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Victorious, 1785
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament 74
Launched : 1785 ; Disposal date or year : broken up at Lisbon in late Jul 1803, not being in a fit state to sail back to England.

Early Aug 1795 a part of a squadron, the Victorious, Captain William Clark, arrived in Simon's bay, Cape of Good Hope, with troops, with a view to taking the province, which was subsequently achieved in the September, following the arrival of reinforcements. During this period the Dutch ship Willemstadt en Boetzlaar was taken, re-named Princess, and fitted out as a 20-gun ship, along with the armed brig Star, the latter being re-named the Hope.

8 Sep 1796 Point Pedro, EI, bearing west Arrogant, Captain Richard Lucas, and Victorious, Captain William Clark, sighted a French squadron and following a long chase were involved in an inconclusive action.

Circa 24 Apr 1802 Lieutenant P. Percy, of the Victorious, to be Lieutenant of the Suffolk.

Circa 24 Apr 1802 Lieutenant J. Burn, of the Arrogant, to be Lieutenant of the Victorious.

Circa 24 Apr 1802 Mr. J. Adie, Surgeon's Mate of the Victorious, to be Surgeon of La Chiffonne.

22 May 1802 the Victorious arrived Madras Roads with the Intrepid, Sybille, Leopard, Trident, Eurydice, and Albatross.

13 Dec 1802 arrived at the Cape of Good Hope, from India, the Victorious, Capt Malcolm ; Sybille (Sybel), Capt Adam ; Orpheus, Capt C. Malcolm, in need of provisions and water, and are expected to remain about 10 days. Is reported to have left some of her guns at Madras.

12 Mar 1803 the Victorious being in a very leaky condition put into Lisbon with the Sybille.

28 Mar 1803 both the Sybille and the Victorious remained at Lisbon on the departure of the Falmouth packet Duke of York.

22 Apr 1803 the Sybille, arrived Spithead, from Lisbon, reports that the Victorious remains at Lisbon, and being in such a bad state she will have to be broken up there.

1 Aug 1803 following the breaking up of the Victorious, the ships Sir Andrew Mitchell and Calpe have arrived at Portsmouth, from Lisbon, with the ship's company of the Victorious, to be distributed amongst the ships at Spithead.

12 Dec 1803 noticed this bit of gossip and thought it shines a wee light into some of the things that sometimes took place on board ship in those days ; in the Court of Common Pleas a crim. con. cause was tried between Col Shee, the plaintiff, and Capt Malcolm, RN, late commander of the Victorious, was defendant. Criminal intercourse having taken place onboard the Victorious, in which Col Shee and his wife were passengers from India. The judge was of the opinion that the plaintiff had not used due diligence, knowing his wife wasn't averse to throwing herself in the arms of other men, and following a short consultation the jury found for the plaintiff, damages of 40/- being awarded.