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Swiftsure, 1804
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament: 74
Launched : 23 Jul 1804 ;
Disposal date or year : 1845

Circa 14 Jul 1804 it has been announced at Portsmouth that the Swiftsure was launched on Monday last from Buckler's Hard, and is expected to come round to Portsmouth to be coppered and commissioned, which suggests to me that she was launched on 9 Jul 1804. However, it is interesting to note that at this date the usual sources suggest the launch date was not until Monday 23 Jul. Had a similar problem with the Tribune : she was reported in the Hampshire Telegraph to have arrived at Portsmouth before being launched, so it would appear that we could have a similar problem with the same yard, but for the Swiftsure !

Circa 4 Aug 1804 the Swiftsure, launched at Buckler's Hard and the Steady, at Richard's Yard, Hythe, have arrive at Spithead and come into Portsmouth harbour to be coppered.

Circa 11 Aug 1804 Capt Sir Sydney Smith, apptd to the Swiftsure, at Portsmouth.

Circa 18 Aug 1804 Capt Mark Robinson apptd to the Swiftsure.

Circa 18 Aug 1804 Mr ....... Bromley apptd Surgeon to the Swiftsure.

Circa 29 Sep 1804 the Swiftsure, Capt Robinson ; Tribune, Capt Bennett ; and Seine, Capt Atkins, are ordered to Spithead to fit for foreign service.

Circa 29 Sep 1804 departed Portsmouth harbour for Spithead.

Circa 6 Oct 1804 dropt down to St Helen's.

29 Oct 1804 V.-Adm Sir John Orde hoisted his flag on board the Swiftsure.

2 Nov 1804 departed Spithead, the Swiftsure, with flag officer, V.-Adm Order, Capt Robinson ; Defence, Capt Hope ; Polyphemus, Capt Lawford ; Ruby, Capt Rowley ; and the Agamemnon, Capt Harvey, with sealed orders.

25 Dec 1804 had joined the British fleet off Toulon.

19 Jan 1805 whilst watering at Agincourt sound the Mediterranean fleet was informed that the Toulon fleet was at sea, and departed in search. It was discovered on 14 Feb that the French fleet had returned to Toulon.

28 Mar 1805 victualled at Palma and on the 3 Apr departed to water at Pulla bay, but on the 4th Phoebe reported that the Toulon fleet was at sea again : the search began again. 4 May, having heard that the Toulon fleet had passed through the Straits on 8 Apl, the fleet anchored at Mazari bay to water and provision, but following a change in the wind the fleet departed on 5 May, the Superb leaving her cargo of cattle and vegetables etc. on the beach. Having provisioned for 5 months on the 10th rendez-voused on 12th at Cape St.-Vincent with a convoy of troops from England and detached the Royal-Sovereign to the convoy, following which Nelson departed for Madeira and the West Indies.

15 May 1805 arrived Madeira : and Barbadoes 4 Jun with news that the French fleet was in the West Indies : was joined by the Spartiate : 13th arrived Antigua and departed for Europe.

17 Jul 1805 arrived off Cape St.-Vincent and departed for Gibraltar, and having watered etc. proceeded west and north. 15 Aug received news from Adm. Cornwallis off Ushant, before Victory and Superb departed for Spithead, arriving on the 18th, leaving the Swiftsure as a reinforcement to the Channel fleet.

May 1805 With Vice Admiral Sir John Orde.

10 Oct 1805 off Cadiz - the tactical preparations etc. for the forthcoming battle. 20 Oct combined fleet departed Cadiz, fleet manoeuvres.

21 Oct 1805 England expects….. &c. signalled, the first shots of the Battle of Trafalgar are fired. Nelson shot. Resumé of what had taken place. Individual ship actions and losses : Swiftsure. The post-mortem commences ; Summary of British casualties ; Death of Nelson ;

22-30 Oct 1805 losses amongst the prizes due to bad weather etc: Redoutable, Rayo, Monarca (sank) ; Fougueux, Bucentaure, Indomptable, San-Francisco-de-Asis, Aigle, Berwick (wrecked) ; Algésiras (taken into Cadiz) ; Santa-Ana, Neptuno (recaptured) ; Santisima-Trinidad (scuttled) ; Achille, Intrépide, San-Augustin (burnt) ; the washup ; burial of Nelson ;

22-23 Oct 1805 French prize Redoutable, with a prize crew on board from the Swiftsure and Téméraire, in tow by the Swiftsure, sank during the night.

5 Dec 1809, Flag Ship, V.-Adm. J.B. Warren arrived Bermuda, from Halifax, with the Æolus, and Vesta.

Deal 27 Sep 1811 arrived from Chatham, and departed to the westward.

