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Wellesley, 1815
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament 74
Launched : 24 Feb 1815 ; Disposal date or year : 24 Sep 1940
Disposal Details : Sunk in Thames by air attack
BM: 1746 tons

5 Sep 1815 will sail Madras for Trincomalee on Sunday next.

24 Nov 1824 was blown from her moorings at Portsmouth and drifted on the mud in the harbour, along with her hulk. The Wellesley has now been taken into the basin to be inspected.

25 May 1825 Dinner given to the Royal Family of Portugal prior to her departure from Lisbon for the Brazils.

10 Dec 1826 arrived Spithead from Rio.

20 Dec 1826 departed Portsmouth for Lisbon.

6 Jan 1827 at Lisbon.

16 Jun 1827 in Portsmouth Harbour.

2 Sep 1827 off Lisbon.

9 Nov 1827 passed by Gibraltar for Malta.

20 Nov 1827 in the Tagus with lower yards and topmasts struck due to the inclement weather.

24 Jun 1828 preparing at Portsmouth for a passage to the Mediterranean.

11 Sep 1828 departed Valletta for Corfu with troops.

16 Apr 1829 departed Valletta for Syracuse.

21 Apr 1829 arrived Syracuse.

28 Apr 1829 departed Syracuse for Corfu.

28 Oct 1829 refitting at Vourla.

15 Nov 1829 Reported to be at Smyrna.

18 Nov 1829 Reported to be at Vourla.

16 Dec 1830 remains Smyrna due to the political situation.

6 Feb 1830 at Vourla.

2 Jan 1830 remains Smyrna.

9 May 1830 reported to be at Corfu.

29 Jun 1830 refitting at Corfu.

30 Aug 1830 arrived Portsmouth from the Mediterranean.

22 Jan 1831 Guardship at Portsmouth.

12 Feb 1831 in Portsmouth harbour.

8 Jun 1831 at Spithead.

23 Jun 1831 at Spithead.

7 Jul 1831 departed Spithead, with the fleet under Sir E. Codrington.

27 Aug 1831 arrived St. Helens from the Downs, with the fleet under Sir E. Codrington and anchored at six o'clock on the evening of the 28th, and moved up to Spithead the next day.

29 Aug 1831 departed Portsmouth for the Downs.

3 Sep 1831 Talavera and Wellesley arrived Plymouth from the Downs.

4 Sep 1831 Talavera and Wellesley departed Plymouth for Portsmouth.

7 Sep 1831 arrived Portsmouth from Plymouth.

11 Sep 1831 departed Portsmouth with the squadron under the command of Vice-Admiral Sir Edward Codrington, consisting of the Caledonia ; Britannia ; Talavera ; Wellesley ; Revenge ; Barham ; Galatea ; Tweed, Victor.

25 Sep 1831 arrived Cork the squadron under the command of Sir Edward Codrington, consisting of the Caledonia, Britannia, Revenge, Talavera, Wellesley, Barham, Galatea, Charybdis, Recruit, Brisk, and Viper, and departed for Plymouth and Portsmouth 15th Oct.

17 Oct 1831 arrived Plymouth Caledonia, Britannia, Wellesley, Talavera, and Viper, from Cork, departed on the 21st for Spithead.

22 Oct 1831 arrived Spithead and remained, the Caledonia, Britannia, Wellesley, Talavera, and Viper.

27 Oct 1831 arrived Deal from Portsmouth.

29 Oct 1831 the squadron under the command of R.-Adm Warren, consisting of the Talavera, Revenge, and Wellesley, of 74 guns each, Stag, 46, Galatea, 42, Tribune, 42, Curacoa, 24, Tweed, 20, Imogene, 28, Magicienne, 24, Pantaloon, Brisk, Onyx, Recruit, and Charybdis gun-brigs, and Viper schooner, weighed anchor from the Downs for the Scheldt, but, on approaching the Dutch coast, the squadron met with a severe gale and thick weather, when the Admiral ordered them to disperse and make the best of their way back to the Downs.

1-2 Nov 1831 the Stag, Galatea, Tribune, Curacoa, Imogene, Tweed, and Brisk, arrived in the Downs, the Talavera, Revenge, and Wellesley, with the rest of the squadron shortly after.

10 Nov 1831 remains in the Downs.

22 Dec 1831 departed the Downs for Plymouth.

30 Dec 1831 arrived Plymouth, supposedly from Portsmouth, and came into harbour to be paid off and laid up in ordinary.

21 Jan 1832 paid off at Plymouth.

16 Sep 1837 at Spithead.

30 Sep 1837 departed Spithead for the East Indies, calling at Plymouth en route, to recruit.

14 Nov 1838 arrived Madras, en route for Bombay.

2-3 Feb 1839 Kurrachee [Karachi] was captured by a naval force, with troops from India. See p. 279 at

24 Feb 1839 left Bombay for the Indus River hoping to save the engines from the wreck of the Semiramis.

25 Jan 1840 Lieutenant R. Collinson, appointed additional to Wellesley, to take passage in Blenheim.

1 Feb 1840 The appointment of Lieutenant C. Y. Campbell, as additional to the Wellesley, has bean cancelled.

8 Feb 1840 Volunteers, 1st Class J.J. Lethbridge and the Hon. H. J. Coke ; Boatswain W. Kennish, supernumerary acting, appointed to the Wellesley.

