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Victory, 1765
Type: 1st rate ; Armament 100 ( 2 × 68pdr ; 28 × 42pdr ; 28 × 24pdr ; 28 × 12pdr ; 16 × 6pdr.)
Launched : 7 May 1765 ; BM: 2162 tons
Dimensions Length of gun deck 186 ft. 0 in. ; Breadth extreme 52 ft. 0 in. ; Depth of hold 21 ft. 6 in.

22 May 1793, departed from Spithead with one 100, five 74s, and one 64 gun-ship, five frigates and sloops, two fire, and two hospital ships, under Vice-admiral Lord Hood, the commander-in-chief, in the Victory, Rear-adm. (w.) Sir Hyde Parker, Captain John Knight, to form the fourth division of a Fleet to operate in the Mediterranean.

24 Aug 1793, Lieutenant Edward Cooke proceeds ashore at Toulon on the dangererous task of arranging a meeting with the Royalists.

25 Jan 1794 Off the Isle of Elba.

Circa 4 Apr 1794, arrived Bastia, which was subsequently taken on 21 May,

19 Jun 1794, Agamemnon arrived and landed troops near Calvi. Lord Hood arrived on the 27 Jun in the Victory. On 10 Aug, the fort surrendered.

Early Aug 1794, Victory, Admiral (b.) Lord Hood, Captain John Nicholson Inglefield, Captain John Knight departed Bastia in pursuit of a French squadron, which sought safety of Gourjean bay. Leaving a squadron to blockade the French the Admiral returned to Corsica to continue operations. Due to stormy weather driving the British out to sea the French squadron was able return to Toulon.

Early Nov 1794, Lord Hood returned to England in the Victory.

14 Jun 1795 the British fleet, then off Minorca, joined by a squadron from Gibraltar and England, including the Victory, Rear-admiral (b.) Robert Mann, Captain John Knight.

8 Jul 1795, the fleet, at anchor at in San-Fiorenzo bay, once aware that the French fleet was close by, gave chase. It was sighted on the 13th and later the order was given for the general chase, but apart from the loss of a 74 by the French the result was inconclusive and resulted in not a little criticism, the consequence perhaps being Admiral Hotham's resignation on 1 Nov 1795.

6 Aug 1795, Admiral Hotham put to sea on a cruise, sighting the French fleet in Toulon road.

1 Nov 1795 at Leghorn admiral Hotham struck his flag, being succeeded by Vice-admiral Sir Hyde Parker. On the 11th, the fleet departed for San-Fiorenzo, arriving on the 20th, where, on the 30th, the Lively arrived from Portsmouth, having on board Admiral Sir John Jervis, appointed the commander-in-chief. 3 Dec Sir John shifted his flag from the Lively to the Victory, and on the 13th, departed with the fleet for Toulon; between which port and the isle of Minorca, the admiral was cruising at the close of the year.

Circa 20 Jan 1797 departed from the Tagus with a Portuguese convoy and was subsequently, 6 Feb., joined off Cape St.-Vincent by a squadron detached from the Channel fleet.

13 Feb 1797 the frigate Minerve joined Sir John Jervis's squadron with intelligence of the Spanish fleet.

14 Feb 1797 Jervis's action with the Spanish off Cape St Vincent.

31 Mar 1797 departed from Lisbon to blockade Cadiz.

1800-03 major repair at Chatham (per Winfield).

24 Mar 1803 it is observed at Chatham that the Victory, "having had a most complete repair," will be taken out of dock in a few days ; and it is understood that she may be fitted for a flag.

17 Apr 1803 has her "top-gallant-masts an end", and nearly all her stores on board.

24 Apr 1803 arrived Sheerness, from Chatham, the Victory, Capt Sutton.

10 May 1803 the Utrecht has arrived Sheerness to be docked, and her ship's company has been turned over to the Victory, which departs Sheerness for the Nore tomorrow.

13 May 1803 the Victory was flying a signal for a Pilot at Sheerness.

16 May 1803 passed through the Downs from Sheerness, yesterday, for Torbay, although it looks as though she went to Spithead.

