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Temeraire, 1798
Type: 2nd rate ; Armament 98 (28 × 32pdr, 60 × 18pdr, 10 × 12pdr.)
Launched : 1798 ; Disposal date or year : 1838
Disposal Details : Sold. The subject of Turner's painting when she was being taken up the Thames to be broken up.
BM: 2121 tons

5 Aug 1799 Plymouth, arrived from Portsmouth, in Cawsand Bay, R. Adm. Sir J. B. Warren, Bart. to join the squadron there. She was five days beating down Channel.

10 Aug 1799 departed for Torbay with the Russell and Ramillies.

8 Feb 1800 Portsmouth, under the command of Admiral Whitshed, went down to St. Helen's.

20 Feb 1800 Portsmouth, departed for Torbay.

22 Feb 1800 Plymouth, an express arrived from Torbay to the Victualling Office, to send over craft with beer to complete the following men of War arrived there, viz. Temeraire, London, Venerable, Hector, Ramillies, Pompee, and Montagu.

24 Apr 1800 Torbay, departed with the Channel Fleet, under the command of Sir Alan Gardner.

30 Jun 1800 Plymouth, arrived in 48 hours from off Brest, with the Robust, and Magnificent.

13 Jul 1800 Plymouth, departed to join the fleet, with the Marlborough.

27 Sep 1800 Plymouth, arrived from off Brest, and anchored in Cawsand Bay, owing to very heavy S. W. gales, the Temeraire, 98, Namur, 98, Prince, 98, Barfleur, 98, Royal George, 110, Neptune, 98, Juste, 84, Russel, 74, Mars, 74, Marlborough, 74, Defence, 74, Elephant, 74, Excellent, 74.

19 Oct 1800 Plymouth, arrived from Earl St. Vincent's fleet.

26 Oct 1800 Plymouth, departed with the Neptune, and Centaur, 74, to join the Channel Fleet.

12 Mar 1801 the Ville de Paris, Adm. Cornwallis, arrived Torbay with the Royal George, San Josef, Prince George, Windsor Castle, Glory, Temeraire, Neptune, Atlas, Prince, and Captain from off Brest, where R.-Adm Saumarez remained with a strong squadron.

15 Mar 1801 departed Torbay with the fleet which arrived on Thursday evening, the 12th, along with the Unicorn, which arrived Friday evening.

17 Mar 1801 has just come to anchor in Torbay the fleet which departed on the 15th.

21 Mar 1801 the weather being reportedly blowing a heavy gale at W by N the fleet consisting of the same vessels as on 12 Mar., along with the Venerable, is taking shelter in Torbay.

30 Mar 1801 the Channel Fleet, now made up as follows : the Ville de Paris, Adm. Cornwallis ; Royal Sovereign, V.-Adm. Harvey ; Windsor Castle, V.-Adm. Mitchell ; Prince George, R.-Adm. Cotton ; Princess Royal, R.-Adm. Gower, Temeraire, R.-Adm. Whitshed ; Barfleur, R.-Adm. Collingwood ; San Josef, Capt Wolsley ; Atlas, Capt Murray ; Formidable, Capt Grindale ; Glory, Capt Draper ; Prince, Capt Northesk ; and frigate Fisgard, Capt Martin, departed Torbay for the Channel.

9 May 1801 arrived Cawsand Bay with the Glory from the Channel Fleet, which they left all well off Brest the 6th instant.

21 May 1801 embarked on board the Temeraire and Magnificent, in Cawsand Bay, fifty fine bullocks for the fleet off Brest and the former departed with R.-Adm. Whitshed in the evening with several victuallers.

2 Oct 1801 came into Cawsand Bay the Temeraire, and Namur, from the Channel fleet ; left them all well last Wednesday.

17 Nov 1801 Admiral Sir A. Mitchell made the signal for unbending sails, which was followed by the fleet, therefore it is supposed the squadron which consists of the following ships will winter near Beerhaven, in Bantry Bay, viz. Windsor Castle, Temeraire, Barfleur, Princess Royal, Formidable, Atlas, Namur, Majestic, Resolution, Vengeance, Malta, of 84 guns, Centaur. The Glory, had put into Cork, and the Juste, had not joined. Provisions were plenty : a fat sheep nine shillings, Geese one shilling each, eggs two-pence per dozen, and fish and game to be had in great abundance.

