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Warspite /Warspight, 1758
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament 74
Launched : 1758 ; Disposal date or year : 1801
BM: 1580 tons

1 Jan 1799 receiving ship at Portsmouth.

Mar 1800 Warspite renamed Arundel.

Warspite, 1807
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament 74
Launched : 16 Nov 1807 ; Disposal date or year : 3 Jan 1876
Disposal Details : Burned by accident at Woolwich
BM: 1890 tons

May 1805 Building.

Whilst building fitted with the system of diagonal timbering by Sir Robert Seppings.

15 Jul 1810 manoeuvres with the squadron which remained off the port of Toulon when the Mediterranean fleet left the coast to seek shelter.

24 June 1811 reported to be off Barcelona.

28 Aug 1812 arrived Deal from a cruise off Flushing.

7 Sep 1812 departed Deal on a cruise off Flushing.

1 Dec 1812 came to anchor at Plymouth Dock on Sunday night, and this evening is under weigh again.

2 Dec 1812 departed Plymouth for Portsmouth.

12 Mar 1813 the Warspite and Pheasant captured a U.S. privateer, the 4 gun schooner William, with 30 men.

14 Mar 1813 captured a U.S. privateer, the 8 gun ship Cannonier, with 28 men.

20 Mar 1813 has detained and sent in to Plymouth the American ship William, Bayard, from New York to Bourdeaux.

29 May 1813 captured a U.S. privateer, the 6 gun schooner Flash, with 20 men. off Hedic.

2 Apr 1814 came into Plymouth from off Brest.

24 Aug 1814 arrived Plymouth from Bourdeaux with a convoy of transports, with troops on board.

19 Sep 1814 arrived Plymouth.

7 Oct 1814 arrived Portsmouth from Plymouth.

5 Nov 1814 Has been refitted at Portsmouth.

29 Dec 1825 being fitted out at Plymouth for service in South America.

16 Jan 1826 in Portsmouth harbour.

14 Jan 1826 Preparing at Portsmouth for a passage to the East Indies in the company of the Volage.

6 Jan 1827 employed in the on the South America Station.

8 Jan 1827 departed Sydney for Valparaiso.

28 Jul 1827 arrived Portsmouth from Sydney, Cook's Straits, and Rio de Janeiro.

2 Sep 1827 Reported to be off Lisbon.

29 Dec 1827 Remains at Valetta.

4 Jun 1828 Is cruising off Corfu.

4 Jun 1828 On the coast of the Morea.

24 Jun 1828 At Egina.

11 Sep 1828 departed Valletta for England.

7 Oct 1828 arrived Portsmouth from Malta.

7 May 1829 departed Plymouth for Rio de Janeiro.

At sea 12 May 1829 A puncheon of rum was picked up in lat. 46.48 N. long 10.34 W, which had apparently been in the water some months.

31 Jul 1829 at Rio de Janeiro.

27 Oct 1829 remains Rio de Janeiro.

28 Dec 1829 remains Rio de Janeiro.

1830 South America Station.

5 Jan 1831, at Rio de Janeiro, in correspondence with the Admiralty regarding the loss of the packet Thetis and $806,000 specie, and attempts to recover same.

4 Feb 1831, at Rio, and further correspondence re loss of Thetis and the involvement of HMS Lightning, under Cdr. Dickinson, at Cape Frio, and HMS Algerine, Captain Martin, and recovery of the treasure using a diving bell made locally.

3 Jul 1831 departed Rio Janeiro for the Cape of Good Hope,.

31 Jul 1831 arrived at the Cape of Good Hope from Rio.

At sea 29 Nov 1831 Bound to Rio Janeiro, was spoken with in lat. 23, long. 21 W.

20 Jun 1832 at Rio de Janeiro when the Seringapatam departed for England.

4 Jul 1832 remained at Rio when the Lightning departed for England.

6 Aug 1832 the Warspite (flag), Samarang, Algerine, and tender Adelaide were at Rio de Janeiro when when the Volage departed for Pernambuco.

1 Oct 1832 at Rio de Janeiro.

23 Oct 1832 remained at Rio when the packet Lord Melville departed for England.

Circa 1 Dec 1832 is ordered to the Lisbon Station, to replace the Romney.

18 Jan 1833 departed Rio Janeiro for England.

2 Mar 1833 arrived Spithead from Rio de Janeiro (13 Jan).

28 Dec 1839 in Dock at Portsmouth.

7 Aug 1840 Woolwich, has been cut down to a 50-gun frigate at Portsmouth.

10 Oct 1840 Portsmouth, went out of the basin.

17 Oct 1840 Portsmouth, may be commissioned shortly.

31 Oct 1840, Portsmouth, her masts and yards have been selected.

27 Jan 1841 Portsmouth, was brought into the basin, to be completed for commission.

6 Apr 1841 Portsmouth, taken out of the basin.

20 Aug 1841 Portsmouth, has been commissioned this week.

21 Aug 1841 Captain Lord John Hay ; Lieutenants J. B. Dickson and J. A. Gordon ; Purser Mr. J. Jacobs, ; Volunteers 1st Class J. Ward, and ----- Newport ; Acting Master A. L. Vanzetti, appointed to the Warspite.