16 May 1803 arrived St Helen's and is expected to receive the flag of Adm Lord Nelson shortly.

20 May 1803 departed Spithead in a heavy shower of rain and a northerly wind, the Victory, V.-Adm Nelson, First Capt George Murray, Second Capt Sutton, with the Hon Mr Elliot, minister for Naples, and the Hon Capt Elliot, of the RN, passengers ; with the Amphion, 32, Capt Hardy, for the Mediterranean. It was observed in the Hampshire Telegraph that Capt Hardy may well take command of the Victory one they arrive in the Mediterranean.

20 May 1803 departed from Spithead with Nelson for off Brest, in company with the Amphion. 23d Nelson transferred to the Amphion.

28 May 1803, having departed for Gibraltar fell in with and re-captured French 32-gun frigate Embuscade (late British Ambuscade) ; arriving Gibraltar 12 Jun., Malta 9 Jul., joining the Mediterranean fleet on 30 Jul, off Cape Sicie.

21 Jul 1803 the Triumph arrived off Gibraltar in 12 days from the fleet off Toulon. Lord Nelson joined the fleet, 2 days before they sailed, with the Maidstone, Medusa, and Amphion. The Medusa saw the Victory off Sicily on her way to Malta. The fleet were all well ; they had two gales, one of which sprung the bowsprit of the Triumph, and hence her arrival her for repairs. The Doris departs Gibraltar to day to join Adm Campbell off Cadiz. 25 Jul 1803 this letter goes with the Victorieuse, which departs for England with dispatches.

12 Nov 1803 UK newspapers report that the Victory has been unable to buy fresh provisions at Barcelona.

The Hampshire Telegraph of 26 Sep 1803 reports that a court martial was held on board the Victory following the loss of the Resistance on Cape St Vincent. Capt Wodehouse was acquitted ; Mr Rose the Master was dismissed the Service ; and Lieut Southcott was severely reprimanded for his misconduct.

The Hampshire Telegraph of the 10 Oct 1803, reports receipt of a letter from the Victory, off Toulon, dated 1 Sep., brought to England by the frigate Experiment, just arrived at Spithead, stating that the Victory has been cruising there for 5 weeks ; the squadron consists of 6 sail of the line, including also the Kent, Canopus, Superb, Triumph and Renown ; the French squadron remains the same, apart from a frigate and a brig which got into Toulon, from Marseilles, when heavy gales blew the blockading squadron off the coast.

Circa 26 Nov 1803 Lieut H W Pearce apptd of the Victory promoted to Commander and to the command of the L'Alicon.

24 Oct 1803, departed for the Magdalena islands for water etc., returned Toulon 23 Nov.

Late 1803, Of the weak and ill-provided state of several of his ships, Lord Nelson, in his letters to the admiralty, complained very bitterly, and, as it appears, not without reason. " . . . . . . . . "Every bit of twice-laid stuff belonging to the Canopus is condemned, and all the running rigging in the fleet, except the Victory's. . . . . . "

12 Dec 1803 by a letter received today from Leghorn dated 15 Oct 1803 it is reported that a division of Lord Nelson's fleet was blockading Genoa.

12 Dec 1803, whilst the Narcissus watched Toulon the Fleet departed for the bay of Palma and thence to the Magdalena islands for water etc.

4 Jan 1804 departed with the Mediterranean fleet on a cruise, arriving back at Sardinia on 27th. 1 Feb cruised on the French coast, anchoring off Cabrera on the 8th ; cruised again from the 19 Feb to 25 Mar.

13 Jan 1804 arrived Spithead from the Mediterranean, the store ship Charon, with the Ambuscade, lately recaptured from the French by the Victory.

Circa 21 Jan 1804 ______ Burke, Esq., apptd to be purser of the Victory.

Circa 5 Mar 1804 Lieut Layman of the Victory, apptd to the command of the Weazle.

3 Apr 1804 cruised off the French coast apart from returning briefly to the Magdalena islands to water from 11 to 19 May.

13 Jun 1804 a small French squadron entered Toulon.

19 Jul 1804 following the receipt of supplies from England the fleet departed for the gulf of Palma to store ship ; returned 26 Aug.

19 Jan 1805 whilst watering at Agincourt sound the Mediterranean fleet was informed that the Toulon fleet was at sea, and departed in search. It was discovered on 14 Feb that the French fleet had returned to Toulon.