6 Dec 1801 letters received Plymouth this day from the Namur, dated the 26th ult. state, that the fleet off Beerhaven were all well, and that the following ships had been victualled for five months, and were to sail soon with sealed orders, viz. Temeraire, Windsor Castle, Resolution, Vengeance, Majestic, and Centaur. Their destination is supposed for Jamaica.

29 Dec 1801 this evening anchored at St Helen's, IoW, on arrival from Bantry Bay, with the squadron under the command of V.-Adm. Sir A. Mitchell, with a view to trying the mutineers from the Squadron.

5 Jan 1802 the Temeraire, out at Spithead with the Formidable, Majestic, Theseus, Orion, Resolution, Vengeance and Resistance, who are ordered to refit and victual for the West Indies, with all possible haste.

6 Jan 1802 Pursuant to an order from the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, a Court-Martial was held this day, on board the Gladiator in Portsmouth harbour, for the trial of the following persons for Mutiny on board the Temeraire, in Bantry Bay, viz.
John Matfield, late Captain of the Forecastle, John Cuminos, late Captain of the Forecastle, Christopher White, late Captain of the Forecastle, James Ward, belonging to the Forecastle, William Hillier, belonging to the Foretop, James Chesterman, belonging to the Forecastle, John Fitzgerald, Captain of the Foretop, John Collins, the Ship's Butcher, John Daley, Thomas Cross, belonging to the Foretop, Joseph Rowland, a Carpenter, James Lockyer belonging to the Maintop, Thomas Jones, and William Cooke.
The charges were :
1st. Making, or endeavouring to make, mutinous assemblies. 2d. Uttering seditious expressions ; and for concealing traitorous and seditious words spoken, and tending to the hindrance of his Majesty's service, and not revealing the same to their Commanding Officer. 3d. Being present at such mutiny and sedition, and not using their utmost endeavours to suppress the same, between the 1st and 11th day of December, 1801.
[Regret that in view of the length of the transcript I'm unable to include the details of the trial. See page 46 of Vol 7 of the Naval Chronicle for 1802.]

8 Jan 1802 arrived Plymouth Sound the Pompee, 84, Captain Stirling, from Spithead, to be paid off. She fell in with the Namur, 98, standing into St. Helen's. By the Pompee is learnt, that Vice-Admiral Mitchell has shifted his flag from the Temeraire, 98, to the Theseus, 74, which is to be the flag-ship on the expedition. [Pompee appears to have got her wires crossed.] Orders came down this day to allow only two days fresh beef to the men of war in harbour per week, there being so great a quantity of salt provisions in store at the victualling office.

15 Jan 1802 at 0800 hours the yellow flags, the usual signals for punishment, were hoisted on board the Temeraire, Formidable, and Majestic, and the following prisoners, convicted by the above Court-Martial, and sentenced to die, were brought out : Chesterman, Collins, Hillier, and Fitzgerald, to the Temeraire ; Ward on board the Majestic, and Mayfield on board the Formidable.

16 Jan 1802 R.-Adm Campbell has replaced V.-Adm Mitchell ; the following ships, under the command of R.-Adm Campbell, now dropped down to St. Helen's. They will sail, with sealed orders, the first fair wind, supposed for Jamaica : Temeraire, 98, R.-Adm. G. Campbell, Captain Eyles ; Formidable, 98, Captain Grindall ; Majestic, 74, Captain Gould ; Orion, 74, Captain Cuthbert ; Theseus, 74, Captain Bligh ; Desiree, 44, Captain Dacres ; and Morgiana, 18, Captain Otter.

18 Jan 1802 the yellow flag was hoisted again this morning on board the Temeraire, and at 10.00 Messrs Allen, Taylor, Riley, and Simmonds appeared on the quarter-deck, and were hung at 10.30 a.m., at about the same time as Dixon was executed on the Formidable.