28 Aug 1841 Lieutenants W. Horton, T. Baillie, W. H. Hornby ; Surgeon A. Johnston ; Assistant-Surgeons Dr. F. Graham, and H. D. Mason ; Chaplain P. Somerville ; Mate Hon. T. Pakenham ; Midshipmen E. Leeds and F. Lloyd ; Volunteers 1st Class J. Ward, J. Newport and F. P. Owen, appointed to the Warspite ;

5 Sep 1841 taken into dock at Portsmouth to clean and examine her hull. Volunteer 1st Class C. B. Hope, appointed.

7 Sep 1841 Portsmouth, was taken into dock to examine and clear her bottom. Naval Instructor John Nicholas Laverty appointed.

14 Sep 1841 Portsmouth, was taken out of the dock into the basin, to be fitted out.

18 Sep 1841 Second Master George Hodges, appointed.

25 Sep 1841 Mates R. Hopkins and R. L. Reynolds, appointed.

2 Oct 1841 Midshipman Allan Percy, appointed.

30 Oct 1841 Portsmouth, a seamen is reported to have fallen from the main-top and, fortunately, landed on his legs, and walked away.

27 Nov 1841 Lieut. J. B. Branch, appointed.

1 Dec 1841 taken out of the basin at Portsmouth.

4 Dec 1841 Portsmouth, to be fitted out with all despatch.

11 Dec 1841 Portsmouth, will go out to Spithead on Monday. Lieut. H. M. Kinsman appointed.

25 Dec 1841 under orders at Portsmouth to bring the King of Prussia to England for the christening of the Prince of Wales, under the escort of the Thalia and Volage. Lieut. John Charles Johnstone, appointed, vice Hornby, promoted. Lieut. Thomas Baillie appointed to the Isis. Lieut. G. L. Norcock, appointed, vice Baillie.

14 Jan 1842 went out to Spithead, and departed 15th for the Downs, en route to Ostend.

15 Jan 1842 departed Spithead for the Downs to join the Formidable, who, with the Vindictive, arriving the Downs later, will sail for Ostend to escort the King of Prussia to England, with the steamers Firebrand and Sheawater, who are expected to join the squadron tomorrow, from Woolwich.

20 Jan 1842 at anchor off the North Foreland, having, with the Vindictive, touched the ground in the thick fog then prevailing.

25 Jan 1842 returned to Spithead, having departed South Foreland yesterday evening,.

25 Jan 1842 arrived Spithead, from the Downs, the dockyard resuming the "fitments for the accommodation" for Lord Ashburton, shortly due to be taken to New York.

25 Jan 1842 at Spithead, news was received regarding the problems that the Vindictive was experiencing on the East Coast of the Isle of Wight, but due to the severity of the weather, was unable to go to her assistance.

10 Feb 1842, departed Spithead, for New York, with Lord Ashburton and suite, on diplomatic business ot the US, but with westerly gales developing during the night, she returned via the Needles to an anchorage in Yarmouth Roads.

11 Feb 1842 Master Aug. L. Vanzetti / Vangetti apptd. to the Warspite.

15 Feb 1842 passed through Spithead from S. Yarmouth Roads, en route for New York. She was reported to have lost an anchor and cable at S. Yarmouth Roads, which has since been replaced.

1 Apr 1842 arrived off New York with Lord Ashburton on board.

16 Apr 1842 departed Annapolis for Bermuda, Halifax and New York.

7 May 1842 departed Bermuda for Barbadoes.

21 May 1842 departed Barbadoes for New York.

Circa 7 Jun 1842 probably arrived New York previous to the 7th.

20 Aug 1842 reported to be departing New York with Lord Ashburton.

23 Sep 1842 arrived Spithead, from New York, (5 Sep), with Lord Ashburton.

29 Sep 1842 came into harbour at Portsmouth having sprung her masts.

17 Oct 1842 due to go out to Spithead, supposed to be preparing for passage to the Mediterranean.

18 Oct 1842 went out of Portsmouth harbour to Spithead and departed Thursday (20th) for Gibraltar, with General Sir Robert Wilson, new Governor, and the Lord Bishop of Gibraltar and 2 of his chaplains..

7 Nov 1842 at Gibraltar.

17 Nov 1842 at Gibraltar waiting for a fair wind to proceed to England, and due to call at Cadiz to pick up Sir Alexander Woodford, late Gov. of Gib., and family.

6 Dec 1842 arrived Spithead from Gibraltar and Cadiz with the late Gov. of Gibraltar, Gen. Sir Alex. Woodford.

10 Dec 1842 is reported to be due to depart Spithead for Bermuda next week.

15 Dec 1842 inspected by H.I.H. Archduke Frederick of Austria.

15 Dec 1842 ship's company paid advance of wages at Spithead.

17 Dec 1842 departed Spithead for Bermuda.

24 Oct 1846 It was twenty years on Monday last since the Warspite, the first and only English line-of-battle ship that has visited Port Jackson dropped anchor in Farm Cove: The Warspite was one of the old 74 gun ships, and put in here in company with several smaller men-of-war, on her way to the South American station. She was commanded by Commodore Sir James Brisbane, who died during the time the squadron remained here.

1846 The Levant.

Jan 1848 Chatham, in Ordinary.

20 Dec 1848 Chatham.

1860 Chatham.