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Stately, 1784
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament 64
Launched : 1784 ; Disposal date or year : 1814

Portsmouth 1 Feb 1785 arrived from Northam.

1793 : a part of the first squadron on the Newfoundland station following the outbreak of war.

Early Aug 1795 a part of a squadron, the Stately, Captain Billy Douglas, arrived in Simon's bay, Cape of Good Hope, with troops, with a view to taking the province, which was subsequently achieved in the September, following the arrival of reinforcements. During this period the Dutch ship Willemstadt en Boetzlaar was taken, re-named Princess, and fitted out as a 20-gun ship, along with the armed brig Star, the latter being re-named the Hope.

7 Jul 1796 captured the French privateer Milanie on the Cape of Good Hope.

17 Aug 1796 Simon's bay, Cape of Good Hope. Was present at the capitulation of the Dutch squadron, greatly out-gunned by a much larger British squadron.

29 May 1798, present when the Danish ship Christianus Septimus from Batavia to Copenhagen with coffee and sugar was detained on the Cape of Good Hope station : under trial.

26 Jul 1798 present when the French ship Necesaire, from Mauritius, in ballast, was run on shore by the Garland, on the rocks at St. Luce, Madagascar, and lost.

26 Jul 1798 present when the French sloop, from the Mauritius, in ballast : was run on shore by the Braave.

16 Aug 1798 present when the French ship Bonne Intention, from the Mauritius, was taken at Foul-point, and sent to assist the Garland ; and since arrived at the Cape.

16 Aug 1798 present when the French sloop Ca Ira, from the Mauritius in ballast ; was taken at Foul-point, and afterwards destroyed.

17 Aug 1798 present when the French brig L’Elizabeth, from the Mauritius, in ballast ; was taken at Tamatave, Madagascar, and sent to assist the Garland ; since arrived at the Cape.

18 Aug 1798, present when the French sloop L'Esperance, from the Mauritius ; in ballast, was taken at Foul-point, and sent to assist the Garland ; since arrived at the Cape.

18 Aug 1798 present when the French brig L’Ursilie, from Madagascar, bound to the Isle of France, with rice was taken : condemned.

7 Feb 1799 Plymouth, letters from the Cape, of the 23d Nov, mention that the Stately, 64, and Oiseau, 36, had arrived from the Mauritius, where they had captured several rich prizes.

17 Oct 1799 Portsmouth, departed to Cowes, to take troops for Ireland.

1 Dec 1799 Portsmouth, arrived from Ireland.

6 Feb 1800 Portsmouth, departed the Stately, Capt. Scott, with troops for Ireland.

21 Feb 1800 Portsmouth, arrived the Haerlem and Stately from Ireland.

25 Apr 1800 departed, the Inflexible, Stately, Wassenaer, Alkmaar, Charon, Expedition, Hebe, Pallas, Romulus, Sensible, Niger, Resource, and Vestal, with troops ; the Commanders of which have sealed orders.

2 Mar 1801 the landing troops from the squadron in Aboukir bay, where the French were already in a position.

8 Mar 1801 of the personnel employed disembarking the army in Aboukir Bay 4 seaman were killed and one officer, Lieutenant John Bray, and 7 seaman were wounded.

7 Apr 1801 a letter from the Swiftsure off Alexandria commences : "We have, in our endeavours to keep off the shore, been obliged to carry sail to such a degree as nearly to tear our ships to pieces ; and we received further proof of the impossibility of forming an effectual blockade of any port, even in this fine country. On the night of our return from the offing we spoke the Pearl frigate, bringing us advice of the sailing of a French squadron of 7 sail of the line, a frigate, 2 sloops, and 2 store ships, for this place, having 7,000 troops, and 3 generals on board. Lord Keith has been busy preparing the Stately for the line, and our force now consists of the Foudroyant, 84 ; Tigre, 80 ; Ajax, Northumberland, Swiftsure, Kent, and Minotaur, 74 ; Stately, 64, and several small vessels.

29 Jun 1801 cruising off Alexandria, per UK newspapers of this date, reporting news received from off Egypt.

13-14 Sep 1801 men from the ship's company involved in operations ashore at Porto-Ferrajo.

Circa 31 Mar 1804 The Stately and the Braakel, are reported to have arrived in the Downs, with a convoy from the Mediterranean, after an absence of about 4 years, and are ordered to the Nore to be paid off.

24 Jul 1804 a Court Martial was held at the Nore on Lieut Bluet of the Stately for drunkenness and neglect of duty and was sentenced to be dismissed from his situation as a Lieutenant, and to serve as a foremast-man on board any such ship as the Commander-in-Chief might direct.

Doubled and sheathed &c.from as low as first futtock-heads with 3-inch stuff.

May 1805 Woolwich.

22 Mar 1808 Stately, and Nassau captured the Danish 74-gun ship Prindts-Christian-Frederic on the Jutland coast, which subsequently went aground and was destroyed.

Yarmouth 31 Dec 1809 departed for Sheerness.

Deal 3 Jan 1810 arrived from the Baltic.

Cadiz circa 30 Jan 1812 Remains.

Lisbon 26 Apr 1813 Remains.

Plymouth 6 Nov 1813 Passed up Channel on Thursday last with a convoy from Oporto.