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Veteran, 1787
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament 64

14 Jul 1793 departed with the Channel fleet from St. Helen's. On the 18th to the west of the Scilly Isles and subsequent manoeuvres.

31 Jul 1793 briefly sighted, but was unable to close the French fleet ; returned to Torbay on 10 Aug.

23 Aug 1793 the Channel Fleet departed to escort the Newfoundland trade, West Indian convoys in home waters.

27 Oct 1793 departed in search of the French fleet and squadrons. 18 Nov brief skirmish with a French squadron : by mid-December the fleet had returned to Spithead.

2 Feb 1794 Vice-admiral Sir John Jervis departed from Barbadoes with a fleet, including the Veteran, Captain Charles Edmund Nugent, for Martinique. Seamen from many of the ships played an important role in moving heavy guns over difficult terrain and in the various assaults required to subdue the Island. Elements from the fleet then went on to take Sainte-Lucie, Guadeloupe, and other islands, in subsequent months.

March and April 1794, operations at the Islands of Martinique, St. Lucia, and Guadaloupe.

5 Jun - 3 Jul 1794 the arrival of a French squadron in the resulted in a number of movements and operations by the ships Boyne, Veteran, Winchelsea, Nautilus, Vanguard, Vengeance, Solebay and Winchelsea.

6 Jan 1795 accompanied the Blanche, and took her prize, the former French frigate Pique in tow, to the nearby islands of the Saintes.

3 Oct 1797 arrived Yarmouth from off the Texel to victual and store etc.

9 Oct 1797 departed from Yarmouth for the Texel. 11 Oct 1797 engaged the Dutch fleet in what was to be known as the Battle of Camperdown (Admiral Duncan).

21 Feb 1798 prize money resulting from the sale of Dutch ships captured on the 11 Oct 1797 due for payment.

15 Apr 1799 at North [Great] Yarmouth.

15 Sep 1799 Sheerness, Five Dutch line of battle ships, with three Dutch frigates and one sloop, escorted by the Glatton, Veteran, Monmouth, Ardent and Belliqueux, and two Russian ships arrived last night at the Nore, with the Dutch Republican flags flying under the English.

13 Aug-Oct 1799 employed on expedition to Holland.

1 - 2 May 1800 prize money resulting from the operations at the Islands of Martinique, St. Lucia, and Guadaloupe due for payment.

23 Jun 1800 a court martial was held on board the Proselyte, in Sheerness harbour, on a seaman, James Mahoney, of the Veteran, for mutiny, seditious expressions and insolence. The charges were proved, but being of excellent character the prisoner was only to receive 200 lashes. (please note I don't have an irony alert !).

9 Aug 1800 a squadron under Vice-Admiral Dickson consisting of the Monarch, Glatton, Polyphemus, Ardent, Veteran, Romney, Isis, Waakzamheid, and Martin ; Volcano, Hecla, Sulphur, and Zebra bombs ; Boxer, Furious, Griper, Swinger, and Haughty gun-vessels, departed North Yarmouth Roads for Copenhagen to be present during Lord Whitworth's negotiations with the Danish authorities! 15 Aug arrived in the Skaw and then went through a number of manoeuvres etc. ; and then departed for England. For more details see p. 240 of vol 4 of the Naval Chronicles.

14 Sep 1800 the squadron arrived back at Yarmouth.

2 Feb 1801 in the Roads at N. Yarmouth.

10 Mar 1801 the North Sea Fleet has come together at N. Yarmouth, and consists of the London, and St George, 98 guns, Adm. Sir Hyde Parker having transferred his flag from the Ardent to the St George ; Monarch, Bellona, Saturn, Ramilies, Ganges, Warrior, Russell and Defence, 74 ; Veteran, Ardent, Polyphemus, Raisonable, Agamemnon, 64 ; Glatton, 54 ; Isis, 50 ; Desiree, Blanche, and Amazon frigates ; Pylades, Hyaena, Dart, and Arrow, sloops ; Harpy ; Biter, Blazer, Bruiser, Tigress, Pelter, Teazer, Hasty, Force, Sparkler Brigs ; Terror, Volcano, Explosion, Hecla, Zebra, Albion, Sulphur, and Discovery bombs ; Eling, schooner ; cutters Fox and Hazard ; and luggers Rover and Lark.

