1811 departed with a fleet of transports for Lisbon and the Mediterranean.

Portsmouth 6 Oct 1812 arrived on Saturday from Cadiz, and has received pratique. Is ordered to Leith with French prisoners, and will sail in a day or two.