7 Feb 1802 departed St. Helen's the Temeraire, 98, R.-Adm Campbell, Capt Eyles ; Formidable, 98, Capt Grindall ; Majestic, 74, Capt Gould ; Orion, 74, Capt Cuthbert ; Vengeance, 74, Capt Duff ; Resolution, 74, Capt Gardner ; Theseus, 74, Capt Bligh ; Desiree, 44, Capt Dacres ; and the Morgiana, store ship, 16, Capt Otter ; with sealed orders, supposed for Jamaica.

9 Feb 1802 owing to the contrary winds, rain and bad weather, put into Torbay : the Temeraire, Formidable, Theseus, Majestic, Orion, Vengeance, Resolution, Desiree, and Morgiana, and departed later for their destination.

6 Apr 1802 despite being warned by his mess mates a Mr Atchison of the Temeraire, age 15, was said to have been playing about with the stern hawsers, when a north wind set in, and the ring-bolt to which the hawser was affixed gave way and struck the lad so violently on the head as to cause his death within 3 hours. His funeral was attended with every mark of respect.

15 Apr 1802 mail of this date arrived Plymouth from the Temeraire, then at Port Royal, Jamaica.

17 Apr 1802 it is reported at Portsmouth that the remaining 7 mutineers from the Temeraire, who were committed to be hung, have been sent round to be detained in the hulks at Woolwich during His Majesty's Pleasure.

17 May 1802 the Morgiana sloop of war, Captain Otter, arrived Spithead from Martinique, after a passage of 45 days, and reports that the Temeraire, Vengeance, Formidable, Resolution, Majestic, Theseus, and Desiree, under the command of R.-Adm. Campbell, departed Martinique, for Jamaica, a few days prior to her departure for England.

Circa 14 May 1802 the Stork, just arrived Jamaica from England, in a letter to Portsmouth, reports the arrival of the Temeraire, Formidable, and Elephant at Jamaica for water, so dates more than a little approximate.

6 Jun 1802 letters received Plymouth from an Officer on board the Temeraire, 98, Rear Admiral Campbell, dated the 15th of May last, Fort Royal Bay, Jamaica, state the melancholy death of Mr. Atcheson, a midshipman of that ship. He was playing about the hawser, when the northwind set in at one P.M. ; the ring of the bolt, to which the hawser was lashed, gave way ; Mr. A. being between the junior Lieutenants' cabin, was struck so violently on the head as to occasion instant death. In the forenoon, his messmates, perceiving the danger, had warned him of it. He is much regretted as a promising young Officer by Rear Admiral Campbell, the Officers and ships' company. By the Admiral's order, his remains were landed at, Port Royal, and interred in the church yard there with military honours. Lieutenants Welch and Gower, the Rev. Mr. Jones, the Rev. Mr. Scott, Chaplains, sixteen Midshipmen, and two boats' crews, attended his funeral.

21 Sep 1802 the Formidable, 98, and the Temeraire, 98, worked into the Sound from Cawsand Bay, and mean to lay to for the young flood to go up the harbour to be stripped, paid off, and laid up in ordinary.

21 Sep 1802 last night, after a passage of seven weeks, arrived Cawsand Bay from Jamaica, the Temeraire, 98. Rear-Admiral Campbell ; Formidable, 98, Majestic, 74, and Audacious, 74.

27 Sep 1802 the Temeraire. of 98, Rear Admiral Campbell ; the Majestic, 74, Captain Gould ; the Audacious 74, Captain Peard ; lately arrived Plymouth from the West Indies, took only at Port Royal, Jamaica, eight weeks provisions and water; they were eleven weeks on their passage owing to baffling winds, and three weeks at one quarter allowance of beef, bread, and water, and when they came to in Cawsand Bay, they had scarce enough left for a days consumption.

30 Sep 1802 went into Barnpool, preparatory to her going up the Harbour to be paid off, the Temeraire, 98, Rear Admiral Campbell.

7 Oct 1802 The Temeraire, 98, Rear-Admiral Campbell, was paid in Hamoaze, and her crew discharged.

7 Oct 1802 the seamen of the Temeraire, paid off this day in Hamoaze and her crew discharged. Put on crape hatbands round their straw hats, in memory of the mutineers in that ship, who were executed for the mutiny in Bantry Bay last year.

