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Vivid (RN Barracks), 1889-1934
Type: RN Barracks ;

June 1889 RN Barracks, Devonport, first occupied.

1890 C-in-C Devonport.

Jul 1890 Chief Writer A. E. Castles awarded LS & GC Medal.

Sep 1891, considerable additions are to be made to the naval barracks in order to accommodate the additional 1,000 officers and men at present accommodated in the Indus guardship, which is planned to be run-down and closed in the next 5-7 years.

19 Nov 1891 advertisements have been published calling for tenders for the construction of various additional buildings : in the current financial year : for drying rooms and skittle and bowling alleys etc., : and in subsequent financial years a large accommodation block for seamen and stokers, and a second block for a Wardroom for the officers.

31 Dec 1891, Commander T. B. Triggs appointed to the Vivid, for service with training school for Engineer students, vice Worrish, to date Jan. 7, 1892.

Apr 1892, Devonport, the Spider has been commissioned as tender to the Vivid for the instruction of engineer students.

In 1914 it is noted from the Navy List that the RN Barracks had the following establishments and vessels attached, some of which are based in the dockyard and elsewhere, as described :
A Gunnery School ;
A Drafting and Mobilisation Officer for arranging the movements of personnel in the Devonport Division, and recalling reservists etc. ;
The Trevol Rifle Range ;
A Signal School ;
A Division for the training of Second Class Stokers and Boys ;
Devonport Port Division Physical Training Officer ;
Two Pay Offices, one of which would have been responsible for looking after the accounts for establishments and vessels attached to the Barracks ;
A General Mess and Cookery School ;
An RN Patrol Section, for patrolling the streets of Plymouth and Devonport ;
Youth Training Establishment ;
R.N. College, Keyham ;
Naval Staff working in the Devonport Dockyard, including the Admiral Superintendent and his staff ;
Personnel involved in Fleet Coaling duties ;
The RN Staff working at Pembroke Dockyard ;
R.N. War College, Devonport ;
Personnel working with the Torpedo Boat Flotilla attached to Vivid ;
Personnel working at the RN Hospital, Plymouth ;
The King's Harbour Master Plymouth Sound ;
The Chart and Chronometer Depot ;
Devonport Detention Quarters ;
Personnel responsible for overseeing the building of ships ;
The Tender "Elf" ;
The Tender "Fortitude" ;
The Tender "Amphitrite" ;
The Tender "Sabrina" ;
The Tender "Tay" ;
The Tender "Traveller" ;

1 Jan 1934 RN Barracks, Devonport renamed HMS Drake.