28 Mar 1805 victualled at Palma and on the 3 Apr departed to water at Pulla bay, but on the 4th Phoebe reported that the Toulon fleet was at sea again : the search began again. 4 May, having heard that the Toulon fleet had passed through the Straits on 8 Apl, the fleet anchored at Mazari bay to water. Following a change in the wind the fleet departed on 5 May, the Superb leaving her cargo of cattle and vegetables etc. on the beach. Having provisioned for 5 months on the 10th rendez-voused on 12th at Cape St.-Vincent with a convoy of troops from England and detached the Royal-Sovereign to the convoy, following which Nelson departed for Madeira and the West Indies.

15 May 1805 arrived Madeira : and Barbadoes 4 Jun with news that the French fleet was in the West Indies : was joined by the Spartiate : 13th arrived Antigua and departed for Europe.

17 Jul 1805 arrived off Cape St.-Vincent and departed for Gibraltar, and having watered etc. proceeded west and north. 15 Aug received news from Adm. Cornwallis off Ushant, before Victory and Superb departed for Spithead, arriving on the 18th.

15 Aug 1805 Victory, with Nelson onboard, accompanied by the frigate Euryalus until 26 Aug, departed from Portsmouth ; was joined off Plymouth by the Ajax and Thunderer on 18th ; and arrived off Cadiz 28 Sep.

15 Sep 1805 Victory, with Nelson onboard, accompanied by the frigate Euryalus until 26 Sep, departed from Portsmouth ; was joined off Plymouth by the Ajax and Thunderer on 18th ; and arrived off Cadiz 28th.

10 Oct 1805 off Cadiz - the tactical preparations etc. for the forthcoming battle. 20 Oct combined fleet departed Cadiz, fleet manoeuvres.

21 Oct 1805 England expects….. &c. signalled, the first shots of the Battle of Trafalgar are fired. Nelson shot. Resumé of what had taken place. Individual ship actions and losses : Victory. The post-mortem commences ; Summary of British casualties ; Death of Nelson ;

22-30 Oct 1805 losses amongst the prizes due to bad weather etc: Redoutable, Rayo, Monarca (sank) ; Fougueux, Bucentaure, Indomptable, San-Francisco-de-Asis, Aigle, Berwick (wrecked) ; Algésiras (taken into Cadiz) ; Santa-Ana, Neptuno (recaptured) ; Santisima-Trinidad (scuttled) ; Achille, Intrépide, San-Augustin (burnt) ; the washup ; burial of Nelson ;

28 Oct 1805 Victory arrived at Gibraltar, under tow by the Neptune ; 3 Nov departed for England ; 4 Dec arrived St.-Helen's (off the Isle of Wight) ; 10 Dec departed for Margate ; 22 Dec arrived Margate, where Nelson's body was transferred to Commissioner Grey's yacht, Chatham.

May - Oct 1808 in the Baltic with a fleet under V.-adm Sir J Saumarez.

30 Aug 1808 joined the Centaur, Implacable and Swedish fleet blockading the Russians in the port of Rogerswick.

28 Jan 1811 the 36th Regiment embarked at Portsmouth.

30 Jan 1811 departed Portsmouth.

24 Mar 1811 arrived Plymouth from Lisbon.

26 Mar 1811 arrived Portsmouth from the Tagus.

29 Mar 1811 Refitting at Spithead.

5 Apr 1811 fitting for the Baltic.

7 Oct 1811 Laying off shore at Gottenburgh.

30 Oct 1811 remains Wingo Sound.

26 Dec 1811 arrived Portsmouth from the Baltic.

17 Apr 1812 dropped down to St. Helen's and will proceed hence for the Baltic.

20 Apr 1812 departed Portsmouth.

6 Nov 1812 arrived Portsmouth from the Baltic.

14 Oct 1824 in Portsmouth Harbour.

16 Jan 1826 in Portsmouth Harbour.

2 Jan 1826 The brig Brothers drove foul of the Victory, and was much damaged.

Jul 1830 in Portsmouth Harbour.

22 Oct 1831 in Portsmouth Harbour.

Circa Nov 1831 the flag-ship at Portsmouth, the Victory, is ordered to bear three Lieutenants, and 200 officers, seamen, and marines.