24 Oct 1802 the Temeraire, 98, and Spencer, 74, are ordered to be fitted for ordinary service at Plymouth ; moorings are laying down for them in the river Tamar.

26 Mar 1802 the Naval Chronicle, Vol 7, p 357, reports that the remaining seven men belonging to the Temeraire, who were condemned by the first Court Martial, to be hanged for Mutiny, have been sent round to Woolwich in the Vestal, to be confined onboard the hulks there during His Majesty's pleasure.

19 Mar 1803 moved down the River Tamar, into Hamoaze, to be fitted out for commission. R.-Adm Campbell hoists his flag on board and Capt Carr is apptd her commanding officer, and flag captain.

Circa 7 Nov 1803 Capt E Harvey apptd to the Temeraire.

Circa 7 Jul 1804 the Defiance, Capt Durham, has returned to Portsmouth, from off Rochefort, where the Temeraire, Goliath, Minotaur, and Aigle remained under Sir R Calder, blockading that port.

Circa 25 Aug 1804 Capt Kelly apptd to the Temeraire, vice Harvey, ill.

11 Oct 1804 per a report from Brixham, the following squadron under Adm Cornwallis arrived Torbay, the Ville de Paris, San Josef, Prince, Prince George, Princess Royal, Temeraire, Windsor Castle, Glory, and Plantagenet. On Tuesday they attempted to go back to sea, but the wind became contrary again and they returned to Torbay, joining the hired armed ship Lady Melville, and the Nimrod hired armed cutter.

Circa 27 Oct 1804 it is reported that the Channel Fleet : the Ville de Paris, San Josef, Prince, Prince George, Princess Royal, Temeraire, Windsor Castle, and Plantagenet had departed Torbay for their station, being joined from Plymouth by the Britannia and Venerable.

11 Nov 1804 due to bad weather arrived Torbay the Ville de Paris, Adm Cornwallis, San Josef, Princess Royal, Temeraire, Impetueux, Goliath, Britannia, Plantagenet, Thunderer, and another unnamed 6 ships of the line, but by the time this paper reaches the streets, on the 19th inst., will no doubt have returned to sea.

12 Dec 1804, at Brixham, it is reported that the Channel Fleet had arrived, including the : Ville de Paris, Prince George, Defiance, Britannia, Windsor Castle, Plantagenet, Goliath, Princess Royal, Thunderer, Courageaux, Dragon, and Warrior, joining the Atlas, Temeraire, and Nemesis, which were here. No officers allowed ashore which caused some disappointment to the trades people.

May 1805 Channel Fleet.

10 Oct 1805 off Cadiz - the tactical preparations etc. for the forthcoming battle. 20 Oct combined fleet departed Cadiz, fleet manoeuvres.

21 Oct 1805 England expects….. &c. signalled, the first shots of the Battle of Trafalgar are fired. Nelson shot. Resumé of what had taken place. Individual ship actions and losses : Temeraire. The post-mortem commences ; Summary of British casualties ; Death of Nelson ;

22-30 Oct 1805 losses amongst the prizes due to bad weather etc: Redoutable, Rayo, Monarca (sank) ; Fougueux, Bucentaure, Indomptable, San-Francisco-de-Asis, Aigle, Berwick (wrecked) ; Algésiras (taken into Cadiz) ; Santa-Ana, Neptuno (recaptured) ; Santisima-Trinidad (scuttled) ; Achille, Intrépide, San-Augustin (burnt) ; the washup ; burial of Nelson ;

22-23 Oct 1805 French prize Redoutable, with a prize crew on board from the Swiftsure and Téméraire, in tow by the Swiftsure, sank during the night.

22 Oct 1805 French prize Fougueux, with a prize crew on board from the Téméraire, drifted on to rocks and was wrecked.

Plymouth 2 Jan 1810 Went up the harbour to be repaired.

29 Apr 1810 At Cadiz.

24 June 1811 Reported to be off Toulon.

18 Jul 1811 off Toulon.

13 Aug 1811 Téméraire and Caledonia involved in manoeuvres with ships of the French fleet off Toulon.

Portsmouth 5 Feb 1812 departed for Plymouth.

1830 Victualling Depot at Sheerness.