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Terrible, 1785
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament 74
Launched : 1785 ; Disposal date or year : 1836
BM: 1678 tons
Complement: 584

Apr / May 1793 departed under the command of Captain Skeffington Lutwidge, as a part of a squadron for the Mediterranean Fleet, then to be based off Toulon.

Early Aug 1794, Terrible, Rear-adm. (b.) Skeffington Lutwidge, Captain George Campbell, departed Bastia with Lord Hood in the Victory in pursuit of a French squadron, which sought safety of Gourjean bay. Leaving a squadron to blockade the French the Admiral returned to Corsica to continue operations. Due to stormy weather driving the British out to sea the French squadron was able return to Toulon.

9 Mar 1795, the Mediterranean fleet departed from Leghorn, sighting the French fleet the following day. At daylight on the 13th Adm Hotham sent out the signal for a general chase which ended the following day with the capture of the Ca-Ira and Censeur and the fleets heading off in opposite directions.

14 Jun 1795 the fleet, whilst on a cruise, was joined by a squadron from Gibraltar and England off Minorca.

8 Jul 1795, the fleet, at anchor at in San-Fiorenzo bay, once aware that the French fleet was close by, gave chase. It was sighted on the 13th and later the order was given for the general chase, but apart from the loss of a 74 by the French the result was inconclusive and resulted in not a little criticism, the consequence perhaps being Admiral Hotham's resignation on 1 Nov 1795.

6 Aug 1795, Admiral Hotham put to sea on a cruise, sighting the French fleet in Toulon road.

5 Oct 1795, a squadron under Rear-admiral Mann, including the Terrible, departed from San-Fiorenzo in pursuit of a French squadron returning from Toulon to Brest ; but too late !

28 Oct 1798 Caesar, Terrible and Melpomene chase French Squadron on its return from Ireland.

6 Jan 1799 Plymouth, taken into dock.

1 Feb 1799 Plymouth, the Terrible's cutter in Rowing Guard got among the breakers in the Cobler's Reach, near Mount Batten, was swamped, and one man drowned. Lt. Clements, and the rest of the boat's crew, were saved with difficulty on the rocks, though much bruised.

13 Feb 1799 Plymouth, went into dock.

27 Mar 1799 Plymouth, in Hamoaze, fitting for sea.

8 Apr 1799 Plymouth, went down into Cawsand Bay.

20 Apr 1799 Plymouth, departed on a cruise.

25 Apr 1799 cruising off Brest.

8 Jun 1799 Plymouth, reports received here advise that 16 ships of the line and 4 frigates were detached by Lord Bridport for the Straits.

7 Jul 1799 joined the Mediterranean fleet off Minorca.

27 Aug 1799 Plymouth, arrived from Torbay.

13 Sep 1799 Plymouth, departed to join Lord Bridport off Brest.

6 Jan 1800 Plymouth, arrived from the fleet, with the Windsor Castle, Prince Frederick, Beaulieu, and Nereide.

10 Feb 1800 Plymouth, went into dock, the Terrible, 74, Capt. Wolseley, to refit.

8 Mar 1800 Plymouth, last night it blew an hurricane at N.N.E. and shifted to N.N.W. At one o'clock several guns were fired in Hamoaze, This morning it appeared that the Terrible had broken from her moorings in Hamoaze, and being lashed to the sheer hulk, both went on shore on the west-mud : fortunately the tide flowing, they were got off with little damage.

30 Mar 1800 Plymouth, went into Cawsand Bay, with the Loire.

24 Apr 1800 Torbay, departed with the Channel Fleet, under the command of Sir Alan Gardner.

5 Aug 1800 Plymouth, arrived from the fleet.

7 Oct 1800 Portsmouth, arrived with the Bourdelais, from the Downs.

15 Oct 1800 a court martial was held on board the Gladiator, in Portsmouth harbour, on James Keeting, a Royal Marine, of the Terrible, on charges of disobedience and striking a serjeant ; he was found guilty and sentenced to 200 lashes.

29 Oct 1800 Portsmouth departed to join the Channel fleet.

13 Mar 1801 arrived Plymouth Sound from the Channel Fleet to refit.

24 Mar 1801 the crew rigged up a pair of sheers on board, got out her main-mast while lying in Cawsand Bay, and before night, by great exertions, got it in again and now stepped it.

27 Mar 1801 remains in Cawsand Bay.

8 Apr 1801 departed Cawsand Bay to join the Channel fleet.

15 Aug 1801 arrived Plymouth from the Channel Fleet to refit.

24 Aug 1801 departed Cawsand Bay with bullocks and vegetables for the Channel Fleet.

27 Sep 1801 came into Plymouth Sound and went up to the harbour to undergo a thorough repair, and will go into dock the next spring tide.

13 Oct 1799 is ordered to be paid off.

4 Oct 1802 went into dock at Plymouth, the Impetueux, 84, and remains in dock with the Tonnant, 84, Mars, 74 ; Terrible, 74 ; and Fisgard. 48, to be repaired.

10 Dec 1802 remains in dock at Plymouth, the Tonant, 84 ; Mars, 74 ; Terrible, 74 ; Impetueux, 84 ; Fisgard, 48 ; and Nemesis, 32.

13 Apr 1803 the following ships are now in dock at Plymouth undergoing repairs : in the double dock : Warrior and Terrible ; in the south dock : Fisgard ; in the middle single dock : Impetueux.

Circa 3 Oct 1803 Lord H Paulet apptd to the Terrible.

6 Oct 1803 has been taken out of dock.

15 Oct 1803 commissioned Monday last ; has her topmast aloft, and is nearly rigged overhead.

7 Nov 1803 has been hauled off the Jetty Head and is rigging fast, but is still short of men.

20 Nov 1803 is rigged and ready for sea, but remains short of men.

Circa 23 Jun 1804 the Terrible, Spencer and San Joseph, are reported at Portsmouth, to have arrived Plymouth from off the French Coast, the Spencer having been on shore off the Ferrol.

25 Jun 1804 the Windsor Castle, Foudroyant, Terrible, and Montague, departed Plymouth to join the Channel Fleet.

May 1805 Channel Fleet.

4 Jan 1806 Sir R. Strachan's squadron fitting for the West Indies at Plymouth. 14th the squadron departed from Cawsand Bay for St.-Helena in search of a French squadron under R.-adm Willaumez.

19 May 1806 departed from Plymouth as part of a squadron under R.-adm Sir R J Strachan to cruise off Madeira and the Canary islands. 8 Aug arrived Barbadoes. 18 Aug. having departed the squadron was separated by a gale.

Plymouth 1 Jan 1807 departed for the Mediterranean.

18 Sep 1826 At Sheerness.

Jul 1830 Victualling Yard, Sheerness.