22 Nov 1831 hoisted the flag of Admiral Sir Thomas Foley, G.C.B. the C-in-C at Portsmouth.

26 Jan 1832 Captain Hyde Parker took command, and as Flag Captain to Adm. Foley.

26 Jan 1833 Flag ship for Portsmouth.

21 Apr 1832 the Victory is under orders to go out of harbour, and remain at Spithead, during the Summer months, and the Excellent, at present used for the exercise of Gunnery, is to receive on board supernumeraries instead of the Victory.

8 Jun 1833 in Portsmouth Harbour.

26 Apr 1834 Crew fitting out the Royal George yacht for sea.

17 Jan 1835 in harbour at Portsmouth

8-14 Aug 1835 a court martial has been convened on board the Victory, charging the Mate, Charles Cardew, and the Master, Michael Heath, with mutiny, for having confined the Commanding Officer, Lieutenant George Charles Stovin in his cabin. It was stated in their defence that Lt. Stovin was almost constantly under the influence of drink and that acted in the best interests of the service. Both officers were dismissed the service and sent to the Marshalsea prison fro three months.

29 Aug 1835 the Britannia is to replace the Victory as the Port Admiral's ship, and the officers will be transferred accordingly.

29 Aug 1835 at a court martial convened on board the Victory the surgeon, Dr. George McDiarmid, was acquitted on charges of drunkeness and unofficerlike conduct.

10 Oct 1835 a court martial will be held at Portsmouth, onboard the Victory, tender to the Britannia, on Tuesday next, to try the Captain and Master of the Pique, which went ashore on the coast of Labrador. It is noted that they were both acquitted.

Portsmouth 10 Oct 1835 a court martial will be held onboard the Victory, tender to the Britannia, on Monday next, to try the officers and crew of the Challenger, wrecked on the coast of Chili in May.

21 Dec 1836 The Victory now flies the flag of the Superintendent of Portsmouth Dockyard, it having been transferred from the Prince, which is ordered to be sold. The Victory is therefore back in commission and Guardship for Portsmouth.

18 May 1839 Portsmouth A court-martial assembled yesterday morning on board the Victory (composed of the same officers who constituted the court on the trial of Lieutenant F. King, of the Lily, to try Mr. Charles Henry Faller, surgeon, of Her Majesty's ship Lily, on the following charges, preferred against him by Commander Reeve
1. For disrespectful and insulting conduct towards Commander Reeve, on the quarter-deck of Her Majesty's ship Lily, on the 13th of December, 1838, in reference to a written order dated 12th of December, which the said commander had issued, touching the conduct of the said Mr. Fuller and of the purser of the said sloop.
2. For disrespectful and insulting language and conduct on the 18th of January, 1839, both in Commander Reeve's cabin, when Mr. Finer came to report the sick, and on the quarter-deck, on the same day, for which he was placed under arrest
3. For having, on the 2d of February, written a letter to the Hon. Rear-Admiral Elliot, couched in very improper language, and wanting in respect to Commander Reeve, and for having, between the 2d and 6th of February, written two letters to Rear-Admiral the Hon. G. Elliot, both also couched in improper language, and wanting in respect towards the said Commander Reeve.
The Court was occupied till 8 o'clock this even evening, whoa sentence was pronounced in the following terms-.
The Court is of opinion that the first of the said charges has been proved ; that the second charge has not been proved and that so much of the third charge as relates to the said Mr. Fuller's having, on the 3d day of February, 1839, written and addressed to Rear-Admiral the Hon. G. Elliot, C. B., Commander-in-Chief, a letter couched in very improper language and wanting in respect to his commanding officer, and also such of the said charge as refers to Mr. Fuller's having, between the 2d and 6th of February, written two other letters to Admiral Elliot, both in the same way objectionable have been proved, but that so much of the 3d charge as relates to Mr. Fuller’s sending the letters to Admiral Elliot has not been proved. In consideration, however, of the high character hitherto sustained by Mr. Fuller, and of his long confinement under arrest, the Court adjudged Mr. Fuller to be severely reprimanded."
We regret this censure on Mr. Fuller : his fault has been a want of adherence to the strict rules of the service which enjoin that all his communications to the higher authorities should go through his immediate commanding officer ; as a civilian he might not, but it was his duty, to have known this."

