Hospital ship ; late 2nd Rate Union

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Union, 1756
Type: Hospital ship ; late 2nd Rate ; Armament 90
Launched : 1756 ; Disposal date or year : 1802 renamed Sussex (BU 1816)

23 Jun 1801 remains in Sheerness harbour, Lt Dixon, in command.

22 Aug 1801 a Court Martial was held on board the Surprize, in Sheerness harbour, to try Lieutenant John Dixon, Commander of his Majesty's hospital ship Union, on a charge of suffering liquor to be sold in the ship, after he had been repeatedly informed of it, and had not taken proper steps to prevent it. After the witnesses had been examined for the prosecution, which took up a considerable time, the prisoner's defence been read, and the Court cleared, the Court, after mature deliberation, found that the charge had in part been proved against him, and sentenced him to be dismissed his Majesty's ship Union, and rendered incapable of serving in any of his Majesty's ships again.

18 Nov 1801 remains in the harbour at Sheerness, Lt Rickman, in command.

3 Dec 1801 the Hospital ship Union remains in the harbour at Sheerness with the Isis, Sophie, Magicienne, Firm, and the gun brigs Cracker, Boxer, Griper, Gallant, Acute, Attack, Bouncer, Constant, Minx, Monkey, Teazer, Jackall, Eclipse, Sparkler, Safeguard, Mariner, Biter, Pincher, Meteor, Flamer, Defender, Wolf, Scourge, Tigress, Bold, Courser, Blazer, Wrangler, Pelter, Plumper, Bruiser, Hasty, Haughty, and Pouncer, waiting to be paid off and surveyed etc., a few actually being sold during the forthcoming years or so.

14 Dec 1801 the Hospital ship Union remains in the harbour at Sheerness with the Magicienne, Waazamheid, Iris, Ambuscade, Jamaica, Hebe, frigates ; Sophia, Hemes, Ann, Harpy, Espeigle, Gier, sloops ; and 33 gun brigs, pending being paid off and survey etc., and the Selby, and Albicore sloops ; and the Bruiser, Plumper and Tigress up for sale.

4 Feb 1801 at Sheerness, was paid wages today.

6 Feb 1802 renamed Sussex.