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Trafalgar, 1841
Type: 1st rate ; Armament 110
Launched : 21 Jun 1841 ; Disposal date or year : 1906
BM: 2900 tons ; Displacement: 4579 tons
Propulsion: Sail - Screw
Machinery notes: 500

Jul 1830 Woolwich, building

7 Aug 1840 Woolwich, is making rapid progress towards completion.

14 Jun 1841 Chatham, riggers and seamen have been sent to Woolwich to assist in launching the Trafalgar, Monday next : the following day they will take her to Sheerness, to be docked and coppered.

8 Jul 1841 was taken into dock at Sheerness to be coppered

9 Aug 1841 Woolwich, the Monkey and African left Woolwich for Sheerness, to tow the Trafalgar out of dock to her moorings.

31 Jan 1848 Court Martial held on board following the loss of the Avenger on the Sorelle Rocks, in the Mediterranean.

20 Dec 1848 Sheerness.

Aug 1854 the allied fleets in the Crimea became seriously infected with cholera - see p. 409 at

17 Oct 1854 1st Bombardment of Sebastopol - see p. 437 at

Aug 1858 conversion to steam / sail commenced.

Mar 1859 converted to screw completed and commissioned at Sheerness.

1860 Channel Squadron.

1 Jan to 29 Feb 1864 Irregular or particular service. Medical report : scarlatina onboard number of Cases of Disease and Injury.

Late Jan 1964 Malta. departed for England.

14 Feb 1964 arrived Spithead from Malta and Gibraltar and departed for Sheerness to be paid off "all standing," and recommissioned to replace the Edinburgh as Coastguard ship at Leith, with the crew of the Edinburgh being transferred to the Trafalgar.

29 Feb 1864 Sheerness. Paid off.

1 Mar 1864 Sheerness. Commissioned for Coastguard Service at Leith.

1 Mar to 31 Dec 1864 Home Station, Coast Guard Service, at Leith. Report of Small Pox onboard. Number of Cases of Disease and Injury.

15 Jun 1867 ceased position as Coast Guard ship at Leith.

1 Jan 1868 Coast Guard ship at Loch Swilly.

31 Oct 1869 ceased position at Loch Swilly.

1869 converted for use as a sail Training Ship for boys.

1870 used as a sea-going training ship for the Naval Cadets.

2-14 Jan 1871 called at Algiers with Naval Cadets.

En route for Port Mahon (PM) fell in with the dismasted Dutch schooner Killechina Amelia, 95 miles south of Minorca, and towed the vessel, whose decks were being swept by the sea, to PM.

25-26 Jan 1871 called at Port Mahon.

29 Jan 1871 arrived Palermo.

21 Feb 1871 is reported to have arrived at Malta.

7 Mar 1871 one of the naval cadets has contracted smallpox.

7 Mar 1871 departed for a cruise off the Island of Malta and was still maintaining contact with the FO Mediterranean.

Jan 1873 Renamed Boscawen. 106 guns as sail