1 Jun 1839 Clerk W. Harris, to be clerk, and John Barnes, additional clerk, appointed to the Victory,

3 Aug 1839 Lieutenant John Barnes, (a) to the Victory, appointed for the duties of the ship ;

14 Dec 1839 Portsmouth In harbour.

21 Dec 1839 Assistant Surgeon Matthewson Cony, appointed to the Victory

25 Jan 1840 Master Gilbert H. Cole, of the Britannia, appointed to be master and pilot of the Victory, vice Armstrong, sick

25 Jan 1840 Lieutenant A. J. Graeme, appointed to the Ordinary at Portsmouth, vice Barnes, appointed to the Victory

1 Feb 1840 Masters Assistant Richard Read, appointed to the Victory.

8 Feb 1840 Lieutenant D. B. Grant, appointed to the Victory, vice William Lee ; Lieutenant G. E. Powell ; Master’s Assistant G W. B?rumens ; Gunner James Monk ; 21 Mar 1840 Boatswain Mr. William Robertson, of the Victory, appointed to the Royal Sovereign yacht, at Milford.

25 Apr 1840 Masters' Assistant Richard Read ; Gunner M. Hughes, appointed to the Victory.

9 May 1840 Assistant Surgeon R. J. Rogers (additional) appointed to Victory, for service in the Success hulk.

29 May 1840 Master R. Read (additional), appointed to the Victory, for the Echo.

6 Jun 1840 Clerk W. S. Biddlecombe (from the Victory), appointed to the Victor ; Third Engineer Andrew Witham appointed to the Victory, for Echo, vice Bain, appointed to Hecla.

13 Jun 1840 Assistant-Surgeon J. W. Roberts, appointed additional, to the Victory, for the Success hulk ; Master's Assistant C. Parsons (acting), appointed to the Victory ; Gunner David Stow, from Jupiter, appointed to Victory, as supernumerary.

4 Jul 1840 Master W. Miller, appointed to the Victory.

18 Jul 1840 Lieutenant W. Edmonstone, appointed flag to the Victory.

25 Jul 1840 Master's Assistant J. D. Pasco, appointed to the Victory.

16 Aug 1840 Lieutenant Edward B. Stewart (acting) appointed to the Victory.

22 Aug 1840 Gunner John Griffiths, supernumerary in the Victory, appointed to the Nautilus ; Gunner Thomas Oliphant, 3d class from the Victory appointed to the Etna.

29 Aug 1840 Portsmouth, 100 pensioners have been ordered to be entered on board the Victory as A.B.’s and Ordinary, for the service of the Ordinary, to retain their pensions, and will be employed during the winter or longer if required.

5 Sep 1840 Portsmouth, William Hurditch, private Marine of the Victory, who jumped overboard and saved the life of a child that had fallen out of a port, has been ordered by the Lords of the Admiralty to be made a non-commissioned officer.

19 Sep 1840 Masters' Assistant James Milton, appointed to the Victory.

10 Oct 1840 Master's Assistant J. D. Louttid, appointed to the Victory ; Boatswain George Chapman, late Boatswain's Mate of the North Star, appointed to be acting Boatswain of the Victory.

17 Oct 1840 Portsmouth, 130 men from the Victory have joined the Howe.

21 Nov 1840 Clerk E. S. F. Cheeseman, additional, appointed to the Victory.

27 Nov 1840 Carpenter William Kingdom, carpenter's mate of the Queen, and Robert Hall, carpenter's mate of Fair Rosamond, have been promoted to acting carpenters, and appointed to be borne in the Victory.

5 Dec 1840 An order has been received to receive pensioners from the Royal Marines, who are stout and healthy, an board the Victory.