Circa 12 Mar 1801 fleet under Admiral Sir Hyde Parker and Lord Nelson, consisting of 17 ships of the line, 3 frigates, 10 gun-brigs, nearly as many bomb-ketches, with smaller vessels usually attendant on a fleet, making in the whole nearly 50 sail, got under weigh from Yarmouth Roads at the break of day, and by eight o'clock had cleared the Sands ; they directed their course to the northward, wafted by a fine breeze at S.W. as departed from Yarmouth roads for Copenhagen (Naval Chronicle). 31 Mar Copenhagen : remained anchored off the Middle Ground with Admiral Parker whilst Nelson departed with the rest of the fleet for the forthcoming engagement. 2 Apr moved closer to Copenhagen and later detached as a reinforcement to Nelson ; the truce : the casualties : the wash-up :

12 Apr 1801 the fleet departed from Copenhagen into the Baltic.

19 Jul 1801 arrived N. Yarmouth with the Baltic fleet under the command of Adm Graves ; for the make up of the much reduced fleet click on : Defiance, flag ship.

20 Jul 1801 The fleet under the command of R.-Adm. Sir Thomas Graves, which arrived yesterday evening from the Baltic, differs from that that departed N. Yarmouth today, supposed for a cruise off Holland. Some additional vessels seem to have arrived overnight, or couldn't be identified yesterday : for the revised make up of the fleet click on Polyphemus.

3 Aug 1801 arrived N. Yarmouth from the fleet off Goree.

9 Aug 1801 departed N. Yarmouth, the Shannon, frigate ; Phoenix, lugger ; and Ready, Safeguard, gun brigs, Veteran, 64 ; Driver, and Inspector, sloops ; and Speedwell, brig.

27 Sep 1801 arrived N. Yarmouth Roads, the Veteran and Blenheim, Adm Dickson, from off Goree.

6 Oct 1801 departed N. Yarmouth Roads the Blenheim, Monarch, Veteran, St Albans, ships of the line ; Lynx and Ariadne, sloops ; and Trial cutter, for a cruise off Goree.

22 Nov 1801 remains in N. Yarmouth Roads with the Blenheim and fleet. Wind NNW.

20 Dec 1801 remains in N. Yarmouth Roads with the Blenheim, Adm. Dickson, and his squadron.

3 Jan 1802 the Blenheim, flag ship of Admiral Dickson, remains in Yarmouth Roads with the Monarch, Adm. Graves, Agamemnon, Raisonable, Standard, St. Albans, Veteran, Ruby, Asia, Polyphemus, Princess of Orange, and Assistance ; Adder gun-vessel ; Inspector, and Pylades sloops ; and Jalouse, and Cruiser brig.

11 Feb 1802 remains with the Blenheim, and the squadron, in Yarmouth Roads.

11 Mar 1802 remains with the Blenheim, &c., in Yarmouth Roads.

10 May 1802 is reported at Sheerness to have been paid off recently at Chatham.

24 Jul 1802 head money for those present at the Engagement at Copenhagen, on the 2d April 1801, due for payment.

17 Nov-30 Dec 1802 prize money resulting from the expedition to Holland due for payment.

Circa 13 Feb 1804 Capt R King apptd to the Veteran.

Circa 16 Jun 1804 Capt Newman apptd to the Veteran.

10 Oct 1804 arrived Spithead, the Veteran, and the Agamemnon, from the Downs.

2 Nov 1804 departed Spithead, the Veteran, Capt Newman ; and the Adamant, Capt Burlton, for the Downs.

May 1805 With Rear Admiral Cochrane.