14 Mar 1840 Mate E. W. Vansittart, of the Wellesley, lent to Jupiter;

15 Apr 1840 at Singapore.

6 Jun 1840 Mate W. J. Bate (from Britannia), appointed to the Wellesley.

21 Jun 1840 arrived in Macao Roads and established a blockade of the port and river of Canton. See p. 282 at

24 Jun 1840 departed in Macao Roads.

1 Jul 1840 arrived at the anchorage under the Buffaloe's Nose.

4 Jul 1840 towed to an anchorage off Chusan.

5 Jul 1840 Chinese troops retreat into Chusan following short bombardment. See also p. 282 at

6 Jul 1840 British troops discovered that Chinese troops had departed Chusan during the night. See of 15 Dec 1840.

At some time during the period 1839-42 engaged in the Operations in China. Officers and Men serving on this ship during this period may be eligible for a Medal. See p. 288 at

30 Jul 1840 departed Ning-po for the Gulf of Petchili to negotiate. See p. 283 at

8 Aug 1840 arrived in the Gulf of Pe-che-le.

21 Nov 1840, arrived Tongkoo Bay, from Chusan.

7 Jan 1841 off Anunghouy, RMs, detachments of the British and Indian army and men from the Wellesley, Blenheim, Melville, Samarang, Druid, Modeste, Columbine Calliope, Hyacinth, Starling, Larne and cutter Louise landed to attack and destroy the forts at Chuenpee and Tycocktow. See of 7 May 1841 and 14 May 1841. See also p. 284-> at

21 Jan 1841 departed Bocca Tigris.

24 Jan 1841 arrived off Lantao Island.

26 Jan 1841 departed for Hong Kong.

13 Feb 1841 departed for Macao roads with the Calliope, Samarang, Herald, Alligator, Modeste, Druid, Jupiter and Sulphur.

19 Feb 1841 proceeded to Hong Kong and weighed with the ships of the line for off Lintin.

24 Feb 1841 off Lintin for operations off North Wangtong. See of 11 Jun 1841.

26 Feb 1841 entered the western channel, and engaged the battery on North Wangtung, and a fort and camp on the opposite bank ; see of 11 Jun 1841. See also p. 289-> at

27 Feb 1841 the advanced squadron and the ship's boats proceeded up the river to attack the Fort, Camp, and Ship Cambridge and Chinese positions below Whampoa Reach. See p. 289-> at

1 Mar 1841 off Wantong. Ship's boats sent up the river to Canton.

20 Mar 1841 Lieutenant Arthur Jerningham, first of the Wellesley, promoted to Commander.

22 May 1841 Lieutenant W. W. Chambers, of the Wellesley, is appointed and promoted to be acting commander of the Pelorus.

3 Jul 1841 Commander J. V. Fletcher, Wellesley, promoted to Captain ; Lieutenants R. Collinson, and Richard Symons, promoted to Commander ; Mates J. Strettell, J. Astle, and T. H. Lysaght, promoted to Lieutenant

3 Jul 1841 Lieutenants P. Somerville, John Daly, J. Hancock, G. B. Jeffreys, R. Edwards, A. Vyner, and G. C. Fowler, appointed additional to the Wellesley.

6 Jul 1841 at Hong Kong.

24-> Aug 1841 operations against Amoy and the fortified island of Kolangsoo. See p. 294-> at

28 Aug 1841 Volunteer 1st Class P. Lethbridge, appointed to the Wellesley ;

4 Sep 1841 the expedition proceeded to Chusan. See p. 294-> at

1 Oct 1841 action at Tinghae. See p. 294-> at

8 Oct 1841 Lieutenant William Wylly Chambers promoted to Commander.

9-> Oct 1841 reconnaissance of the mouth of the Ningpo river and city of Chinhae and subsequent operations and choice of Ningpo as winter HQ. See p. 295-> at

13 Nov 1841 at anchor between Ningpo and Chusan.

7 Mar 1842 departed Singapore for Plymouth, to be paid off. She brings with her the officers and men from the Alligator, which has been converted into a troopship. The Master of the Wellesley has taken command of the Alligator and her First Lieutenant and Surgeon remain on board.

19 Jul 1842 arrived Plymouth from the East Indies with the crew of the Alligator and invalids from the Station, having departed Chusan (3 Feb) ; Singapore (7 Mar) ; and the Cape of Good Hope ( 19 Jun), and will be paid off at Plymouth.

23 Jul 1842 arrived Plymouth Sound and taken up into Hamoaze to be paid off.

4 Aug 1842 paid off at Plymouth.

6 Aug 1842 the Hydra departed Plymouth for Portsmouth with the party of Royal Marines belonging to the Portsmouth Division, lately paid off from the Wellesley.

Jan 1848 Devonport.

20 Dec 1848 Flag Ship, North America & West Indies.

30 Jan 1851 at Trinidad.

18 Apr 1851 at Bermuda.

1854 Guard Ship of Ordinary, Chatham.

1860 Guard Ship of Ordinary, Chatham.

1 Jan 1862 Commissioned at Chatham.

1864 Training Ship, Home Station, Chatham. Report of Small Pox onboard. Number of Cases of Disease and Injury.

1868 Renamed Cornwall, Training Ship.

1870 Juvenile Reformatory, Purfleet.

1879 Juvenile Reformatory, Purfleet.

1890 Juvenile Reformatory, Purfleet.

1914 Juvenile Reformatory, Purfleet.