5 Dec 1840 To be appointed Acting Boatswain Frederick Garton, and borne on the Victory.

12 Dec 1840 Masters' Assistants W. Diaper and James Milton, appointed to the Victory.

12 Dec 1840 Carpenter G. Jones (shipwright of this yard), appointed to be acting carpenter, and borne in the Victory.

16 Jan 1841 Carpenter W. Lee, appointed to the Victory, vice Reynolds.

16 Jan 1841 Edward Bulley, carpenter's mate of the Viper, appointed to be acting carpenter and borne on the Victory.

30 Jan 1841 Acting Master's Assistant John Matthews, appointed to the Victory

27 Feb 1841 Gunner's Mate W. Sparkes, of the Excellent, appointed to be acting gunner of the Victory.

6 Mar 1841 Gunner W. Sparks, of the Excellent, appointed to be Acting Gunner, and borne on the Victory.

3 Apr 1841 Assistant-Surgeon W. Corry, of the Victory, promoted to surgeon.

3 Apr 1841 Assistant-Surgeon J. Campbell, appointed to the Victory, vice Corry, promoted ;"

24 Apr 1841 Assistant-Surgeon S. Livesay, M.D., appointed to the Victory, vice Corry, promoted.

11 May 1841 Additional Clerk G. S. Singer ; and Master's Assistant James King, appointed to the Victory.

22 May 1841 Second Engineer Charles Hobb, appointed to the Victory, for service in the Wildfire.

29 May 1841 Second engineer A. Innes, additional appointed to the Victory, for the Cuckoo.

12 Jun 1841 Master’s Assistant Mr. G. S. Hodges, appointed to the Victory ;

26 Jun 1841 Second Master Henry Hill, additional, appointed to the Victory.

9 Jul 1841 Portsmouth, The Hon. Rear-Admiral Bouverie returned from leave yesterday, and rehoisted his flag on board the Victory.

10 Jul 1841 Captain Loch, of the Victory, is to succeed Captain Clavell as superintendent of Chatham Dockyard.

7 Aug 1841 Portsmouth, the Lively returned from the river on Saturday, and is now prepared to sail as soon as the weather moderates, for Milford, with men from the Victory, and dockyard to attend the launching, rigging, and bringing here of the Collingwood, 80.

4 Sep 1841 Lieutenant C. A. Petch, appointed to the Victory, for service of the Wildfire ;

4 Sep 1841 Captain W.W. Henderson, C.B., appointed to the Victory ;

4 Sep 1841 Lieutenant J. Day, appointed to Victory, for service of the Cuckoo ;

4 Sep 1841 Portsmouth, Captain F. E. Loch appointed Superintendent of the Quarantine at Standgate-creek.

11 Sep 1841 Lieutenant T. S. Hall, appointed to the Victory, vice Barnes.

11 Sep 1841 Lieutenant A. Parks appointed to the Victory, for service of Cuckoo.

25 Sep 1841 Clerk G. Munro, from the Victory appointed to the North Star.

2 Oct 1841 First Engineer R. Sago, appointed to the Victory, for service in the Wildfire.

23 Oct 1841 Portsmouth, Rendezvous are to be opened in Scotland and Ireland by officers from the St. Vincent and Victory.

13 Nov 1841 Portsmouth, seamen of the Victory are to be employed in the rigging house.

4 Dec 1841 Lieutenant J. Inglis, appointed to the Victory.

28 Dec 1841 in Portsmouth harbour.

11 Apr 1842 the Hampshire Telegraph reports that 100 landsmen were entered on the Victory's books.

25 Aug 1842 the Lively departed Portsmouth with the Master of the Victory and a crew to bring the Thunderbolt down from Glasgow.

24 Sep 1842 Able Seaman David Urry has been awarded a long service and good conduct pension of £15 14s. p.a.

24 Sep 1842 Quartermaster R. G. Rogers has been awarded a long service and good conduct pension of £19 16s. p.a.

1 Oct 1842 Carpenter's Mate James Spear awarded a pension of £32 per annum.

1 Oct 1842 Captain's Coxswain William Toms awarded a pension of £21 4s. per annum.

29 Oct 1842 Seaman Thos. Hawkins awarded a pension of £15 4s. per annum.

29 Oct 1842 Cooper John Sherman awarded a pension of £20 12s. per annum.

29 Oct 1842 Seaman Wm. Hyett awarded a pension of £5 4s. per annum.

29 Oct 1842 Quartermaster John Simmonds awarded a pension of £16 per annum.

10 Dec 1842 Able Seaman W. Taylor granted a pension of £15 4s. p.a.

10 Dec 1842 Captain of the Forecastle, Petty Officer C. Norris, granted a pension of £19 6s. per annum.

10 Dec 1842 Boatswain's Mate J. North granted a pension of £23 8s. p.a.

19 Dec 1848 Cholera has broken out in a convict ship, recently arrived from Woolwich. The Victory's surgeon's has removed the sick to HMS Menelaus, lazaretto, at the Motherbank.

20 Dec 1848 Flag ship, Portsmouth.

2 Apr 1851 The Victory, flag ship, Britannia, and other ships in commission at this port, in pursuance of orders, commenced getting up their lower yards and top-masts this morning at eight o'clock.