Portsmouth 30 Sep 1811 arrived from the river.

Portsmouth 14 Oct 1811 Dropped down to St. Helen's.

Portsmouth 17 Oct 1811 Will sail tomorrow for Cadiz, weather permitting.

Portsmouth 30 Oct 1811 Remains at St. Helen's.

Portsmouth 17 Nov 1811 departed for Cadiz.

18 Aug 1812 With the Fleet off Toulon.

Gibraltar circa 29 Jul 1813 Remains.

26 Nov 1813 boats of the Swiftsure capture the French privateer schooner Charlemagne off Cape Rousse, island of Corsica.

12 Feb 1814 a part of the fleet off Toulon which chased a French squadron into that port.

Portsmouth 26 Aug 1814 arrived from Malta, Mahon and Gibraltar (12 Aug).

Portsmouth 19 Oct 1814 Is refitting.

Portsmouth 20 Oct 1814 Is appointed convoy to ships bound to the West Indies, instead of the Valiant.

Portsmouth 1 Nov 1814 Remains with the West India convoy, awaiting more ships.

Portsmouth 4 Nov 1814 Will sail tomorrow morning with a convoy for the West Indies.

Portsmouth 6 Nov 1814 Has departed with the West Indies convoy.

Portsmouth 8 Nov 1814 Put back to Yarmouth Roads with the convoy to the West Indies &c.

Lymington 9 Nov 1814 Remains with the West India convoy, wind bound.

Lymington 15 Nov 1814 Detained with the West India convoy by westwardly winds in Yarmouth Roads.

Lymington 17 Nov 1814 Remains with her convoy in the Roads.

Portsmouth 19 Nov 1814 Have returned with the West India convoy from Yarmouth and Lymington Roads to the Motherbank, Stokes Bay and Spithead.

Portsmouth 2 Dec 1814 departed from St. Helen's with a convoy for the West Indies.

Torbay 4 Dec 1814 arrived last evening with the West Indies convoy.

Torbay 5 Dec 1814 departed with her convoy this morning.

Falmouth 8 Dec 1814 arrived with the West Indies convoy.

Plymouth 21 Dec 1814 The outward-bound West Indiamen have departed to join the Swiftsure man of war, at Falmouth.

Falmouth 25 Dec 1814 departed with the out-ward bound West Indies convoy.

Madeira 9 Jan 1815 arrived off here with a convoy to the West Indies, and departed with a strong fair wind.

Portsmouth 29 Aug 1815 To be paid off and laid up in Ordinary.

1819 Harbour Service, Portsmouth.

1830 Harbour Service, Portsmouth.

Portsmouth 11 Jul 1835 in Ordinary. Appropriated as a barracks by Major Hicks, recruiting soldiers for the Queen of Spain.

Portsmouth 29 Apr 1837 is being used here by the British Legion in Spain as temporary accommodation for invalids on their return from Spain.

Portsmouth 13 May 1837 300 invalids, recently returned from Spain, have been discharged from the Swiftsure, having been paid and clothed, as directed by Colonel Wetherall, and in opposition to the Spanish ambassador, who would have discharged them destitute on to the streets of Portsmouth.

Portsmouth 22 Jul 1837 it is reported that there are now 1,200 men onboard, who have been landed here from the North Coast of Spain, whose terms of service have expired, some wounded, who have yet to receive their final payment from the Spanish government. At the present time they are being fed and accommodated on board the Swiftsure by the Admiralty.

A report made to Parliament showed that provisions, for Invalids of the British Auxiliary Legion on board H. M. Hulk "Swiftsure," included the following items:-
Biscuit, 60,884 lbs. ; Rum, 1,586 gallons; Beef, 1,363 pieces, of 8 lbs. ; Pork, 919 pieces, of 4 lbs. ; Fresh Beef, 36,725 lbs. ; Vegetables, 14,659 lbs. ; Flour, 1,248 lbs. ; Suet, 392 lbs. ; Peas, 17 bushels ; Oatmeal, 23 bushels ; Sugar, 5,380 lbs. ; Tea, 418 lbs. ; Cocoa, 542 lbs. ; Chocolate, 2,805 lbs. ; Vinegar, 82 gallons ; Salt, 42 lbs. ; Wood, 3 cords ; Coals, 11 tons ; Candles, 194 lbs. ; Soap, 119 lbs. ; Daily Rations to Persons victualled, 3,672 ; valued at £2,887 4s. 11d.

Portsmouth 14 Aug 1837 there are now reported to be 2,700 men who have returned from Spain here at Portsmouth, a great many of whom are roaming and sleeping in the streets, and the inhabitants are said to go in fear of their lives, 15 of these men being in gaol for robbery.

Feb 1842 receiving ship at Portsmouth.