30 Aug 1851 Portsmouth.

10 Dec 1851 Cadet William Kennedy, Later Vice Admiral, joined HMS Victory, from shore, before joining the Rodney.

2 Jan 1856 Asst Clerk Stone to ship at Portsmouth.

4 Mar 1856 A court martial was held on board the Victory, flag ship, today, to try Mr Henry Duncan, acting assistant engineer of the second class, serving on board the Cressy, 50, screw ship, Captain Warren - see Cressey for details.

1860 Flag Ship, Portsmouth.

1 Jan 1862 Portsmouth. Commissioned for Harbour Service and as Receiving Ship, Portsmouth.

1864 Home Station, Receiving Ship at Portsmouth. Reports of Scarlatina, and Small Pox onboard. Number of Cases of Disease and Injury.

1870 Tender to Duke of Wellington, Portsmouth.

1879 Tender to Duke of Wellington, Portsmouth.

Apr 1889 Court-martial held on board on acting sub-lieutenant W. B. Cowper Coles, of the Excellent, attending the RN College, Greenwich, for absence without leave, and was sentenced to lose 9 months' seniority and to be severely reprimanded.

1890 Tender to Duke of Wellington, Portsmouth. Officers borne in the "Duke of Wellington".

21 Oct 1891 the Anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar was celebrated in the usual manner, the trucks and yardarms of the Victory, and the spot where Nelson fell, being decorated with garlands and evergreens and her white ensign not lowered the previous night, in commemoration of the Admiral's signal of the 20 Oct.

Aug 1914 Flies the Flag of the Commander-in-Chief: the general work of the flagship is carried out in his offices in the Dockyard and at the RN Barracks. See RN Barracks for further details.

Aug 1914 Navy List : In addition to officers born for duties in the RN Barracks, officers were also included on the books of the RN Barracks for the following departments :
A Commander for Drafting Duties.
A Commander in charge of Instruction, presumably for Second Class Stokers under training.
A Lieutenant Commander for Physical Training duties within the Port Division.
An Engineer Commander for Drafting and Mobilisation duties.
2 Paymasters, each in charge of separate Pay Offices.
A Paymaster in charge of the General Mess and Cookery School.
Officers born for duties at the RN War College.
Officers working in the Dockyard:
Captain of the Dockyard and Deputy Superintendent and King's Harbour Master and staff.
Officers born for fleet coaling duties.
Officers born for duties at the Physical Training School at Pitt Street.
Officers born for duties at the Signal School.
Officers born for duties training Second Class Stokers.
Officers serving at RN Hospital Haslar.
Officers born for duties at the Portland Depot, which includes the Portland Naval Hospital.
Officers born for Miscellaneous Duties:
Several officer born for special service and duties, including one at Southampton, one for War Staff duties.
Officers and staff at the Detention Quarters.
An officers and staff born for the Chart and Chronometer Department.
An officer and staff born for duties with gun mountings.
An officer and staff born for duties at the Semaphore Tower.
Officers born for duties supervising ships being built by Contractors.
Officers and staff in charge of Gunboats at Haslar, including the machinery at Haslar Hospital and for liquid fuel experiments, and oil fuel experiemts.
An officer for instruction of Engineroom ratings.
An officer for duties with the Royal Fleet Reserve.
An officer for duties with the "Renown."
An officer for duties with the Southampton Boom Defence.
Am officer for the Dockyard Signal Station.
Officers born for duties on the "Wizard," "Boxer," "Magnet," and a number of torpedo boats.

Ratings serving at any of the above or with officers would similarly be administered to some extent by the RN Barracks. Some may be responsible to the Commodore of the Barracks, such as the Drafting Commander, whereas others, such as the RN Hospital at Haslar, would be responsible to other authorities, and the RN Barracks merely looks after pay, service documentation and, if applicable, stores and victualling.

During the Great War the RN Barracks was not sufficiently large to be able to cope with the demands placed on it and various departments were opened which may not necessarily have been in the Portsmouth area, such as Crystel Palace for training of the RN and RNR Divisions, and a number of Accounting and Administration sections in London, Petersfield.

12 Jan 1922 drydocked in No 2 Dock in Portsmouth Dockyard.

2003 Dec 2007 Still in commission.